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Maithripala Sirisena is not the owner of Sri Lanka to give land to India to build a Hindu Temple to Seetha of Indian Mythology.

Seetha of Hindu Mythology beutiful wife of Rama  was
kidnapped by Ravana King of Sri Lanka 

After allowing India to build a Hanuman Bridge connecting Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka, and promising to sign the ETCA with India to open the Sri Lanka’s employment opportunities to Indians, Maithripala Sirisena visiting India to meet Indian Prime Minister Modi has promised to give India land in Divurumpola , Nuwara Eliya to construct a Temple to Seetha of Hindu Mythology.

Every Sri Lankan worthy of  being a Sri Lankan should oppose with every force within oneself this abuse of power of  a man who was appointed President of Sri Lanka  thanks to a largely  Tamil and a Muslim vote, taking upon himself the right of ownership of Sri Lanka and promise to give its prime land to India to build a Hindu Temple to commemorate Seetha of Hindu Mythology.  

Maithripala Sirisena has taken it on himself to please the Tamils and Muslims who voted for him while disregarding the Sinhala Buddhists.  In opposing Mahinda Rajapakse and the Joint Opposition Maithripal Sirisena shows his hostility towards the Sinhala Budhists who he knows had voted for Mahinda Rajapakse.

Sri Lanka has enough of  Hindu Temples and another to be built by India is one too much. Moreover, Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka by the Buddhist King Asoka of India sending his own son and daughter with Buddhist relics, when whole of India was Buddhist. 

Buddhism disappeared in India around the 13th Century, not because Hinduism was a better alternative or the people wanted it, but there were other reasons in a caste infested India, conquered by the Muslims during the 12 to  16th centuries. Breaking up of India  was also due to the Muslim conquests. Muslims did not encourage caste system either and that attracted the conquered Indians, who were by then under pressure of the high caste Hindu priests to accept Hinduism and reject Buddhism.

The strong Hindu priests who survived the Asokan assault of the Hindu religion, were able after the death of King Asoka to gradually harness the  poor Indians back to its fold evoking frightful Hindu demons and fearful gods and goddesses like Kali Amman.  This was a reason that  helped re establishment of  Hinduism in Buddhist India.

The Hindu mythology with elephant headed Ganeshan, romantic Krishna, and powerful  Vishnus brought the Indians back to its cradle of myth, passion and fear.. 

The Hindu priests had  accepted Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu. They had adopted certain philosophical thoughts from Buddhism. The open debates by Hindu Sankhrachariyarya, also contributed to the acceptance of Hinduism by the Indian people, and the  disappearance of Buddhism by the 13th Century.  The philosophy of Bhagawath Geetha or Upanishads had no impact on Buddhism the objective of which is completely different from Buddhism. India had 65 different philosophies when Prince Siddhartha the Buddha to be was born. India was not short of philosophies.

But it was under Buddhist King Asoka that India flourished . India was then  compassionate, peaceful and generous.

Hinduism was not accepted by the Indian people because it was a better alternative to Buddhism.

In Sri Lanka we have far too many Hindu Temples. Some of them practice animal sacrifice  which should not happen in a Buddhist country.  It is time that the Buddhist Clergy of the tri Nikayas establish a code of worship banishing ritual for Hindu or any god or deities in  Buddhists temples. 

The Hindu pantheon consists of  gods of mythology, imagined  worshipped through fear or for hopes  of success in life , or as a safeguard against omens , ill health and protection from enemies.

In allowing a large decorated Hindu Temples built by India will damage the Buddhist Sri Lanka with the establishment of a  Hindu religious cult, against the practices of which Buddha made his sermons.

Theravada Buddhism is very much alive in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka was first Buddhist, Hinduism came after through invaders and plunderers. The Buddhist India of King Asoka was made ugly , cruel and a cradle of violence against the low cast and under privileged.  We do not want that to happen to Sri Lanka nor should we encourage it,  by allowing India to build a temple to  Seetha of Hindu Mythology.

This is what our ignorant President Maithripala  Sirisena who readily bends back words to please the “high and mighty’ India and the West is doing.

During the recent visit to see Modi in India, the President Sirisena had promised to give the necessary land in Divurumpola  to India to allow  Chief Minister Ram Madhav to build a Hindu Temple for Seetha.  It has also apparently been decided to hand over its maintenance after its construction to India Foundation of Ram Madhav.

Sri Lanka is not the property of Maithripala Sirisena .  He is only the President of Sri Lanka until another is elected after him.  Therefore Maithripala Sirisena has no right to promise any land –prime land at that, to be  given for the construction of a Hindu Temple.  Sri Lanka belongs to the people of Sri Lanka and therefore Maithripla Sirisena on his own   cannot promise to give any land for the construction of a Hindu Temple to India , without consulting the people.

All Buddhists and the Buddhist monks of the four Nikayas should get together  to protest against this high handed action of Maithripala Sirisena-the President, who seems to think he can do any thing with Sri Lanka without consulting the people.

The Buddhist Monks and the people should  take seriously into consideration the anti-Sri Lanka activities that is being  practiced by the Yahapalanaya Government,  and vehemently protest against the President, Prime Minister and the Yahapalanaya Government who  carrying on their planned activities to sell Sri Lanka to India and the West.

With the  construction of the overland Hanuman Bridge, an under sea tunnel to join Sri Lanka to India, the ETCA agreement to be signed in June,2016 despite continued protests against the signing of the agreement, setting up a hybrid court to prosecute our own Armed Forces to please the Tamil Diaspora, USA and the West, and now with the agreement to give  land to construct the Hindu Temple to Seetha of Indian Mythology, the Yahapalanaya government has sold our country without even the people knowing it.

It is time our people get together en mass to say no to Yahapalanaya Government and demand the President Maithripala Sirisena and his  Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe to resign in the larger interest of  Sri Lanka, its culture, its religion and its people.

The worst in the Mythology of Rama and Seetha is that it Praises Rama a Prince of India, and condemns Ravana a King of Sri Lanka. It praises the war,  against Ravana the King of Sri Lanka, by the Indian prince Rama, with the king of Monkeys-Hanuman, the  rarely waking Kumbakarna and an Indian army. Do we want this comedy in Sri Lanka  in this Century ? 
Rama comes with his Chief worrier the King of monkeys Hanuman to Sri Lanka to wage a war against Ravana to take back Seetha

What makes it further  unacceptable  is that there is already a Hindu Temple where Seetha was said to have been kept hidden.  Why then  another temple ?  Why could not our dumb President Maithripala Sirisena have said so ?

Ravana of Sri Lanka was a very clever intelligent King  who had his own flying machine with which he went to India and Kidnapped Seetha.  His portrait is depicted with ten heads which means that he was a man as good as having ten heads so brilliant and intelligent.

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