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Reconciliation with Tamils Part II-Is it reconciliation or handing over part of Sri Lanka outright to Tamils, and now another part to Muslims ?

Election of  Maithripala Sirisena as President to form a new government does not mean that he was given the right to disinherit Sinhala Buddhists of their country and their culture.

The  government should stop further reconciliation with Tamils. The Tamils are outright Racists if one disagrees, that one should  re-examine his or her mental thinking process. There may however be a few Tamils who are reasonable and understands the reality of the situation correctly.
Even if the dog’s curved tail is put in a tube for many thousand’s of years, it want become straight. So is the separatist mentality of Tamils. To what ever extent the reconciliation efforts were to be made the mental attitude of Tamils will never change, they will always want the “pound of flesh”.

. Wijedasa Rajapakse the Minister of Justice  at a TV debate made a great effort to show how different constitutions gave political rights to minorities. But all those arguments are not valid as Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist country before the British colonial rulers wrote those constitutions.

The minorities came later on and they were accepted by the Sinhala people. Migration of minorities  happened in many countries in the world but in those countries the minorities became a part of those countries  and a part of those nations without asking for a part of those country for themselves  or have their language and religion recognised as a part of those countries.  Why should it be otherwise in Sri Lanka ?

Australian government told the Muslims that they were never invited to come, and having come to learn the language of the country and accept the law of the land  or else leave the country.

There seems to be three types of reconciliations going on in Sri Lanka. Firstly the reconciliation efforts of the Yahpalanaya Government, secondly, the  reconciliation demanded by the Tamil Diaspora, Sri Lanka Tamil extremists of the TNA, Sivajilingam and Wigneswaran,  and thirdly, the reconciliation being imposed by the West supported by  the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

The Yahapalanaya seems to be giving into all the three types of reconciliations, which would at the end leave little or nothing for the Sinhala Buddhists to call their own.

The reconciliation process allows the Tamils and Muslims to insult, abuse, castigate, and speak disrespectfully of the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha the noble triple gem the most sacred heritage of the Buddhists. Venerable Gnanasara thero may speak loud to tell what others think silently, but that does not give the right to anyone or any news paper to address the Venerable Gnanasara thero disrespectfully as Gnanasara.

Before May, 2009, the Tamils of Sri Lanka were being gradually decimated by the  Tamil terrorists, had there not been a President like Mahinda Rajapakse who with the mainly Sinhala Buddhist armed Forces eliminated the terrorists the Tamils of the North and East may have perished or reduced to small numbers.

When speaking of Sri Lanka it has  now to be divided in to two major periods. Sri Lanka before 8th January,2015,  and Sri Lanka after 8th January,2015. The Sri Lanka after 8th January,2015 is a disaster from which it has to be redeemed.

The Government of Sri Lanka before the 8th with its heroic Armed Forces carried out a long and a costly  military operation sacrificing over 6000 men and making many disabled to terminate a more than 30 years long human suffering through terror without any aid from any Western country.

Finally when it was over and relief was brought to  a long suffering people to at last awaken to peace and security and live without  the constant fear of death by terrorist bombs and assassinations,   the USA and the West came forward to accuse the Sri Lanka  Government and its Armed Forces for war crimes.

The people of developing countries seem to have  a false sense of the USA and the West being nations friendly towards the poor people of the underdeveloped countries.

It is an utterly false concept, may be there are some sympathetic towards the poverty stricken people of the developing countries, and there may be organisations and individuals with their “Christian love for the fellow beings” coming forward to contribute material  and spiritual comfort  sharing their more civilised Christianity. But those were ancient concepts of the West,  which have now changed into more sophisticated Human Rights, NGOs, R2P, Amnesty International and so on and so forth.

They Human Rights Watch, NGOs, R2P, Amnesty International and so on and so forth.
- are also giving “ love and affection” to the poor people of these developing countries, by changing their own people friendly elected regimes, to regimes which are West friendly  and dependent on  scrap thrown by the West.

And these poor countries are also blessed  having sympathetic Ambassadors,  like  US Ambassaodor Athul Ketchup, always every where, where he is wanted or where he is not wanted,  interfering into the internal affairs of the countries to divide communities and sow seeds of dissention. According, James Russo, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S Embassy, one of the key goals of the embassy, here in Sri Lanka, is to support the reconciliation process.

Bravo USA Bravo ! Where in the world are foreign embassies engaged in internal affairs of countries to which they have been assigned ?

Now the USA and the Western Countries  do not stand by the Majority Community,  but rather with the minority communities, looking after their, minority interests. Because the Communal dissension is the best means to extract for themselves, the political benefits of strategic importance. Smaller the developing countries become by division through “self determination etc.” they are easy to be manipulated by the West like pawns on a checker board.

Irrational accusations most often used  by the USA and the West against Sri Lanka were due to  the  demands made by  the Tamils living in their respective countries,  who have increased in numbers to be a significant decisive political vote bank.

USA and the West brought a resolution against Sri Lanka for Violation of human rights and war crimes at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva neither for the benefit of the Tamils nor for the Sinhala but for the sake of the political and strategic benefits they can draw for themselves by the implementation of these resolutions which spell disaster to the country.  

