Thursday, 8 January 2009

No Foreign Government could be equalled to that of the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka in its fight against Terrorism

The UK, France and USA who created ,Israel have a greater responsibility to intervene to stop continued bombardment of Gaza. When the allies of the second world war created Israel they did not make any arrangements for the Palestinians who were living there, and many of them still live in refugee camps.

It is the responsibility of the architects of Israel to intervene to stop the carnage that is going on in Gaza, instead of interfering into affairs of Sri Lanka that do not concern them at all. The government of Sri Lanka is not having a war but carrying out military operations to flush out the ruthless terrorists who were occupying a greater part of the Wanni.

Thanks to a President with wisdom and foresight, and the Armed Forces, Sri Lanka is seeing an end to the intolerable situation it has with terrorism, for which the International Community only issued instructions to the government to negotiate peace with the terrorists who did not want any such thing. It was only three days ago that the President elect Mr. Barrack Obama said that there is no room at the negotiating table for terrorist Organisations. How should it be different to Sri Lanka fighting against a ruthless group of terrorists who created enough damage to our country and our people for three long decades ?

Speaking about the creation of Israel Mme Simone Veil who is a respected French political figure, the first President of the European Parliament, who had been imprisoned in the Nazi Concentration camps, says in her book Une Vie( a life time) that the creation of Israel was not well thought out , and it would have been better to have mixed the Israelites with the Palestinians. If Israelites had been made to live with the Palestinniens, they would have adopted themselves and even founded the kibboutz long before the creation of the State of Israel.

Sri Lanka has no intention of separating its people, one community from the other. Its military operations are against the terrorists, and not against the Tamil people. The whole complicated ethnic issue is the work of the interested parties to create dissention and use terrorism as an excuse to separate an area for Tamils for political reasons.
The Homeland for Tamils is the brain child of Prabhakaran encouraged by India, and Tamil Nadu. The Tamil diaspora had been brought into it through the idea of a separate homeland, to spend their holidays. The ordinary non-political Tamil people of Sri Lanka do not want a homeland. They are happy being a part of the motherland Sri Lanka with their Sinhala and Muslim compatriots.
We have had enough of the Western Pandits trying to give us lessons We have no lessons to take from them. They have not them selves acted with wisdom and foresight in their past political manoeuvres. Israel is a living example of their short sighted political planning to overcome a then urgent situation.

Immediately after Kilinochchci was taken by the SLA, the UK Secretary of State for International Development, Douglas Alexander and Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown urged both parties to the conflict to respect International Humanitarian Law, and find a political solution to end the conflict.
The American Ambassador Robert Blake did not hesitate to come out of the shade, to say the same thing with a difference this time. He says that the US does not advocate Sri Lanka government negotiating with the LTTE. That is the change. It took a long time for Blake to realise that the terrorists were not a group with whom to negotiate peace.
But he has not forgotten to add the other part from his old song, that a broad range of other Tamil voices and opinions must be brought into a political process to reach a political solution that Tamils inside and outside of Sri Lanka see as legitimate. As I have said the Tamils inside have no ethnic problem, and do not want a political devolution of power. It is the demand of the Tamil politicians, and the Tamil diaspora which claims a homeland.
India in order to be politically correct, says through its Foreign Minister Shiv Shankar Menon that there is no military solution to Sri Lanka’s problem, no matter how the military situation might fluctuate, until there is a political understanding within the framework of a united Sri Lanka, within which all the communities in Sri Lanka are comfortable, you cannot speak of a political solution.
The brash Mr.Subramaniam Swamy says that India must initiate action to assist the Sri Lankan government to take out the LTTE, and tell the President, Rajapakse, that following the end of the LTTE, India reserves the right to intervene militarily if the Sri Lanka government does not implement, as promised, a proper devolution of powers for the Tamils under the Constitution of Sri Lanka.
India cannot arbitrarily decide to intervene in Sri Lanka militarily for any reason. Sri Lanka, thanks to our President is not isolated from the rest of the world, it has its friends who will intervene if the necessity arises in support of Sri Lanka.
However, India will not make such an irresponsible statement, but it shows to what extent the Indians think that Sri Lanka could be kicked and pushed according their whim and pleasure.
None of these foreign political stalwarts could be equalled to the excellence of the President Mahinda Rajapakse. He did not consult the foreign Governments and military experts to end the terrorist menace that had taken root in Sri Lanka for three decades. None of the previous heads of governments had been perspicacious as Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. His determination, the ability to wade through troubled waters of political turmoil to achieve the object of ending terrorism on which he had laid his mind, bore its fruits.
Instead of congratulating the President Mahinda Rajapakse , accepting his formidable achievement as a political success, the foreign governments, which with their greater military ability had failed even to get close to what the President Mahinda Rajapakse has accomplished, give uncalled for advice and counsel as to what he should do next.
The President Mahinda Rajapakse knows exactly what he should do next, without being prompted by any foreign political pandit, let alone a Brown, Blake or a Swamy. The Government of Sri Lanka has enough experience to deal with any serious situation , if it is left alone to deal with them.
We do not want any more NGOs and INGOs. Our people are quite capable of organising voluntary groups to carry out humanitarian work for our people. Perhaps we lack generous contributions from foreign associations, which have so far contributed for humanitarian projects through INGOs.
If this is changed, and instead of sending foreign personal to be engaged in humanitarian work in Sri Lanka, the funds are made available to Associations or Agencies recognised by the government, the humanitarian work for the welfare of our needy people could be more beneficially carried out. It had been made evident after the capture of the territories under the control of the terrorists in Sri Lanka, that the INGOs who had transported material and equipment for construction work had done nothing at all.
One begins to wonder what the INGOs had been doing in these areas, other than perhaps spending a wonderful holiday in comfort, feeding on prawns , crabs and washing them down with beer !! The construction equipment had however been put to good use by the terrorists who had built earth bunds and trenches where hundreds of our soldiers became the targets for the terrorist gun men, while climbing the bunds with their back packs and falling into trenches.
Never again should the government place any trust in INGOs/NGOs in future, unless they are made to work for projects planned and put in place by the government.

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