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Should Sri Lanka continue with democracy or adopt a more stringent Socialist Dictatorship ?

China will not be where it is to day if it had allowed the West to meddle into its affairs. It kept away the foreign, as well as the local reactionary elements through out its period of economic and social development from using obstructive tactics.

Even Russia after the West manipulated to disband the Union of Soviets , kept away foreign interference into its internal affairs.

Burma which also keeps away the West from interfering into its internal affairs will no doubt set aside its present difficulties to emerge as a economically developed country. India is a developing Nation but the “democratic” path it is following will take a long time for it to come even close to the standard of development reached by China.

If Sri Lanka will fail in its attempt to reach the proposed goals of development , it would be because of the unpatriotic elements, some working for their own political ends, others through lopsided “ethnic sentiments”, and yet others seeking to divide the Country through their bias against the Majority Community, and being allowed to be manipulated by the West.

In this very crucial stage of development in Sri Lanka, all Sri Lankans have to put their shoulder to the wheel without leaving it to the government to take forward its development projects. The question is whether all our people are patriotic enough to bury what ever hatchets of discord they have and unite to develop our country to make it a nation able to compete with the developed nations of the world.

This would only be possible only if the Sri Lankans, irrespective of their communal affiliations, are genuinely patriotic towards their land of birth. A patriot is one who loves the country in which he was born, whether it is poor or rich, whether it is barren, or lush, with all communities with their ethnic differences born and living in it. A patriot is one who is prepared to make whatever sacrifices in the defence of his country, participate in its progress joining hands with all those who populate the country, placing trust in one another, no matter of what colour they are, of what religion they are, and what language they speak.

But if any group of these people do not agree with those others –their own compatriots-who share the country with them, and demands a separate State carved out for the, then that group of people are not patriots. Because no real patriots would want to separate themselves from others living in the same country, sharing in its poverty or in its prosperity, because they are different from them.

Are the Tamils of Sri Lanka Patriots ?

In that sense, if the Tamils of Sri Lanka want a separate corner broken away from the motherland for themselves, they are then not Patriots

The expatriates who have adopted the citizenship of the country of their residence owes allegiance to their adopted country, and respect its laws and culture. Yet deep inside them, they have not forsaken their love and affection to their motherland. But, on the other hand, if they contribute and incite the people of their community in the motherland, to breakaway to form a separatel homeland, they have then forfeited their right not only to be true patriots, but also to call themselves Sri Lankans.

The expatriate Sri Lanka Tamils have forsaken that natural human instinct, and their denial of an attachment to a motherland is evidenced by their “high comedy “ of setting up a Provincial Government abroad. It proves their disaffection to Sri Lanka as their motherland and therefore they have forfeited their right to be patriotic Sri Lankans.

If the Tamils in Sri Lanka want a separate Tamil homeland, or sentimentally desire to be different from the rest of the people- their own compatriots, they are separating themselves from the motherland to become Tamil racists with a narrow agenda, and therefore do not fall in to the category of true Patriots of Sri Lanka.

Be it Tamils or Muslims they should not uphold their minority status to compete with the Sinhala majority, but assume their patriotic role to collaborate with the Sinhala sharing in the political, economic , and social development of the motherland which is the common heritage of every one of us.

The Muslims living on the fringe of motherland concept, promote their religious difference by building mosques in every village to compete with the Sinhala Buddhists there by doing a disservice to the country. They should instead build their mosques within themselves and participate more fully in the defence, development and progress of the motherland.

The demand of the international Community to devolve political rights to the Tamils people is an attempt to break up the unity of the people separating them into communities. They have no special love or responsibility to Sri Lanka or the Tamil people other than to keep the country divided, undeveloped, and dependant on the West.

There is no necessity for the Tamils to ask for devolution of political power, as they as Sri Lankans sharing the same motherland have the political rights and powers common to every one. But the Tamils are misusing that power they share with every one of us, to develop as a separate entity different from the rest. This false notion of having no political power of their own could be avoided if the Tamils switch to National politics, instead of turning inwards to narrow provincial politics.

That is why the 13th Amendment itself thought out and forced upon us by the Indian Government is today a paradox . It was introduced to facilitate Prabhakaran - the terrorist to negotiate with the Government of Sri Lanka to set up a separate Tamil Eelam State in the merged North and East of Sri Lanka, thus breaking up the unitary state of Sri Lanka. After the elimination of terrorism, demerging of the North and East, the 13th Amendment is an obsolete piece of Legislation, which we can easily and conveniently delete from the Constitution.

