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Who is responsible to the fear psychosis of the Tamils in Jaffna ? Are the Tamils in Sri Lanka willing to be Sri Lankans ?

Douglas Devananda had spoken in the Parliament to say about the fear psychosis of the Tamils in Jaffna. With a 30 years of war in the North and uncertainty of life under the terrorists during that time, the fear psychosis is nothing new to Tamils in Jaffna. However, what is “new” is that it follows the elimination of their bane -the terrorism.

This second wave of the “old” fear psychosis with which Devananda says the people in the North are gripped with has come about hardly two years after the elimination of terrorism by the Government Armed Forces consisting of the Sinhala Buddhist Officers and Soldiers.

The report adds that Devananda said the people of the North looked forward to a peaceful environment after the end of the war against terrorist, and now the fear is that north will slip back to violence again.
If that fear had arisen among the people of the North it is interesting to examine who is responsible for this state of affairs ? Who brought about that fear psychosis ?
The moment the terrorism was eliminated the people of the north did not turn to the government to allow it to continue to create an environment of peace , despite the fact that the people of Jaffna were aware of the tremendous development projects the government undertook for their welfare.

The people of Jaffna and those in the East in the succeeding elections after the elimination of terrorists, did not show any gratitude or place any confidence in the government to create the necessary environment of peace that should have naturally come after the thirty years of continued terrorism.

The people of Jaffna and the Tamils of the East instead took to their confidence the very same people that was responsible for the thirty years of their suffering and daily dose of fear psychosis- the lackeys of the terrorists the Tamil National Alliance to provide them a peaceful sanctuary. It is like asking jackals to look after the chicken farm.

It is evident to any fool who had followed the statements of Sambandhan the Leader of the TNA and its MPs through out the terrorism after they were named by the terrorist Prabhakaran to represent the terrorists in Parliament, that the TNA was a part and parcel of Prabhakaran’s terrorist dream. Their existence depended on their extent of servility to the terrorist Prabhakaran. TNA had no voice of its own as they had to run to Kilinochchi every now and then to get Prabhakaran’s approval of their actions and speeches to be made in Parliament.

How could TNA MPs have ever given to the people of Jaffna and the East peace or progress ? Nevertheless, that was the political Party the Tamils in the North and East voted massively dashing the hopes of the Government and the Sinhala people that the Tamils will atlast cooperate with the other communities to ensure terrorist free peaceful future for every Sri Lankan.

The fear psychosis Devananda is reporting to the Parliament , is the making of the Tamil people of the North and East, themselves. There is none to be blamed for the sad state into which they have pushed them selves. The TNA has no other political aim other than that they had been trained in, and brainwashed to follow by the terrorist Prabhakaran.

The TNA stands for division , and separation of the Tamils from the Sinhala people, and they cannot stop terrorism if there is to be another wave of it in Jaffna or the East, as in case terrorism raises its “bloody” head again in Jaffna in what ever way, the TNA will stand by the terrorists as their lackeys, as it is the cause of the terrorists the TNA stands for- that is their raison d’etre.

Devanada had said that he would not embarrass the government internationally by raising the matter in the Parliament. Devananda should not worry, as he does not embarrass the government at all. The Government is aware that any disturbance of peace in the North and East, will automatically be made the responsibility of the Government and Armed forces.
Because as long as things are going well for the Tamils, there would be those from the diaspora, the international Community, and the TNA taking credit for it. But moment things go wrong they will accuse the government for abductions, white vans , murders and now the fear psychosis.

But it is the foreign and local anti government Media, International community, Human Rights Watch, the Amnesty International and the Internal anti-government forces who made an issue of the suspected terrorists kept in separate IDP camps, and demanded their release, who should take full responsibility for what is happening in Jaffna.

The terrorists who escaped during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists, along with the IDPs who were evacuated by the humanitarian mission of the Government armed forces, were rightly separated from the Tamil Civilians and kept in separate camps for security reasons. If the government was left alone to settle all these matters of terrorists things would have been different.

