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Sri Lanka was resplendent under President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Sri Lanka a resplendent Island, became cancerous and mutilated as its population changed and other cultures crept into it. The worst was the advent of   Tamils in to the Island.  They came as invaders, plunderers, and marauders.  They  eventually settled down, but never wanted to  mix with the indigenous population the Sinhala.  They maintained the foreign invader- marauder  mentality. Hundreds  of years of living together with the Sinhala have failed to change the Tamil mentality of separateness. 

All these talk about reconciliation, giving into all the demands of the Tamils, settling them in their own lands closing down the military camps, developing  the North and east where the Tamils  live in numbers , or give them political rights, police powers and power over lands, will not change the Tamil mentality.  Even the latest gimmick of marriages between Tamil and Sinhala will have the least impact of stubborn Tamil marauder mentality of  taking the loot and runaway to enrich oneself and the tribe.

If the inter marriage helps reconciliation  it would not  have made Wigneswaran the Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council such a virulent racist.  Because one would expect of him  to be linked to Sinhala by the marriage of his two sons to two Sinhala women. Now Wigneshawaran says he is opposed to  intermarriages.  Can he be credited with any intelligence for making such a statement ?

Giving into Tamil demands will never help reconciliation  of  the Tamils  with the Sinhala accepting to live in cordiality with the Sinhala. They will never be satisfied until part of the country is given for them as a Tamil Eelam.  This  the yahapalanya leadership of Maithripala-Raniil has failed to grasp.  They do not know that giving into India with ETCA and other such agreements will  only  enhance and strengthen the separatist mentality of the Tamils and their insistence for a separate Eelam State.

The worst is that the ordinary Tamils have no voice, and the freedom to speak for themselves.  Hence  they move with the political leadership.  And  unfortunately when we speak of Tamils in political terms we take every one of the Tamils under the umbrella of the Tamil political leadership.

President Mahinda Rajapakse, too failed to understand this basic mental make up of the Tamils and took considerable pain to develop the North and East where the Tamils live and were affected by the Terrorism of their own people.  President Mahinda Rajapakse expected  an eventual demonstration of  human gratitude by the Tamils, accepting  that President Rajapakse is a friend, of the people and that he did not differentiate one community from another accepting every one of all Communities as the people of Sri Lanka

Mahinda Rajapakse was not an enemy of the Tamil people. His enmity was towards the terrorists. He said there are no majority and minority but good or bad Sri Lankans

The Tamils do not understand to what extent the Sinhala people have given into their unjust and unfair demands. Tamils are all over the world in different countries.   But they do not ask for equal rights with the majority community  of those countries as they do in Sri Lanka.   The Yahapalanaya continues to say that Malaysia and Singapore has developed far better than Sri Lanka, but they do not understand that neither Malaysia nor Singapore had a problem with the Tamil Communities in their countries and they did not have to suffer under terrorism as Sri Lanka did. The Tamils in Singapore and Malaysia have become a part of the people of Malaysian  and Singapore.

We should understand friends and enemies, otherwise Sri Lanka will fall again into what it had been before.  That is the greatness of Mahinda Rajapakse  which the power crazy yahapalanaya crowd  fail to see.  Certain people pretend they are friends but they have hidden motives behind their friendship.  America and the Western countries are such pseudo friends.   America will never give financial or technical aid for the development of poor countries.  But they on the other hand would willingly  get their United Fruit Companies to invest to buy  or lease thousands of fertile land to cultivate fruits or sugar cane as they cultivated pine apples  in Philipines , banana in Central Africa, Sugar cane in Dominican Republic etc. After that the Fruit Companies  will control the finance and the political system of the countries.

The wise leader Mahinda Rajapaksa did not fall into that trap of the West.  The Ministers of Yahapalanaya Government are completely unaffected by these historical facts of how developing nations in Latin America and Africa were financially and politically controlled by American Fruit Companies.  Mahinda Rajapakse did not  want to antaganise the West,  but he knew which countries could be trusted as political friends and which not. 

It is hilarious to hear John Kelly the Secretary of State of USA telling visiting Mangala Samaraweera  with his “yes Sir” mentality , that USA hails the reconciliations attempts of Sri Lanka government and its  efforts to address the regional issues and make peace in their own country as significant. Kerry says USA will further strengthen and broaden the relation ship between the two countries. 

The people of Sri Lanka unfortunately has not seen these significant developments USA speaks of taking place in the interest of the people since 9th January,2015.