If the Sri Lanka Tamils think they have been denied political rights it is a false accusation. They have denied the political rights for themselves on their own by setting up political parties for “Tamils”, and separating themselves from National politics getting themselves completely involved with the welfare of the Tamils in the North and East making the South and the Sinhala and Muslim communities no concern of theirs.

Tamils will have no future in Sri Lanka as long as they continue with their continued hostility towards the Sinhala in one way or another. They should instead learn to accept Sinhala people with confidence. They should stop competing with the Sinhala, having a covert separatist Agenda. The future of the Tamils , as much as that of the Sinhala and Muslims, depends on the unity of the communities.

TNA has a habit of consulting India with regard to their rights as citizen of Sri Lanka. The Indian government which wants to satisfy TamilNadu State will not give TNA any advise useful to the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, but detrimental to unity and development of Sri Lanka and distance the Tamil Community from the main political, and social stream of the population of Sri Lanka..

If the Tamils do not follow their “stupid” political leaders , or Pakiyasothys, Kumar Davids, Narapalasinghams, some of them seeking narrow political benefits by organising political parties with the “ Tamil label “ or others collect remuneration from ant-Sri Lanka movements, they would naturally be with the main body politics along with the Sinhala and Muslims, as children of the motherland common to every one of us.

If the Tamils of Sri Lanka 55 percent of them living in the South with the Sinhala and Muslims say that the Sinhala people should not be allowed to settle down in the North and East, they are doing an injustice damaging the social fabric that unites them with their Sinhala compatriots, and expose themselves as unpatriotic racists, and efface their image of intelligent people capable of forgetting the past to go forward hand in hand with all communities to build a greater nation of Sri Lankans.

The TNA (Tamil National Alliance), if they really want to help the Sri Lanka Tamil Community will not demand devolution of political power- a demand which is not for the benefit of the ordinary Tamil people, but a means to consolidate political power in their own hands to “herd” the Tamil people according to their political whims and fancies. If they are interested in the development of the conditions of the Tamil people, they should bring the Tamils into the fold of the general population of the country, without segregating them as Tamils.

In order to do that the Tamil National Alliance should drop the word “Tamil”, from the nomenclature of their Alliance. It should just be a “ National Alliance”, so that it will not only be an alliance of Tamils, but also the Sinhala, the Muslims and others as well. So should it be with theTULF, and the EPDF. They should open their political parties to all Sri Lankans without distinction of their communal belonging dropping the label” Tamil” or “Eelam”.

This is where the International Community, the UN, Human right activists, the Amnesty International, Robert O Blake - the pall bearer for extinct Sri Lanka terrorists, and India have erred and continue to err calling the government for devolution of power to the “ethnic minority”. There is no need for devolution of power to the Tamils if they are patriots working together with their compatriots the Sinhala, Muslims and others who are also patriots of Sri Lanka.

The leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front Anandasanagaree will be a hypocrite if he would not re-examine his political stand, after the elimination of terrorism by the Government Forces under the political leadership of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, to find from who the Tamils of Sri Lanka have to be liberated. The Tamils are a composite community of the Sri Lankan Nation. The Tamils are already a liberated people and they need not have Anandasangaree’s Front to liberate them from any one or any thing else he imagines.

The Tamils are as free as any other group of their compatriots in Sri Lanka Therefore, “ TULF ” is an anomaly. It is high time that the title ‘ TULF ’ is scrapped altogether, and another title is found dropping the word “Tamil”, because we should not speak any more of Tamils, Sinhala or Muslims when speaking of Sri Lankans.

Then we also have the Eelam People’s Democratic Party of Douglas Devenanda another hypocrite, a Minister of the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse at that, yet differentiating himself from the main political stream , by continuing the separatist ideology. He should have taken a lesson from Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan ( Karuna Amman), who is an Sri Lankan, much more intelligent than Devananda. Karuna Amman coming from the Tamil Community despite having been a terrorist, gave up all that to immerse himself entirety in the body politics of the Nation of Sri Lanka.

Anandasangaree is a senior politician in the evening of his life . But he still continues with his Tamil separatist ideology asking for a Indian Model Federal Constitution to devolve political power to the Tamils. He is another person working for a Tamil homeland “magic word” as he calls it. Even that is not quite evident. In an interview when he was asked whether he would like to be a Chief Minister in a Provincial Council or a Minister in the Central Government, he said given the choice he would opt for the latter.