But unfortunately the government had to please these “foreign vultures” out to divide Sri Lanka, and make it a sort of a “banana state” dependent on them. It does not matter to them whether the release of suspected terrorists in camps will affect the country negatively, and that it would be a security risk. The fear psychosis now taking its grip in the North may be the result of this “hasty release” of terrorists who had been kept in separate camps.

These elements moving freely in Jaffna, could still be contacted by the pro terrorist Tamil diaspora, through TNA , and through people like Jehan Perera, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu and rein them in to create an anti government group to cause difficulties to the Government to maintain peace and security in the North. It may be the beginning of another armed group calling for a separate Eelam State.
UNP also had been calling for the release of these suspected terrorists kept in separate IDP camps, and they should also take the responsiblity for the reported fear psychosis in the North.

If peace is to be brought about in the North and East, to avoid the people to be gripped in to another wave of fear psychosis; the Tamils will have to put their trust in the Government and the Sinhala people and become Sri Lankans without seeking a narrow communal existence.

The media in Sri Lanka today is the worst a fast developing country like Sri Lanka could have. A progressive media should work along with the government to unite the communities. After the 30 years of savagery under terrorism what is needed today is to create possibilities of bringing the communities together as Sri Lankans. Instead the media publish all types of contradictory news items without any basis merely to discredit the government. The people are at a loss not knowing what is the correct situation and what is not.

An armed Force that waged a war against terrorist at a greater cost to themselves, is now not going to abduct, kill, or rape the very people they saved from terrorism. The Tamil people should be able to give credit to the armed forces and place their trust in them, otherwise they will not be able to save themselves from their fear , “….. whether their area will be stained with blood again…….” as Devananda stated in Parliament..

In the mean time , a group calling it self, « We Are Sri Lankans’ (WASL) organization backed by the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) » had held the security establishments of the country responsible for the string of abductions taking place in the North that had led to an atmosphere of fear in the area. This is a statement that should not go with out legal action against Udul Premaratne who appears to be behind it. These are the people responsible for the « fear psychosis » in the North and they should be stopped before they cause further damage.

The Jaffna Tamils should at least now learn to take the Armed Forces into their confidence. It is they who can provide security and drive the fear psychosis away from their minds. There should be more Army Camps in the North and East and also a mixture of other communities living in these areas to ascertain peace and security.
Tamils should be willing to become Sri Lankans.

Tamils will not be a part of Sri Lanka as long as they refuse to integrate with other communities to become Sri Lankans. If Tamils stand aloof participating in narrow Communal politics associating with TNA and their political objectives they cannot be Sri Lankans a part entieres . They will then be a race with one leg in India and the other in Sri Lanka.

There are Tamils in Tamil Nadu. There are Tamils in Malaysia. There are Tamils in Sri Lanka. Tamils in Tamil Nadu are Indians, Tamils in Malaysia are Malaysians. But the Tamils in Sri Lanka refuse to be Sri Lankans, they still want to be Tamils..

The Tamils in Sri Lanka should accept to be Sri Lankans before they make any demands. The Sinhala the majority do not want to give any rights to the Tamils, but they are ready to share their rights with other Communities including the Tamils, if they give up their narrow Communal identity to identify themselves with all communities as Sri Lankans.

The Tamils do not want to integrate with the Sinhala because of their inane inferiority complex. The Tamils find strength in the “ we Tamils” complex. That is again the reason why they want a Tamil homeland so that they can feel strong being among themselves.

It is only in giving up their call for a homeland and integrating with other communities as Sri Lankans that they will be real patriots of their motherland -Sri Lanka, sharing every thing with their compatriots..
The Sinhala, who ask Tamils to come and become one with them are not racists. Nor are they supremacists or Chauvinists. Those are the name callings of un Sri Lankan Tamil racists.

The Tamils of the Diaspora are not Sri Lankans because they were born to Tamil parents. They will be Sri Lankans only if they begin to love Sri Lanka with all its communities without demanding a separate Tamil homeland. Their cultural and mental make up do not have any resemblance to the Tamils in Sri Lanka, therefore they should convert themselves to become Sri Lankans.

The Tamils joining hands with the Sinhala and other communities to become Sri Lankans will also be saved from any fear psychosis as the other communities will be there to rally together to dispel their fear and give them patriotic affection.

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