What people of Sri Lanka have seen happening in Sri Lanka is a decadence of the splendour of Sri Lanka which was built under the former President Mahinda Rajapakse. John Kerry speaking in superlatives  of the  significant achievements are in gfact the benefits coming to America  from the break away from the past economic and social developments  of Sri Lanka independent of  Western  interference.

It was China that helped Sri Lanka in development process after the elimination of terrorism and not USA now with its fine talk complementing the present Yahapalanaya crowd in its  destruction of  all that Mahinda Rajapakse built  to  make Sri Lanka  a resplendent Island which it had never been since  Colonization.

It is easy for USA to shower  their adulation on  the present Yahapalanaya crowd of Ministers who have brought Sri Lanka  under dictates of USA. The yahapalana Minsters Mangala Samaraweera basking in their  flattery says “  the relation between our two countries  alone has experienced  a veritable renaissance since the visit of Assistant Secretary Biswal weeks after the Presidential elections and my visit to Washington… our relations have been strengthened to unprecedented heights.”

But what has USA given to Sri Lanka before or even today , other than  passing  vicious resolution accusing the Armed Forces for war crimes and help the separation of communities in Sri Lanka.  JR Jayawardhana was nick named yankee Dicky for his strong support of  USA.  JR trusted in the friendship of USA to help him out  from being bullied by India. But USA works according to its political agenda and  turned away from JR when he needed  USA the most. When Indian Air Force dropped  dry ration to terrorists under siege and forced JR to come  to an agreement with India to settle the terrorists issue, JR expected USA’s intervention, but USA dropped  him  like a hot brick.

Interest USA  has in Sri Lanka is   given in  an evaluation  report prepared for the US State Department, by the US Agency for International Development.  It is called: “ Sri Lanka: The Impact of  PL 480 Title I Food Assistance” dated  October,1982. It is stated in this report that
two factors give Sri Lanka an international importance  greater than its  modest size and economic  position might otherwise suggest: its strategic location and its influential role in both the nonaligned movement and the group of 77.

USA has no other interest in Sri Lanka, other than its strategic position in the Indian Ocean.  But Yahapalanaya big shots             are highly taken up by John Kerry’s sweet words and think that every thing will be hunky-dory for Yahapalanaya, with USA at its side.

If Mahinda Rajapaksa had turned to USA, after elimination of terrorism, instead of  to ChinaSri Lanka would not have been what it was on the 8th January,2015.  There would not have been that massive development within such a short time.

Even if Rajapaksas had swindled money, stolen gold , took bribes and laundered black money, the Rajapaksas  had within five years after elimination of the ruthless terrorists developed Sri Lanka as no previous governments  had done since Independence.  They developed the country not only in the North and East but also in the South.  They raised the standard of living of the people.  They brought peace into the country and assured security. That period of President Mahinda Rajapakse was the golden period of Sri Lankan history after Independence.

But within one year of coming in to power, since 9th January,2015, the yahapalanaya has turned Sri Lanka upside down.  Only thing the Yahapalanaya government has shown is capable of doing is to make Sri Lanka a Police State. Creating special police Investigations sections, Commissions of Investigations, appoint a Chief Justice, an Attorney General  and a Bribery Commission and arrest every one who has the slightest connection to the Previous government.   Their target is to arrest if possible the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa or failing that  arrest and jail his sons, brothers , or even his wife to humiliate  him and scandalise his period of Presidency.

The Yahapalanay  from President to the cop in the street  have gone “absolutely mad” with power in their hand to do what they want. There is  a yahapalanaya MP  Nalin Bandara Jayamaha who says that Mahinda Rajapaksa has done nothing beneficial to Sri Lanka. They say any thing without taking facts into consideration…..they are sick in their minds.

They pay lip service to democracy, but to day democracy is doomed in Sri Lanka, it is the Dictatorship of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe that exists. If they want to sign agreements with India  they do it without  even consulting the people, they build bridges to connect Sri Lanka to South India without consulting the people. They praise USA and the West  welcoming  their  resolution which condemns Sri Lanka and accuses its Armed Forces for war crimes . They not only welcome the resolution but sponsor it.  The Yahapalanaya leaders  and Ministers should  not be in a government but in a mad house to have their heads examined.

Sri Lanka that was a resplendent Island under Mahinda Rajapakse is today  a mis managed , ruined derelict, shabby and ugly floating like boat  without direction  as to which way to float.

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