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It is sheer madness to write a New Constitution to Sri Lanka now.

Voters  for the 8th January,2015 Presidential Election
Voting  for the General Election August,2015

The President Sirisena and Prime Minster Ranil Wickramasinghe are overwhelmingly happy they have brought democracy back to Sri Lanka and opened  the country to the friendly Nations of the West. The USA and the West reciprocate with gratitude the part played by the duo along with their sleeping pawn Chandrika who awakens at the click of fingers by her USA and western masters to carry out their agenda of regime change to make Sri Lanka one of their puppet States of the developing countries.

Sri Lanka is nominally run by the UNP in partnership with the traitors of the SLFP, the  pseudo Marxist JVP in partnership with capitalist UNP, the Tamil  TNA and the Muslim SLMC, but they are activated behind scene by USA and the West. President Sirisena in an interview with the BBC said categorically that he will not allow courts run by foreign Judges, lawyers, and prosecutors to adjudicate the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes if committed in the final phase of the terrorist war. He said he has confidence in the Judicial System of Sri Lanka to have its own courts for the purpose.

It is rightly so, but  his Prime Minister  and his Foreign Minister  had in their extreme foolishness sponsored the USA resolution that demanded the establishment of such courts to bring to trial the Sri Lanka Armed forces. But USA refuses to take no for an answer and insists through its Ambassador to the UN HRCouncil Keith Harper that Sri Lanka must have foreign judges in the accountability process to make it credible.

President Sirisena should stand on his determination to have the accountability process conducted in his way without giving into the high handed method used by USA. Sri Lanka should  inform USA that if  it continues its undue pressure on Sri Lanka with regard to the resolution it had passed at the UNHR Council in Geneva,  Sri Lanka will help Pakistan in the resolution  it proposes to present at the UNHR Council against  USA for the violation of human rights and civilian death by use of unmanned Drone attacks.

USA should not be allowed to go Scott free without getting it to first account for its many violations of human rights and civilian deaths in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq,  Libya etc.  It is time that USA is confronted with opposition by developing countries which are continued to be harassed by USA, and the West with its NATO Forces.

Sri Lanka Government of Sirisena-Ranil after the change of regime has gone haywire with its delirium to make the previous regime of Mahinda Rajapkase unpopular amoung the people, by scaling down strong  security measures  the previous government of President Mahinda Rajapakse had set up to stop any untoward incidents that would be rehearsed by  the TNA, the pro terrorist Tamils of the diaspora to carry out a division of Sri Lanka into Communal Groups.

Mahinda Rajapakse was seeking for a reconciliation of the Communities, the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims, as a one Nation of people removing from their minds  their ugly Communal separatism.