At least in his old age it is time that he demands the Tamils to trust the Sinhala people and have confidence in them to work together with them for the development of the country not seeking any more to separate themselves from the main body politics of Sri Lanka. The Tamils should forget their narrow Communal interests and participate in National Politics.

Both Anadasangaree and Douglas Devananda are not true patriots of Sri Lanka as long as they continue with their partisan politics, which makes it evident that they still have a personal axe to grind in their political engagement.

Karuna Amman left the political party to which he belonged to participate in National politics. He joined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. He is an example for Tamils of Sri Lanka to understand how the country and the people in it could be united to work together to develop the motherland which belongs to all of us. The time is running out for communal based politics. Therefore it would be in the interest of the people that the Tamils forget their Tamilness in politics.

Apart from the Tamils we also have the regularly berating Sinhala politicians who are not patriots either, but mere politicians seeking their own personal benefits what ever happens to the country. Should they be left alone to whither away into oblivion or more drastic methods be used to put them out of the way of development and progress which Sri Lanka is unmistakably making with the Mahinda Chintanaya , in the climate of emergence of Asia as an economic giant, opposed to what it was the West.

Today both UNP and the JVP are far behind their commitment to the progress and development of the country therefore to the welfare of the people. With Sarath Fonseka they are only flogging a dead horse, failing thereby to fall in line with the government to pursue the path of development that has been opened, with the financial crisis in the west and the economic development of China, Russia and India.

When greater developments are taking place and the Western Countries are waiting to stop such development accusing us for various “made up” abuses , UNP and JVP are falling into the trap of the West accusing our own President and his government, trying to put the people against the President and the government. They do not realise what is at stake is far greater than releasing Sarath Fonseka from the prison.

Sarath Fonseka had been given a sentence by a military court and it is for him to appeal to what ever authority for his release. He cannot escape from the illegality of his actions judged by a Military Court, by comments and manifestations out side the court which condemned him.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is accusing that the government is trying to evict the low income dwellers from Colombo city to sell lands and buildings to Chinese and the rich trying to make Colombo a city of millionaires. Gayantha Gunatilleke of UNP is accusing the government for high cost of coconut, bread, dhal and sugar , and fraudulent means of acquiring a two third majority. Tissa Attanayake of UNP accuses the government for demarcating ward boundaries secretly. Jayalath Jayawardhana is happy that his masters of the West in the IPUHCR will condemn Sri Lanka for violation of the human rights of Sarath Fonseka. Are these politicians of the UNP stooges of the West, or patriots who love their country-Sri Lanka ?

Mangala Samarasinghe accuses the government for “….land grabbing exercise done in collaboration with certain multi-national Chinese companies,” adding that Chinese prisoners are building the Hambantota harbour . He makes accusations without any truth or evidence . He made similar false allegations against the President along with his friend the late Sooriyaarchchi that the President Mahinda Rajapakse had given large sums of money to Prabhakaran.

All these people so blinded by jealousy, anger and disappointment at their losing hope of coming to any sort of political power in the near future, make up false accusations hoping to put the people against the President and the Government.

There are on the other hand the media in various forms carrying out accusations even portraying the President as a“Hitler”. They cannot however, cause serious damage to the government which carries on its development projects despite their “poisonous” vituperations. .

In the meantime the JVP making use of the University students to make manifestations against the government, gives a helping hand to the International Community –the West , awaiting to topple the government of Sri Lanka as they did in the case of Iran under Mossadeq, Chile under Salvadore Allande or Guatamala under Jacobo Arbenz.

Perhaps it would be this “democracy” that would hamper the tremendous development programme put into operation in Sri Lanka by its President and the Government. The people living in the country do not see these unbelievable development that had been taking place in Sri Lanka since 2005, and therefore unable to appreciate it.

These persons, whether they are politicians , Trade unionists, journalists, media, and foreign interferers- who ever they are, if they obstruct the development of the Country as a whole have to be controlled and stopped by an authoritative government beyond the range of an executive Presidency.

Therefore it may perhaps not be too late to shelve “democracy” for some time to go beyond the executive Presidency and put in place a socialist form of a Dictatorship, at least until we have stabilised the present development process. If we were to have a protective shield to keep off foreign interventions, we may keep China and Russia privy to our intentions.

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