Friday, 24 September 2010

Professor N.L.A..Karunarathne, Vice Chancellor of the University of Jayawardhanapura deserves our gratitude

Professor N.L.A..Karunarathne Vice Chancellor of the University of Jayawardhanapura deserves every decent citizen’s gratitude for keeping the Jayawardhanapura University free from the ordeal of ragging.

The ragging of the students entering the Universities in Sri Lanka on the first year of admission, had reached intolerable, ignoble, savage, and putrid levels putting to shame our predominantly Buddhist country .

The senior students behaved like street rowdies, in the most degenerate manner towards the undergraduates, putting to shame these institutions of knowledge, where future administrators, scientists, philosophers and rulers of the country are made, trained and recognised.

The girls are the centre of the disrespectful rowdy elements where chivalry, decency, and simple respect is thrown into the air and the women students are treated with disgrace, bringing forth their indecent vulgarity with which they expect to be the redeemers of these simple, modest, gentle women some of them from modest homes where even harsh words are not used in the treatment of their children, taking them into the realm of intellectual hierarchy.

The most filthiest of Sinhala vocabulary is used in “speaking” to these undergraduates to welcome them on their arrival, and the women undergraduates are made to repeat those filthy words. The girl undergraduates are made to stand with their legs apart, while the male under graduates are made to go under their spread out legs on their backs. This is done in the name of ragging to elevate the young undergraduates in to the domain of higher knowledge. As Udul Premaratne of the University Students Federation says, “……for students to fall in love and behave as lover….” (Lanka Truth -22.9.2010)

Some of the most vulgar, crude, cruel and indecent ragging committed by these thugs strengthened by their numbers against the women undergraduate are not spoken of by the victims through shame of the ordeal they were made to go through. These undergraduates, victims of these ordeals, may carry these psychological wounds through out their lives.

These disgraceful ordeals of ragging became common only after the advent of the JVP politics into University campuses. Even today it is the JVP that is responsible for the ragging and break down of discipline and respect towards the Vice Chancellors and teaching staff.

For parents and children the Advance level examination is a strenuous period. When the results are announced they are eager to know whether their children have got the required number of As or Bs to qualify to enter the Universities. Thereafter, when the students have been selected …..the students hate to go to the Universities, some suffer from nervous break down, and others refuse to get admitted.

All that is because of the fear of “ragging” they have to face. And the knowledge that the seniors(JVP ) in the Universities are preparing to receive them the “victims” perhaps to satisfy their putrid perversions. The argument the raggers proffer is that ragging prepares the undergraduates, men and women, to face the rigors of life after the University.

But according to Udul Premaratne a representative of the University Students Federation , “…there are opportunities in all universities for students to fall in love and behave as lovers, there is no such opportunity for students at Sri Jayawardenepura University.” This statement it self shows the moral depravity of this man’s mind.

This time with the anti-ragging act the University of Jayawardhanapura became the first rag free University. The undergraduates admitted to the Jayawardhanapura University who were suffering from the sadness of separation from their home and family, strained and nervous on the thought of having to face ragging were greatly relieved when they found that they are free from the evil, vulger ragging ordeal at the Jayawardhanapura University.

This was greatly due to the perspicacity of the Vice Chancellor Professor N.L.A.Karunarathne of the Jayawardhanapura University. The children as well as the parents are greatly relieved and thank the Vice Chancellor profusely for this most praiseworthy step taken by him to stop ragging in his University.

The only people who seem to be angered by the lost opportunity of ragging the young graduates and satisfy their depraved desires are the vulgar elements represented by Udul Premaratne of the University Students federation, the individual who had stated to the media, “Despite there are opportunities in all universities for students to fall in love and behave as lovers, there is no such opportunity for students at Sri Jayawardenepura University.” ( Lanka Truth-22.9.2010)

This shows their secret desires, and confirm the existence of most lowly methods of ragging. The undergraduates do not come to the Universities to find “lovers” as Premaratne had declared but to study and become learned men and women without having to live with psychological scars, inflicted upon them by the depraved “seniors” of the likes of Udul Premaratne.

Udul Premaratne’s statement was given publicity in the Lanka Truth which is the JVP internet News media. This shows that the University ragging is being sponsored by the JVP. Universities are where they get their recruits to the Party.

In the picture showing the stage from which Udul Premaratne was making his statement was also seated a man in a yellow robe. If it is a Buddhist Monk, he should know that discipline is important in Buddhism, that is why the Buddha prepared the Vinaya- Buddhist disciplinary rules.

If that man in the yellow robe with Udul Premaratne is a Buddhist monk he should get all the Buddhist monks in the Universities to speak against ragging and persuade people like Udul Premaratne to keep away from this most vulgar , indecent and depraved practice of ragging the undergraduates, which is not in keeping with the Buddhist tradition we hold sacred, and which is against our Culture.

It is the culture of a nation that differentiates one nation from another. Therefore, in respect to our culture which has its beginning in our religious background, we should preserve the dignity of the place where we pursue higher knowledge, respect also the dignity of “woman hood ” in our society.

Love and sex may be lightly treated in the Western civilization, but that is their culture. But yet, in the Western Universe such depraved and indecent ragging as practiced in the Universities of Sri Lanka are not heard of.

Everybody knows that Udul Premaratne’s campaign against the Vice Chancellor is baseless. He is another Lal Kantha in the University. Lal Kantha is doing lot of political damage with his Trade Unions, while Udul Premaratne seems to be emulating him to destroy the University education in Sri Lanka with his University Students Federation.

If Premaratne continues his campaign against the Vice Chancellor legal action should be taken against him under the respective Act. That would be in the interest of the higher academic education of Sri Lanka.

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