To day with the military being weakened in the North and East, and many important ministries in the hands of the Tamils and Muslims, the TNA and allied Tamil politicians are taking advantage of the situation  to have a separate Eelam or as a first step to separate  a region for Tamils.  The demands of the Tamils for separation  has increased.  If left without firm action to stop the trend the situation will be uncontrollable and writing a new Constitution to Sri Lanka will be giving into these separatist Tamils.
Danger signals begin to appear. Wigneswaran the Chief Minister of the NPC calls for shared sovereignty : “…….The principles and specific constitutional provisions that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) considers to be paramount to the resolution of the national question relates mainly to the sharing of the powers of governance through a shared sovereignty amongst the peoples who inhabit this island……..“ And devolution of power on the basis of shared sovereignty shall necessarily be over land, law and order, socio-economic development including health and education, resources and fiscal powers,” . 
While  Sumanthiran of  TNA, says that the only solution, to the national problem  could be the  devolution of power.  He adds, “ ..we hope the new Constitution will address this issue “, … the need for a new constitution is felt by all in that the process will lay the ground  for a new arrangement.  The minority seeks power devolution arrangement to give autonomy to the traditional Tamil regions in the North and east of the Island.”
In this climate of enhanced vociferous Tamil demand for separatism it would be madness to take the question of writing a New Constitution to Sri Lanka.
If there would be opposition in the South to giving into Tamil demands, there may be “dormant” terrorists who may wake up for a resurgence of still un-concluded terrorism.
Is this what the President Sirisena wants ? 
Ranil Wickramasinghe will not mind the after effect of his haste for a new Constitution to please the demands of the West. The intension of the west and USA is the fulfilment of  its agenda of separatism with a separate Tamil only region in Sri Lanka
This intension of the West is highlighted by Yasmin Sooka’s demand for Tamil minority rights repeating continued sexual harassment of Tamil women in the North and East. Yasmin Sooka calls for international action to stop ongoing sexual violence by the security forces against Tamil Women, which she stresses is  "not random" but "systematic”.
Sooka is a good friend of  the former UN High Commissioner of Human rights Navi Pillai, and the UNHRCouncils 250 page report is undoubtedly Navi Pillay’s work.  Sooka is working  to make Navi Pillay’s dream come true.
Sooka’s intension is to make the International Community aware of difficult conditions the Tamils are going through in living in a country with a Sinhala majority and to make the International Community intervene  with the Government of Sri Lanka to inform of the right of the Sri Lanka Tamils for  self determination, and set up their own Eelam State. Intention is clear and no new Constitution will stop this continued agitation for separation.
The only way for a real reconciliation of the different Communities in Sri Lanka is through a mental adjustment to reconciliation, which is not possible through political solutions.  Such a change of mental adjustment to seek reconciliation as human beings is not acceptable to Tamils.  Therefore there is no alternative for the government and the Sinhala majority other than to treat the Tamils in the same manner, and refuse to reconcile with the  Tamils under their conditions. 
In Derana TV Debate Salakuna Dilan Perera, the State Minister  of Highways stated that he is against anti Tamil and anti Muslim demonstrations, and he says he would counter the new Sinhala National formation of “Sinha Le” by distributing badges  saying the blood of the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims is the same. 
That is the failure of the Sinhala majority to understand unreasonable demands of Tamils and the thirty years of terrorism.  The State Minister  is trying to be reasonable without understanding  the stubborn mental makeup of the Tamils.  The Tamils are like Shylock in Sakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. 
The Tamils want separation and nothing else, and if the Sinhala people keep on pacifying the Tamils hoping that they will change their minds,  it would be a continued error of comprehension of Tamil minds.   That was the mistake  Mahinda Rajapakse did by contributing  to the North  by infrastructure development, building Hospitals, schools and even preparing projects to divert fresh water to Jaffna, hoping that Tamils are susceptible to change  in the face of  kindness and generosity. 
The Tamils will never understand that the essential human nature is to be selfless for the greater object of unity with the rest of the people.  It is a waste of time trying to win over the Tamils.
The Sinhala Buddhists know that form and mind are two different items .  The form is essentially of impermanent nature, and that it is the mind that should be utilised for  being  in relation with others.  The Tamils, Muslims or Christians will not understand that having  been taught to understand that the human relation is outside self through the intervention of  a greater being.
The Sinhala Buddhists have tried to instil in the minds of the Tamils that  the essential human nature is within them.  Bu it is like throwing pearls before swine.   Hence they have to be told that there is Sinhala Opposition to impossible demands of the Tamils and Muslims.  Therefore Sinhala Buddhist Movements against Tamil and Muslim demands should be accepted and encouraged. 
It is time that the President Maithripala Sirisena too understands this  before it is too late.  He should give up his hunt for thieves and  the corrupt in the Rajapaksa family and  turn to get rid of the greater danger to Sri Lanka by putting both Tamils and Muslims in their place.
There is no immediate necessity to write a new Constitution to Sri Lanka.  Ranil Wickramasinghe has not been given a mandate by the people  to write a new Constitution.  If one  looks up the map of Sri Lanka voting trend  at the General election of August,2015 one would see  who had voted UNP at the General election.
It is  clear the votes have come from the North , East and Muslims from  other places in Sri Lanka.  The Majority of the Sinhala Buddhists have not voted for UNP and therefore  Ranil Wickramasinghe cannot decide to write a Constitution before consulting the people.
The  present Constitution  had been of great use in the fight against terrorism.  The Executive Presidency should be maintained for some more time.  The 13th Amendment should be totally removed.  And in implementing the 19th Amendment the Police Commission should act immediately to remove  Ranil Wickramasinghe’s FCID.  The police can take over its work; FCID has become an institution  “hors norme”-above the Police and the Judiciary.  It creates fear in the people which is against democratic norms. FCID  makes   Sri Lanka  a Police State.
Writing a new Constitution would be to open the Pandora’s box.  Therefore, President Maithripala Sirisena putting his undue gratitude to Ranil Wickramasinghe and Chandrika for his election as the President, should wake up to his duty towards his country Sri Lanka
The present constitution is still workable and any issue  not covered in the present Constitution  could be added to it by Amendments, or any  unworkable provision deleted as well.  Ranil Wickramasinghe should not be allowed to decide  to write a New Constitution to Sri Lanka now.
A Constitution in any Country is for the Majority and to safeguard the culture and religion of the majority.  The minorities have to accept the Constitution of the country.
There is much talk about Ekneligoda’s case  and many Soldiers and Officers of the Armed forces are unnecessary taken into custody.  Ekneligoda was known to have had connections with the LTTE and his wife  accuses Sri Lanka armed force for having arms of mass destruction.   There should be a dead body or  credible eye witnesses of the killing to take any one to custody.  But in the case of Ekneligod’s death  there was neither a dead body nor credible eye witnesses.

It is time that  Maithripala Sirisena steps in as an intelligent man and stop the unnecessary comedy of Ranil and UNP,  to govern Sri Lanka for which purpose whoever had elected him.  The President Sirisena cannot continue in his office  showing gratitude to Ranil and Chandrika.  He has to wake up and take reins of government into his hands and stop  Ranils’s determination to write a new Constitution for which he has received no mandate from the people.

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