Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sarath Fonseka is certainly a great war hero, but that does not absolve him from being condemned for irregularities.

There is a large number of people using the plight of the former army commander Sarath Fonseka for their own political benefit, but they are either aware, or are blind to the fact that by supporting Sarath Fonseka and trying to put the President and the Government into an embarrassing situation they are indirectly helping the interested western powers to disrupt the progress seen never before in our country under any of the rightist or leftist political leadership since the Independence.

After the several electronic media such the Sri Lanka Guardian, Lankaenews, Daily Mirror, Lakbima, Lanka News Web, GroundView, the BBC, and then the reactionary politicians and their political parties, it is the Buddhist Monks who have taken up the cause of Sarath Fonseka. The Catholic Church not wanting to be left out has also put its weight on the side of the former Army Commander demanding his release from the Prison.

However, as for the Buddhist Monks it should be mentioned that they have to be cautious in defending those suffer by proposing euthanasia , or from court decisions by release as they may be paying for their past kamma, which no one could stop. Even the Buddha avoided intervening where a person has been made to suffer, as the flow of kamma should not be stopped as it is best left to be expiated at its own length of time.

Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha thero may be well aware of the « fate » of King Seniya Bimbisara. His son the Maghada King Ajatashatru wanted to kill his father to ascend to the throne. He therefore imprisoned his father and deprived him of food and later killed him. The King Seniya Bimbisara was a great devotee of the Buddha, and after him King Ajatashatru to became a devotee of the Buddha. If the Buddha wanted to, he could have intervened to save the unfortunate King from suffering, and death at the hands of his son. But kamma has to be allowed to end by itself so that no part of it remains to continue in another life term.

Therefore the Buddhist Monks should devote themselves to their religious occupations and leave the government in the hands of those who have been elected by the people to govern.

Sarath Fonseka is no doubt a great hero of our motherland who played an important role in the elimination of terrorism, but that does not mean every act of his that had put the country into difficulty should be accepted with arms folded. The elimination of the terrorism is undoubtedly a great historic event for which thousands of soldiers, and numerous others have sacrificed, some with their limbs and others with their lives. There may be few families in the south that have not lost a dear one in the military operations to eliminate terrorists.

The elimination of terrorism was an event unique in the world. It gave us the Sri Lankans a great occasion to rejoice that great victory over ruthless terrorism. But that great heroic victory of our soldiers for which many contributed was marred by Sarath Fonseka’s greed for power at any cost and discrediting the armed forces by making a false statement that he had heard through a press reporter that the Defence Secretary had ordered to shoot any surrendering terrorists. This most revoltingly blameworthy remark has brought disrepute to our Armed Forces. It is now material for the Western countries waiting to take revenge from the Government and the Armed Forces for eliminating terrorism, to accuse the Armed Forces for war crimes.

This is unpardonable even if Sarath Fonseka is an acclaimed war hero. Therefore it is right that the law of the country be it civil or military take appropriate action against him for his misdeeds.

However, the President is large hearted and will not deny him a pardon provided it is he who asks for it. It is necessary the demand for a pardon comes from him or one who is close to him so that the Government will have the guarantee that Sarath Fonseka will not commit any reprehensible act to further embroil Sri Lanka, once he has been pardoned.

He is unfortunately in bad political company. His companions the JVP leadership only wants something to hold on to , which is Sarath Fonseka to keep afloat in the flood waters of politics in which they are already sunk up to their necks. The UNP hecklers are always there with sarcastic smiles to make a public show of their political presence getting petitions signed to get Sarath Fonseka released from the prison.

The UNP highjacks every situation for their political benefit, be it someone’s coffin, a petrol price hike, 18th Amendment, President’s visit to America, or now Sarath Fonseka’s prison term. As for Ranil Wickramasinghe the opportunity provided by Sarath Fonseka’s prison sentence is a god send, as for the moment the “so called” UNP rebels are not calling him to step down from his leadership chair.

Of all those people who shed crocodile tears for Sarath Fonseka, there is only one who genuinely wants Sarath Fonseka saved from being confined in the prison. That is Anoma Fonseka, but she does not know where to turn. If she were to appeal to the Prersident Mahinda Rajapakse for a pardon, it would certainly be granted and Sarath Fonseka would be released from the Prison.

But that would not be in the interest of the JVP as it will be their political end. As it is, it is Sarath Fonseka that enables the JVP to exist as a political party. Therefore, they will stop Anoma Fonseka or Sarath Fonseka appealing to the President for a pardon.

It is the self conceit of Sarath Fonseka that keeps him from asking for a pardon from the President. He should understand as much as those defending Sarath Fonseka’s interest , that the demanding pardon is not from the man Mahinda Rajapakse but from the President, therefore from the people for putting his motherland and its defending Armed Forces in to disrepute and for being disrespectful to thousands of Soldiers that gave their lives to free the motherland from the peril of terrorism.

Sarath Fonseka was a good military leader, and perhaps it is in his blood. But he is a very poor politician, definitely not made for a political role in the country. During his Presidential election campaign he was carried away by the large crowds that had attended his meetings to the extent that he had once said that he could not have lost the Presidential election as there were large crowds at his meetings. He put the defeat to a Computer mess-up.

He probably does not want to ask for pardon from the President because of the people signing the petition sponsored by the UNP, and JVP, and the crowds thronging around the prison van that brings him to court, which may give him a psychological satisfaction that makes him believe that he still has a chance to become the President of Sri Lanka one day. Further more the Tilvin Silvas, heraths and Amarawnsas may be feeding him with false hope.

Another problem Sarath Fonseka is faced with is his interview to the Sunday Leader during his election campaign. Frederica Jansz is probably working for the Agenda of her Western retainers. The only piece of evidence the anti Sri Lankan Western countries have, to attempt to take the Government of Sri Lanka to a tribunal of war crimes is Sarath Fonseka’s statement that the Defence secretary ordered the shooting of the terrorists seeking to surrender.

Sarath Fonseka later denied making such a statement. But Frederica Jansz’s continued affirmation that he did make the statement, may give a certain credibility that such a statement had in fact been made by Sarath Fonseka even if it was what he had heard from a third party.

This is enough for the anti Sri Lanka countries of the Western to make an attempt to bring a case against Sri Lanka Armed Forces before a Criminal Tribunal even if it would not be acceptable being only hear say evidence. Hence Frederica Jansz is certainly not doing anything against Sarath Fonseka but against the President and the Government Armed Forces. She is no patriot.

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