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Displaced Sinhala in Vavuniya-Bogaswewa, Kokilai and Kokkeliya villages need our help.

The Tamils opposed the resettlement of the Sinhala dispossessed of their land and property under terrorism. But about 2400 Sinhala families were settled in Bogaswewa-Kokilai and Kokkeliya  by the previous Government. 

In the name of reconciliation and to please the  West and the Tamil Diaspora the present Yahapalanaya government of President Maithripala Sirisena is all out resettling the Tamils and Muslims dispossessed of lands under terrorism, giving them lands, deeds, and houses in publicised ceremonies.

I77 acres of land liberated by the Naval force in Sampur is to be handed over to the Tamil at a ceremony by the Yahapalanaya President.  Yahapalanaya President also handed over land and deeds  at a ceremony to farmers displaced under Moragahakanda –Kalu Ganga Irrigation project.  There is also a proposals to build modern houses with Solar panel electricity and pipe water to the resettled Tamils in the North .

But the  Sinhala people  similarly dispossessed of their lands and property live in extreme living conditions in their villages in Vavuniya.  The roads to their villages have not even  been  tarred let alone being carpeted and people specially the children suffer from constant breathing of dust.  They live in sheds without any privacy. There is no fresh water or electricity.

During the previous government  the Army Camps looked after these people by providing them with water, food and sanitary facilities.   But with the coming of Yahapalanaya the  Sinhala families in these settlements in Vavuniya have been completely neglected. The Army Camp which sent a water bowser regularly  to provide water for them  has stopped that service as well since the change of government in January,2015.

These Sinhala families are constantly intimidated by the Tamils. TNA MPs chase away surveyors who come to measure lands for these families. There are no shops  in close vicinity to these Sinhala Villages.

The Tamils enjoy themselves living with the Sinhala in the south, but these  Sinhala people in Bogaswewa and other villages in Vavuniya are being threatened  and the Tamils and Muslims show hostility to them with the intention of  making them leave these villages.

These poor Sinhala people  meeting  with various other hostilities from the Tamils, put up with their discontentment as they  have no body to appeal to  or  from whom to seek protection.  There is no police station any where close by.  MP Swaminathan determined to send these people away from the area  has become a nuisance and a creator  of trouble for these Sinhala people, refusing them any assistance.

Many Sinhala villagers have already left the settlements.  When appeals are made on behalf of these people the yahapalanaya officials ask them to got to  Mahinda Rajapakse who settled them there.  

President Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe are taking a more important interest in helping the resettled Tamils and Muslims providing them with carpeted roads , houses, clean water, medical facilities etc., but unfortunately these Sinhala settlers in  Bogaswewa, Kokilai in Vavuniya live in pitiable conditions, completely neglected and left to themselves without  any help.

For the 2400 Sinhala families only 360 houses have been built , others have been given one acre of land for each family, with a few zinc sheets to put up  sheds. They also suffer from kidney diseases.  The children  suffer from skin diseases and breathing difficulties.  There are no schools for the children. There are no Buddhist temples. 

These are important Sinhala settlements that would thwart any attempts of the Tamils to combine  North and East to make one Province. The Tamil Parliamentarians aware of this are therefore all out to make the living conditions of these people worse as possible to make them decide to leave the villages. Therefore it is imperative that patriotic Sri Lankans wake up to the necessity of helping to maintain these villages until the Government wakes up to serve these people not forgetting that they are also  the citizens of Sri Lanka.

It is important that the living conditions of these Sinhala people are improved  to encourage them to continue to live in these Sinhala settlements. They have about 5000 votes and they had voted for a Muslim candidate hoping he would help them to live peacefully  under better conditions.  But the Muslim Parliamentarian has not even shown himself after the election.

Some of the people who are fishermen are Catholics and even the Catholic Priests do not visit the Sinhala Catholic settlers. Bodu Bala Sena Movment is making an effort to help these Sinhala villagers without differentiating between the Buddhists and Catholics by visiting them with clothes, dry ration,  water, and medicine.  

No one else has shown any interest in these people. Not even the new minister Sarath Fonseka  the bugle player for the Yahapalanaya, making his duty as a parliamentary taking revenge from Mahindha and Gotabhaya Rajapakse, speak of the Sinhale people displaced during the terrorism.  He has a right to be concerned about them as he was then the Commander of the Army. 

Those of us who feel for these poor people could contribute to their well being through the Bodu Bala Sena Movement. A minimum of  70 US$  or 60 Euros is roughly about Rs. 10,000,00 and that will go a long way to ameliorate the living condition of these people.

Those who are willing to make a contribution could pay it to the following account:

Account No. 74948616 (swift code: BCEYLKCX), Bodu Bala Sena Subhasadana,  Bank of Ceylon, Thimbirigasyaya

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