Friday, 2 January 2009

Felicitations,to the President, Commanders of Armed Forces, Defence Secretary, and Brave Soldiers

There is only a political solution not a military solution to the terrorism in Sri Lanka said the International Community, and all interfering local and foreign Human Rights activists. The US Ambassador Robert Blake gave many a lectures in Sri Lanka and South India insisting that the Sri Lanka government is wrong to have resorted to a military solution , when the solution is political and called that both parties should negotiate for peace.

Our President Mahinda Rajapakse, was determined to settle the terrorist problem without entering into an unnecessary war, and invited the terrorist leader for peace negotiations. The President from the very beginning hesitated to a military solution, for fear of the loss of the lives of large numbers of youth from both parties to a “war”. For him the loss of human lives in a war, was an important consideration.

No body could dare compare the President Mahinda Rajapakse to the rotten anti human demoniac Prabhakaran, for the military action to which he finally resorted against terrorism, to say that he was indifferent to the cost of the human sacrifice in a “war” against terrorism.

The President wanted to avoid that human sacrifice at any cost, and kept on inviting the terrorists for peace negotiations despite their several massacres after he took office, first with the claymore bomb attacks on a bus in Kebitigollewa, then an attempt to assassinate the Commander of the Army Sarath Fonseka by a suicide bomber, and yet another attempt to assassinate his own bother- the Defence Secretary, and the assassination of his dear friend Jeyraj Fernandopulle .

The President was drawn into the military solution only after the terrorists resorted to deprive water to the farmers by closing the sluice gates at Mavilaru. Thereafter he was determined to end the terrorism at all cost and handed over the responsibility of planning and carrying out the “military” offensive against the terrorists to the Army Commander and the Defence Forces, roping in his brother an experienced war veteran as the Defence Secretary, without any political interference..

The President Mahinda Rajapakse proved himself a leader of great wisdom, in his ability to distribute responsibility to a selected group of people , who he trusted would accomplish the task allocated to them. He was certain of the ability of the army to solve the problem. He was exemplary in the conduct of the “terrorist war”, and the most feared and supposed to be an invincible ruthless terrorist force has been brought to their knees, and the myth of their invincibility shattered.

There were many an experts on war , who were prophets of doom attempting to discredit the government and the President, raising doubts of the ability of the Sri Lanka Government Forces to win a “war” against the terrorists.

Even today making his expert analysis in the Guardian Website, Col. R.Hariharan raises his doubts of the Sri Lanka Army, by asking “What will be the impact on Sri Lanka when the LTTE with its never ending quest for an elusive Tamil Eelam turns to guerrilla mode completely?”

We still trust the Army it is not a Hariharn who is going to discourage us. The President Mahinda Rajapakse has shown of what metal he is made, and the people of Sri Lanka need not be influenced by the continued attempted by Ranil Wickramasinghe who in his political naivaté discredits the government and the person of the President for not providing economic benefits for the people, and accusing him of not giving petrol at the price “calculated “ by the judiciary.

These are all menaces of people who are out to discredit the President and his government for their political benefit, issuing from their human failure of to control their jealousies and anger, due to their inability to reach the heights reached by the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Let us give the President and his government sufficient time to end the terrorism and drive it completely out of the country. Thereafter, the President will surely give the people what he has promised in his election manifesto the Chintanaya. He has shown his ability to maintain his determination until the results he expects are realised and the people can be assured that the President will provide the much needed reforms and economic progress, to the surprise of the failed politicians, prophets of doom, the international interferes.

We thank the President, The Commander of the Army, and the Commanders of all Government Forces, and our brave soldiers for having saved the country from the terrorists menace, and driving them out of Kilinochchi, from where they were preparing to declare a Tamil Homeland.

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