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Sinhala Buddhists should rise as one against writing a new Constitution

The  so called Yahapalanaya government which had been deceiving the people of this country ever since Maithripala Sirisena was elected President of Sri Lanka on the 8th January,2015, has no right what so ever to precipitate to write a Constitution for Sri Lanka.

Today the people of Sri Lanka are divided as they had never been before. The Tamil terrorists have been eliminated but they have reappeared in another form-“Wigneswaran, TNA and the Tamil Diaspora-the three evils ”, to be an important supportive group of the Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya Government. This Sirisena Ranil government will do any thing , make any sacrifice to retain the support of the “three evils”.

Hence to allow the Sirisena Ranil government under these circumstances to write a new Constitution is to make Sri Lanka  a “sacrificial lamb” of this Yahapalanaya Government on the altar of reconciliation to satisfy the Tamils, the ultra Tamil Wigneswaran  and the Tamil diaspora-“the three evils”

Therefore under no circumstance should the Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka allow this  pseudo Yahapalanaya Government of Sirisena –Ranil to write a new Constitution for Sri Lanka. Kiriella a UNP Minister of this government says that they would give 13 plus and abolish the executive presidency.

These UNP yes men to Ranil Wickramasinghe- their leader, even two years after they have taken over the government of Sri Lanka find it extremely difficult to leave out President Mahinda Rajapakse to cover up their sins, and make people believe that they are same as him. Kiriella says that the new Constitution may grant 13plus as proposed by Mahinda Rajapakse. They have only the name of President Mahinda Rajapakse to save their skins, but they –all of them put together can never equal the man that is Mahinda Rajapakse.

They swear that the new Constitution has not been written as yet but only the proposals by the five Committees have been presented. But the proposals do not give any assurance that they will finally be able to write an acceptable Constitution. This government does every thing in stealth hiding facts not only from the people but also from the President Maithripala Sirisena blissfully ignorant of what is going on behind his back.

There is no reason why this Sirisena Ranil Yahapalana government should at all write a new Constitution when the 1978 Constitution is an acceptable document which had served its purpose during the most critical period of the recent history of Sri Lanka. Any required Constitutional changes could  easily be made by Constitutional amendments. 

There may had been a reason why the President Mahinda Rajapakse did not remove the 13Amendment, but now it has to be removed from the Constitution and retain the executive powers of the President intact, as we have still not distanced from the past period of  terrorism and  political turmoil which still continue to haunt us.

The Present Yahapalanaya government does not take any thing seriously. As they have mismanaged the economy of Sri Lanka they without accepting their disastrous bungling since their taking over the Government of Sri Lanka on the 8th January,2015, act like a “bull in a glass shop” taking haphazard decisions  to  “patch up” their wrong doings.  As the Sirisena –Ranil government is now in very critical financial straights, they have begun selling Sri Lanka’s most valued “treasures” such as the unique natural harbour at Trincomalee, 15 thousand acres of prime land  in the South , Mattala Airport , Lankan Air Lines,  and part of the Colombo harbour etc.

The UNP Ministers and now some of the SLFP serniors like Mahinda Samarasinghe, Sarath Amunugama  are bragging that they have done what President Mahinda Rajapakse failed to do, which was to bring Sri Lanka into the fold of the West. But what have they received from their new found friends of the West. Their Western friends  have still not taken up even a single major development project. But they are nevertheless profiting from Sri Lanka’s dive into disaster. It was the same that the West did with the misfortunes of Greece. It is Germany and France that gained from the misfortunes of Greece.

Ranil Wickramasinghe hoped that America would have come to his aid with his Mount Pelerin connection , and even began by insulting China to give the West the signal that he was on their side against China. But the America and the West treated him  just like they treated his uncle J.R.Jayawardana-nicknamed Yankee Dikee, who expected  America and the West –to be his his safety net against Indian thuggery.

USA and the West will pay glowing tributes to Yahapalanaya for regaining democratic Sri Lanka, and reconciliation with the minorities and taking the Armed Forces before a hybrid court to be tried for war crimes which they believe Sri Lanka Armed Forces  committed in eliminating terrorists. That is all that the Yahapalanaya government will get from the Western friends. The GSP plus seems also a yarn fabricated to fool Ranil and Sirisena. It is yet another Folks Wagon car assembly plant or a tyre factory.

But Ranil Wickramasinghe dependence on America is fathomless. American Embassy had said that they would help the Government to write the Constitution( things may change with the new USA President Donald Trump). The Yahapalanaya is said to have engaged an American Company DAI, which some say has CIA connections as well it describes itself as follows:
Forty years on the frontlines of global development confirm the interconnectedness of development challenges. Conflict mitigation touches on issues of effective civil society, legitimate governance, equitable use of natural resources, and poverty reduction. Poverty reduction in turn intersects with economic reform, global competitiveness, private sector engagement, and the prevalence of debilitating diseases. And so on. Our development specialists reach across technical disciplines to shape the integrated development solutions that promise transformational development results……...”

It is said the Prime Minister wants DIA to organise the Parliamentary Commissions and other Administrative aspects of the government. Is the Prime Minster Ranil Wickramasinghe internationalising Sri Lanka ? He has also requested Eric Solheim the notorious Norwegian to come to Sri Lanka to help him with the reconciliation. “The Prime Minister’s office, meanwhile, said that Wickremesinghe sought Solheim’s assistance on environmental issues.”

The Yahapalanaya Government has no sense of values. They want to make Sri Lanka a Singapore. They want to sacrifice the Buddhism and Sinhala culture for an imagined reconciliation with the Tamils and the Muslims. They do no understand that there could never be a real reconciliation with the Tamils unless they give up  their call for  a separate territory for the Tamils and agree to live with all Communities.

Perhaps  it is well for both Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka to reflect on words, “when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice” pronounced by US President Donald Trump in his inauguration speech on the 20th January,2017.

It is not the Sinhala that should move towards Tamils  but it is the Tamils who should  come to the Sinhala to assure their sincerity to reconcile with the Communities. As it is the Yahapalanaya exercise  of reconciliation is turning of tables.

The Constitution of Sri Lanka should retain the elements of the first Constitution prepared by the British when they granted Independence to Sri Lanka. Any Country’s Constitution is written by the Majority Community safeguarding its religious and cultural identity .  The minorities of the Country are not consulted in the writing of  a Constitution. But the Majority Community allows the minorities the right to religious worship and maintain their cultural identities. 

It is for the minorities to accept the constitution written by the Majority.

It should be the same with Sri Lanka. There is no reason to give special concessions to Tamils because the Tamil terrorists were allowed to carry on their terrorism for thirty long years.

The Constitution should also protect the territoriality of Sri Lanka, therefore the Muslims should not be allowed to clear forests and open unauthorised Muslim settlements where ever they want. And the Tamils should not be allowed to  attack  Buddhist Temples  or destroy Buddhist Statues anywhere in the Island, nor allow them to chase away the Sinhala from occupying their lands and property any where in the Island.

Wigneswaran, Mano Ganeshan, Sampanthan , Rishad Bathiudin or Faizer Mustapha have  not to be consulted in writing the Constitution of Sri Lanka. It is for the Sinhala Buddhists to write the Constitution, if it has to be written at all. But the 1978 Constitution should be continued to be used, but provision with regard to 13 Amendment should be removed.

The Constitution should be amended to Accept Sinhala as the National Language, to make the National Anthem sung in Sinhala only, rename Sri Lanka as Sinhale, and re establish the Ancient Sinhala Lion  flag brought down  by the British when they colonised Sri Lanka in 1815.

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