Thursday, 16 September 2010

The tactic adopted by Ranil Wickramasinghe to obstruct appointments to PC under the constitution is most deplorable.

Ranil Wickramasinghe the lame-duck leader of the UNP continues his vengeance against the President Mahinda Rajaopakse, while his own party now in shambles is preparing to kick him out if he does not step down on his own.

Gunaratna Wanninayake, the NLA secretary, issuing an ultimatum to Wickremesinghe, had said, “…..We have allowed a few more days for an honorable departure……….If it doesn’t happen, we will be required to do so by force based on what the party supporters want. He has become politically dead. He killed this party. We are asking him not to put us into a political abyss.”
But Ranil Wickramasing is not only thick skinned, but also shameless. He has not the intelligence to understand that he has already lost the respect of his party members, and it is time that he steps down.
But the problem seems to be that Ranil Wickramasinghe’s loyalty is divided. While there is a popular demand from the UNP members for him to step down, there is a call from another quarter that perhaps wants him to continue at all cost. Ranil Wickramasinghe is a member of the prestigious Mont Pelerin Society, as such he is a trusted stooge of the West.
At the moment West is all out to take revenge from Sri Lanka, for the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s role in elimination of terrorism from Sri Lanka, which the west wanted to continue to enable them to set up a Kososva style Tamil Eelam State.
The British Parliament which to my knowledge did not have special sessions during the 30 years of terrorism in Sri Lanka to debate on what type of aid the UK Government could provide to the Government of Sri Lanka to successfully fight terrorism, had debates after terrorism was eliminated by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka to inquire into the violation of human rights during the military operations against the terrorists.
And more recently to even have a debate on the amendments to the Sri Lanka Constitution. The British Government stooping to such despicable methods against Sri Lanka shows that it is only paying lip service to Democracy, and behind the veil of democracy it is out to stop developing countries rising above their dependence on the West.
The UK Parliament having a debate on the Constitution of Sri Lanka and being critical of the Amendments adopted to it with a two third majority in the Parliament of Sri Lanka is overstepping the bounds of political decency.
Hence there is no doubt that Ranil Wickramasinghe is being used as the tool of the Western Governments to obstruct the development of Sri Lanka. The loss of his position as the Leader of the Opposition in the Sri Lanka Parliament would deprive the West of having some one who could fight against the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government from within the Parliament.
Even India whose leaders are constantly consulted by Ranil Wickramasinghe is close enough to India for him to be used by India against the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government.
Therefore, there is no doubt that there are many factors at play in Ranil Wickramasinghe’s refusal to listen to his Party Members and his continuing to hold on to his position as the Leader of the UNP.
The 18 th Amendment to the Sri Lanka Constitution has been adopted by a two third majority. Acting against the Constitution now is illegal and against all norms of Democratic governance.
Ranil Wickramasinghe and others who cry high and low that the adoption of the 18th Amendment is undemocratic, are now acting against democracy trying to make a mockery of it if they do not respect the 18th Amendment which was adopted with a two third majority in the Parliament.
Ranil Wickramasinghe, TNA, JVP and all the rest who are against the 18th Amendment are not rebelling against the President and the Government but against the people of this country, who trust the President and his Government and therefore not against the 18th Amendment adopted in all legality and within all norms of Democracy in the Parliament.
Ranil Wickramasinghe should be reminded that when he signed the CFA behind the back of the Parliament and the elected President of Sri Lanka, he became a traitor to our country and he is responsible more than any one else for the large number of deaths resulting from the Military operations against terrorism until it was eliminated on the 19th of May,2009
People of Sri Lanka does not accept the President as a Dictator of any sorts, but I am sure the people themselves as much as the large number of the UNP Party members are tired of the tactics of Ranil Wickramasinghe , the TNA, and JVP to obstruct the President and the Government to carry on the development projects that are currently in progress.

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