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Sri Lanka has eliminated terrorism, but other forms of terrorism assails Sri Lanka. It is time for all patriots specially those among the Tamils,

"Sri Lanka has eliminated terrorism, but other forms of terrorism assails Sri Lanka. It is time for all patriots specially those among the Tamils, to wake up to defend the motherland."

During the period that Sri Lanka was constantly menaced by a ruthless group of terrorists causing wanton massacres, murders, and assassinations, Sri Lanka was all alone to defend herself. The International Community stood by a mere observer calling the government to negotiate a peace settlement, while the terrorists were of one track mind for the creation of a Tamil Eelam, making a sham of negotiations.

The Government could not possibly negotiate with a ruthless group of terrorists to come to a settlement to give a part of its territory for them to set up an Eelam. But the International Community apparently worked for that end demanding the Government to come to a peace settlement at what ever cost, even if it were to allow the terrorists to set up their Eelam State.

It is quite evident now that the latter motive seems to have been what, Robert Blake , David Miliband, Bernard Kouchner , the EU, and the rest of the International Community wanted. A divided Sri Lanka would have been easy for them to move in their battle ships, protective armies and what not to be in readiness to check the advance of Russian and Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean.

India too may have envisaged such an aftermath as the Chinese influence in Sri Lanka has become an eyesore for India. India, offended with the visit of the South Korean Navy to Trincomalee, may have threatened Sri Lanka with dire consequences if Pakistan, Chinese or American Navies are invited to Trincomalee.

India is becoming a greater menace to Sri Lanka’s peace and independence more than were the terrorists . Against the terrorists we used our Armed Forces, but could we turn our guns against the hypocrisy of India ?

In this situation the reason of the ambivalence of the International Community, setting up a double standard on terrorism as “ their terrorism “, to be eliminated without negotiations, and “terrorism of others “, to be settled by entering into negotiations with terrorists for a political settlement, is now made obvious, after the government of Sri Lanka without their aid, eliminated terrorism from Sri Lanka. The West is all out to divide our country, which had shown its ability to rise above underdevelopment to do more than the developed West had been able to do.

Robert Blake the American Assistant under Secretary of State for Asia, is now attempting to reactivate his failed secret attempts through out his mission in Sri Lanka as the US Ambassador to allow the terrorists to set up a separate Eelam State, by conniving with the Tamil Expatriates, the local traitors such as Jehan Perera, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Ranil Wickramasinghe and his echo Lakshman Kiriella née Perera and a lot of them.

In order to face this offensive and thwart the dastardly intentions of the offenders, the International Community led by Blake of USA, and India, all Communities in Sri Lanka have to unite behind the government.

Unfortunately the Tamil Community which is the greater benefactor from the elimination of terrorism from the North and the East are still half hearted in their support of the Government of President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Despite the restructuration of the North and East and bringing in vast development projects for the benefit of the Tamil Community, the hearts of the Tamil people do not seem to have expanded in gratitude to the government. The so called devolution of power would not have given the Tamil Community so much of benefits, that they already enjoying, with more promising a future in their sight.

The IDPs whine and complain to every visiting “representatives “ of the West , their lack of freedom of movement, desire to move out to their villages, forgetting the immense difficulties they under went under the jackboot of terrorism.

The Government, would certainly like to close down the camps and send the refugees to their homes as maintaining them in the refugee camps is costing as much as 9 million Rupees a day to the government.

The government is not keeping the IDPs in the camps either for its pleasure , or to take revenge from them. The government is considering the security of the IDPs themselves, and the security of the country as a whole, as all precautions have to be taken to avoid any form of reactivation of terrorism by those “former” terrorists who may still be languishing in the camps.

In the meantime there are those foreign elements who are waiting for a chance to create an atmosphere of fear in the IDP camps and make terrorism raise its head once again. Such a situation would help the West in their attempt to discredit the Government, and help the “non-patriotic Tamil expatriates” to contribute for activities of terror in Sri Lanka to eventually demand a Tamil Homeland..

Therefore, the time has come for the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka to become real patriots of the land they claim to be their motherland, and contribute to defend it against those foreign seemingly “do gooders “ from hindering the progress of the country, its development and the unity of the Communities.

The President has said in no uncertain terms that Sri Lanka has no minorities and that we are all One people of the same motherland. Why cannot the Tamils react to that generosity of a great President a like of whom we will not see for a long time after him ?

The Tamil Community of Sri Lanka should actively demonstrate their patriotism to the motherland. They should also decide either to trust the Sinhala people and develop a cordial relationship with them or continue a hypocritical pretence of acceptance while continuing to hate them for their being the majority community.

Best alternative open to the Tamils is to accept the Sinhala as their compatriots, and cooperate with them to make Sri Lanka a better place for all Communities to live together in peace and harmony. Few Tamils are willing to break through their narrow communal barriers to accept the other Communities heart and soul.

In that respect we remember with gratitude the late Rajini Thiranagama as an example of a Tamil woman seeking to unite communities, who was assassinated for that heroic attempt by the most ruthless terrorists. The other names that come to mind are those of late Lakshman Kadirgamar, or again late Jeyaraj Fernandopulle. Two of them were also assassinated by the terrorists.

How could the Tamil Community have even a shadow of a sympathy for these ruthless vampires of terrorism, or their selfish desire to setup a Tamil Homeland ?

Patriotism is not only being born into a Country. Patriotism is not claiming recognition of the difference of one community over the other. Patriotism is in accepting the whole country as it is with a close affinity to every one living in it without distinction of colour, religion, language, and ethnicity.

Patriotism is also the willingness to defend the unitary state of the country and the unity of its people at the risk of ones own life. The Tamil people in Sri Lanka should consider this seriously , and ask themselves to what extent they have contributed to this essence of patriotism to their motherland.

We have kinship with our own compatriots because we , or our fathers, and forefathers were all born in this glorious land of ours and were brought up in it. We may speak different languages, worship different Gods, wear different dresses or eat different food , but we are a part of the Sri Lankan Nation-children of the same motherland.

The Tamil people have so far remained silent through fear of retribution by the terrorists. Now that danger has been eliminated, the time has come for the Tamil people to speak out and defend the country against the perils that come from the West.

We cannot have any affinity or devotion to another country or another people in another place because the people in those countries or places speak the same language and worship the same god. Because we being the patriotic children of our own motherland Sri Lanka, our undivided devotion and attachment is to Sri Lanka and to no other country or place.

Hence, any one unwilling to concede to the President, who brought peace to this motherland of ours after thirty long years of suffering, respect and recognition due to him are not true patriots. Because heroes are rare, and a dedicated leader of the people is rarer.

To-day the President Mahinda Rajapakse Stands out as the National Leader who delivered the people of Sri Lanka from thirty years of suffering brought about by a ruthless group of terrorists.

President Mahinda Rajapakse made Sri Lanka the only developing country in the world that was able to fight single handed and eliminate a group of ruthless terrorists who had been well armed through the financial support accorded to them by a large expatriate Tamil Community. They were well organised and were thought to be invincible. The developed countries with their most modern war machines have failed to do as much as Sri Lanka, and they are not even closer to eliminate the terrorists they have been fighting against for years.

It is in a way the jealousy that makes the West take all measures to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights, and for war crimes. It is to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka so that it will not take away the lime light from the mighty white West.

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