The USA and the West cannot on their own divide Sri Lanka (or other developing countries),  destroy its culture, dissolve its identity, and distort its historical past without having a Government (of that country) which listens to them,  and  ready to act without reflexion like the Yahapalanaya Government of Sri Lanka. The USA and the West now have an appropriate government in place in Sri Lanka  to do what they want to do, and at the same time please the Tamil diaspora.

This Yahapalanaya government wants only two  things,  that is firstly  to be in power, and secondly to make people forget the Previous regime of Mahinda Rajapakse which began by raising  Sri Lanka from the status of a developing country to a middle income country, giving people a higher standard of living and above all peace and hope for a better future.

With that interest in view this Yahapalanaya government is more keen in closing the mouths of its opponents, so that the people will have only them- the UNP members of the government to listen,  as the SLFP part of the Yahapalanaya is like a knocked out  boxer lying in the ring.  The Yahaplanaya  has not  done any thing visible as development , primarily because they have neither a plan nor the means.

However the President Maithripala Sirisena shows himself to the people as a good man because he does not hesitate to invite all manifesting associations, strikers and other groups to see him to discuss their problems and find solutions. But, though he listens to them and promises to solve their problems, once they go away satisfied that the President had lent them a sympathetic ear, they realise they have in fact been deceived, the problems had not been solved or what they had got was not what was promised.

 President Sirisena  made such promises to GMOA but they did not get what they requested. The President promised to settle the Bond issue but  the Commission he appointed goes on investigating indefinitely. The thief has been found, but Yahapalanaya government does not want to file legal action against the thief.

The  Yahapalanaya government has not been able to solve any of the major problems of Sri Lanka. They remain like the sword of Damocles.

Reconciliation ! Reconciliation !! to what extent will yahapalanaya go in its reconciliation process….?  Speaking at a ceremony at the Education Ministry  at Isurupaya, Battaramulla the Education State Minister V.Radhakrishnan has vowed  that he would get the government to bring 100 Indian teachers to overcome the prevailing shortage of  science and maths teachers in the Tamil Schools in the estate Sector. Is it part of the ETCA agreement ?

While M.K.Sivajilingam and Wigneswaran call for  seven days of mourning from May 12 to 19th in remembrance of the genocide of Tamils from the day of Independence 1948, R.Sampanthan the leader of the Yahapalanaya Opposition says  that he has “put in a word” to the Indian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi to ensure the continuation of the  UNP-SLFP Administration, as the TNA has faith in this Yahapalanaya government  with its very favourable reconciliation programme towards Tamils.

In order to make a reality of this favourable situation Sampanthan advices the Yahapalanaya government to maintain unity between SLFP and the UNP factions within the government.  Sampanthan had said that the Indian Government would help the incumbent regime continue its good governance programme. 

But good governance to whom ?

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit did not assure India’s special  relationship with Sri Lanka. Narendra Modi’s  speech was of questionable intentions towards Sri Lanka. He had more talks with the Tamil political leaders and extended more contact with the Tamil people, ignoring Sinhala people of the South.

India unable to look after its own people some of who live in dire conditions , adviced in his speech at Dickoya that the Sinhala and Tamil Communities  should strengthen unity and harmony as he assured India’s full support  to the steps taken by Colombo to improve the living conditions of  minority Tamils in the country. Do we really need him to come and say that ? India will only aggravate our situation with the Tamils.

It is  a shame that the Yahapalanaya had thought it appropriate to give the Ministry of National Coexistence Dialogue and official Languages to  Mano Ganeshan. Such  a Ministry should have been given to a Sinhala representative of the people in order to have direct contact with the minorities,  otherwise the rift between the minorities and the majority community will be further distanced.
Reconciliation needs two parties and it is not one party giving into every demand of the other, while the other holds onto every thing without  giving anything in return. 

Tamils are not open minded  therefore  they are inept for building unity amoung Communities. The Northern Province Councillor M.K.Sivajilingaam is certainly not helping any reconciliation, he is an unreliable terrorist sympathiser, as much as Wigneswaran the Chief Minister of NPC.  They are both a hindrance to build any unity between the Tamils and the Sinhala people.  They should be arrested or their civic rights should be withdrawn if the Yahapalanaya wants to adopt a successful reconciliation process.

The President Sirisena speaking at a cultural programme Erabadu Vasanbtham at Singakkuliya, Danktuva had said that the spiritual leaders are the real messengers who connect the hearts of the people and strengthen reconciliation as wished by every religious philosophy. 
This is lot of nonsense. Reconciliation is possible only if the Tamils could give up their separatist mental  attitude,  and think of themselves as a people living together in one country with a majority Sinhala Buddhists, and others minority communities. They have to now come together giving up their  separatists identity to identify themselves as partners of a nation living in one country as normal human beings.

Even if the dog’s curved tail is put in a tube for many thousand’s of years, it want become straight. So is the separatist mentality of Tamils, to what ever extent the reconciliation efforts were to be made the mental attitude of Tamils will never change, they will always want the “pound of flesh”.


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