Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It is all a question of Visas and Votes.

Why are all these Tamils of the diaspora manifesting in UK, Canada and France ? Are they genuinely interested in the Tamil Civil population in Sri Lanka. Some of them may be , but most of them have serious problems having migrated to these countries as asylum seekers.

Once the terrorism is over and the IDPs settled in their original homes, there is no reason for the countries that had given asylum to the Tamils of the diaspora toretain them any further and they will be ordered back to Sri Lanka. Some of those who were lucky to have got resident Visas may have no problems but others do not want to come back.

Therefore, for these migrant Tamil diaspora the continuation of terrorism is the assurance of their continued stay in the countries that had given them asylum and perhaps obtain permanent visas. Hence, they will fight tooth and nail to let the terrorists leaders live to continue another thirty or more years of terrorism.

David Miliband has not understood this, even if his constituency has no Tamil voters, the Tamil votes are necessary for the Labour Government which has fallen in popularity during the last few years. The next election may see a Conservative Government in place. Hence as much as the Tamil diaspora is fighting hard to keep terrorism alive in Sri Lanka, Milliband is interested to keep the Tamil voters on the side of the Labour Party, to assure his continuation as a Minister of the next Labour Government if elected.

Bernard Kouchner has jumped into the band wagon just to cultivate political influence with UK and USA. Hillary Clinton on the other hand does not seem to take Sri Lanka seriously, but she is more keen on the greater political influence she will have in Europe with UK and France on her side.

The UK Home Office seems to have problems with Miliband’s dancing to the tune of the Tamil Diaspora. The deportees who have problems with the expiration of their temporary visas have threatened to commit suicide if their visas are not extended. A soft hearted British Judge had given into a couple’s threat to commit suicide if their visas are not extended. The British Home Office fears that it would be sited as a precedent by others to claim visa extensions.

This is what happens to governments when their Ministers begin pandering to doubtful elements for a miserable vote or two.

However, credit should be given to the Tamil diaspora for their clever manoeuvring to save their “foreign bread winner” the terrorists of Sri Lanka, by making the tight lipped British MPs go trotting about at their bidding to speak in favour of the terrorists and force the Sri Lanka Government to give in for a short reprieve for the terrorists to get back and sort out things and draw up plans for a surprise attack against the government forces, and spring back into terrorism.

The visiting British MPs may be shown all the Camps of the IDPs and allow them to speak to as many of the IDPs as possible, but they will remain doubting the honesty and integrity of the Government. They would rather go to the terrorist websites to up date their information rather than depend on the Government. Their motive is to discredit the government in favour of the terrorists.

Because they will have to come back and face their interrogators the Tamil diaspora and assure themselves of their votes for the next elections. For that they have to find information that discredits the government.

It is all a question of Visas and Votes.

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