Saturday, 16 May 2009

UN should defend its Member Nations, not accuse a Member Nation for defending itself against its enemies.

UN stands for United Nations. UNHRC stands for United Nations Human Rights Commission. The Human Rights Commission of the United Nations should not be there to accuse a Nation for violation of human rights, but to defend the Nations against violations of Human Rights by groups that had infiltrated into its territory.

That is to say if human rights of a group or an individual has been violated, the Nation or the Country involved should not be accused for such violations, but reasons for such violations should be investigated and remove the causes that resulted in human rights violations. But condemning the country for such violation should not be the role of the UN. Because the UN stands for all Nations, and the UN is made up of different Nations. Each Nation is independent and has a right not to be interfered into its internal affairs.

In Sri Lanka for instance a group of terrorist had created quite a mayhem marring its peaceful existence. Murdering its civilians, assassinating its officers of the security forces, Ministers, Presidents, and intellectual. The government despite all those wilful murders and assassinations made many efforts to come to a negotiated peace settlement with the terrorists, and failing in all such efforts resorted to a military operation to end terrorism.

Sri Lanka was neither helped by any other Member States of the UN in its military operations against the terrorist, nor did any of the Member states of the UN intervened to interact with the terrorists to dissuade them from continuing their terrorist activities.

The government had to end terrorism before it could start any development projects for the country. Therefore, the Government called upon its defence forces to plan strategies and take steps to end terrorism. The terrorists had with ruse and help from outside recourses grown into a considerable military force. The Government Forces had great difficulty in standing upto the terrorist forces, but sacrificing men and material the Government Forces were able to bring the terrorists under control.

It is only at the point when the terrorists were getting the heat from the government forces that the Foreign elements that had found entry in to Sri Lanka as NGOs and INGOs due to an unexpected tsunami began defending the terrorists in different ways. These foreigners, became friendly with the terrorists, by supporting them in various ways to strengthen their military capabilities. Becoming friendly with the terrorist they turned out to be an antigovernment force working along side the terrorists.

These INGO elements also influenced the foreign media to carry propaganda against the government and in favour of the terrorists. It was at this point that the foreign human rights activists appeared in the scene visiting Sri Lanka openly and secretly. They had right of access to terrorists controlled areas., to which the government officials were not allowed. These human rights activists openly accused the Government Forces who were engaged in military operations to bring the terrorists under control, for violation of human rights.

Fighting a ruthless terrorist force enriched by a rich diaspora and helped by the foreign NGOs was already a difficult task and to face accusations of violation of human right was uncalled for. The Government Forces were carrying out military operations avoiding death an injury to civil population. But nevertheless, the propaganda in favour of terrorists and against Government forces redoubled with the Tamil diaspora dishing out millions of Dollars, buying up media space, attorneys, journalists, and television , and radio time.

Into this vast antigovernment network fell the UN System. The UN which is to defend its Member Nations against unjustified critics, took sides with the critics to accuses its own Member Nations. UN Charter recognises a Nation’s inherent right to defend itself against its aggressors, enemies and terrorists. The UN System has therefore to stand by the Nations affected by external and internal enemies., to give it moral support and defend it against its accusers.

But what happened is quite the opposite. The UN is accusing its own Member Nation for violation of human rights. The UN has changed its role. Ban Ki Moon of UNO defends the terrorist, Koichiro Matsuura of UNESCO gives Prizes for journalists who discredit Member Nations.

How can the UN system become an enemy of its own Member Nation ? It is the setting up of the UN Human Rights Commission that corrupted the UN Role. In addition to the UNHRC there are the Human Rights watch and the Amnesty International. They are all doing the same job accusing Nations for Violation of Human rights in its duty of defending its territory and protecting its people. They are unable to sort out in what situation a Nation could be accused of violation of human rights. A Nation in its rightful defence of its territory and its people against an “enemey” cannot be accused of violation of human rights !

The mandate to the UNHRC reads, “ The Commission on Human Rights was intended to examine, monitor and publicly report on human rights situations in specific countries or territories (known as country mechanisms or mandates) as well as on major phenomena of human rights violations worldwide (known as thematic mechanisms or mandates).

The mandate speak of human rights situations in specific countries, as well as major phenomena of human rights. This falls outside countries that is fighting terrorism. Sri Lanka unlike the USA, UK, France and other developed countries of the West has not gone outside its territory to fight terrorism. Terrorism in Sri Lanka is within its territory. Therefore fighting terrorism within Sri Lanka is to defends its territory and protect its people.

Why should therefore the UNHigh Commissioner for Human Rights collect evidence to inculpate Sri Lanka for crimes against humanity ? She is surely going out side her mandate to accuse a Member Nation for its right of defence which is a legal right of a country . She can accuse the terrorists because they have no”human rights” to be protected because they are the perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Sri Lanka as the world should know is fighting against terrorism, and against a group of terrorists ruthless and inhuman. Therefore, the UN or the EU cannot if they are of sound mind accuse Sri Lanka fighting against the Tamil Civilians who are its own people.

On the other hand All these Countries of the west including the UN System, and Human Rights activists of all sorts stand accused for deliberate interference in to the affairs of Sri Lanka debarring it from fighting terrorism that had settled within its territory for the last 30 years.

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