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Rahul Gandhi from Indra Gandhi Clan, calls for Justice for Tamils in Sri Lanka while Dalits are being burnt alive in India.

A Dalit woman awaits her daughter anxiously at the door. Photo by : Danielle Da Silva

Rahul Gandhi the Congress Leader tries out his ancestral inheritance of interfering into political affairs of Sri Lanka, apparently imbibed into his gene system, even before reaching political maturity.

In his delayed rebellious adolescence he tries out a dangerous manly statement which may have dangerous consequences saying "….We are concerned that enough is not being done for Sri Lankan Tamils by the government there," adding that he would take up the matter with "appropriate persons" at the Centre and see that Sri Lankan Tamils got justice.” His pompous declaration shows that he is no where near political maturity.

Rahul Gandhi should look around him and first try putting his own house in order, before looking through his looking glasses into Sri Lanka to concern himself of what is going on there.

So far Sri Lanka has managed itself well, and since 2005, even better than India. It has successfully fought a ruthless terrorism, rescuing in a most daring humanitarian rescue mission ever undertaken by any Armed Force anywhere in the world, bringing to safety around 300000 Tamil civilians forcibly kept under despicably degrading conditions as a human shield by the Tamil terrorists.

Rahul Gandhi’s uncalled for statement becomes all the more deplorable in the context of what is taking place under his very nose in the country of which he is the President of the ruling political party.

Unfortunately for India Rahul Gandhi does not show any interest in those important issues, the phantoms of the past still troubling a “developing” Indian society, for selfish reasons of his own, and instead he is feigning an interest in the Tamils of Sri Lanka to satisfy the TamilNadu political supporters.

Avinash Pandey Samar, Dalit, India, Worldview had filed the following report,
“The ghoulish killings of two Dalit girls in Moradabad, an industrial town not far away from the national capital Delhi, is yet another reminder of almost everyday recurrence of attacks on Dalit communities in India. They encompass, also the grim truth of the complete failure of the Indian state in containing, leave aside eradicating, violence committed against the Dalit communities. The incident is a sad indicator to the reality concerning the exceptional collapse of the rule of law institutions in the country.

The incident happened on 19 December. On that day, an angry mob burnt alive two young girls aged 25 and 22. The mother of the girls alleged that they were also raped by the mob. The crime they had committed to meet this ghastly fate was nothing more than the fact that they were Dalits and were sisters to two brothers accused in a double murder case. One of the brothers is absconding while the other, a sweeper by profession, is already in police custody.”

The failure to establish Dalits as respectable citizens of a democratic India is still a dark smear despite India’s effort to be the rising star of Asia.
Is Rahul Gandhi aware of the crimes committed against the Dalits which have not received attention of the government with the police colliding to mitigate the offences? When Rahul speaks of justice to Sri Lanka Tamils he should ask himself, why he should not call for justice for the Dalits in his own India ?
i) in Khairlanji a Dalit family is butchered for aspiring to escape the age-old dehumanisation forced on them.
ii) in Gohana a whole community of Dalits find their houses burnt, their property looted and themselves chased out of their village for wanting to live a life with dignity.
iii) in Jhajjar the Dalits were lynched on the suspicion of trading in cows and the survivors listened to a proud proclamation of the president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, that the lives of cows are more important than that of the Dalits.
iv) in Madurai, human excreta is forced down the throats of Dalits for committing the crime of refusing to obey the orders of the 'twice-born'
v) in Chakwada, Rajasthan a secular government orders its police to open fire upon a Dalit procession that was asserting their right to drink from a common pond,

Mr.Avinash Pandey Samar in his report to World View writes in conclusion:
“ This despicable failure of the Indian state in ensuring justice to one fifth of its population is not just a simple breakdown, but is a criminal dereliction of duty and violates the constitutional premise of legitimacy for any government to operate. A government that does not care for such a large proportion of its population cannot be expected to do justice to the rest, irrespective of caste or other denominators. Had India been a true democracy having a functioning rule of law setup, an event as gruesome as it happened on 19 December would not have happened. That it happened in this self-proclaimed largest democracy of the world proves that democracy and the rule of law are mere delusions in India.”

Does Rahul Gandhi still think that seeking to get justice done to Tamils in Sri Lanka is more important than the justice denied to Dalits in his own country where he is the leader of the Governing Party ?

In Sri Lanka the Tamils whether they are of lower caste or IDPs in shelters are not treated in the manner the great India treats its Dalit population. Rahul Gandhi should be ashamed to call himself the political leader of a country which despite having the atomic bomb and adventured in to the satellite age has still failed to treat its own people with dignity, as human beings, and offer justice, sympathy, and generosity what ever their caste , class or profession.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi before he ventures out to imprint his seal of importance in world politics should climb out of the dark well of Indian politics to see what actually is happening in his India which is stepping out to promote its importance as an emerging leader in Asia. A great leader would not seek popularity interfering into the internal affairs of a Sovereign State without paying attention to more urgent needs of its own people. For the Dalit population who are treated less than the animals in India , a new concept of political reality has to be imposed by this young aspirant for leadership of the Indian Nation, before crying for justice for other people else where.

Rahul Ghandhi should as a respect to the name he bears, which reminds of the Great Mahatma Gandhi , should begin by assuring that all its citizens no matter their caste or creed is treated as equals before the law. This other Ghandi Clan has been more interfering a lot , conniving with terrorist criminals to divide the nearby Island of Sri Lanka. The Indian expansionist dream began with Indira Gandhi , which was continued by Rajiv Gandhi who made the supreme sacrificed in his misplaced political adventurism.

Rahula Gandhi’s grand mother Indra Gandhi created the terrosists for Sri Lanka with which it was burdened for 30 years, and Rahul’s father Rajiv Gandhi trespassed into Sri Lanka air corridors to drop “parippu” to sieged terrorists in 1987 thus interrupting a decisive military operation against terrorism by the Sri Lanka Government Forces.

Rajiv Gandhi continued thereafter to impose the Indian Army as a peace keeping force and forced a na├»ve UNP president to accept as conditions to maintain peace, the merge of North and East and introduce the 13 amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka. This gave a new “amunution” to 13 percent Tamils already asking for equal rights with the Sinhala, to demand instead the establishment of a separate Eelam State.
Rahuls Mother Sonia Ghandhi as the Leader of the Congress party also playing to the tune of the Tamil Nadu asked the Indian Government not to sell arms and ammunition to the Sri Lanka Government when requests were made by the Government of Sri Lanka during the military operations against the terrorists.

To this Sri Lanka which has already been callously interfered into by his clan , Rahul Gandhi seems to be making his political “debut” of interference by appealing to the “Centre” to get justice to Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Rahul Gandhi should know that his “ centre “to which he has appealed , has failed yet to do justice in Jammu and Kashmir. The People of your borderlands are suffering from the bombardments of American Forces, running after an Al Qaida, and Talibans. You have to wake up to problems with Pakistan. Relations are gating stale with Sikh population in Punjab.

Rahul Gandhi has to wake up to other things than getting justice done to the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The latest I read is that the still “left over” terrorists after the leadership sank dead into Nandikadal are gathering somewhere in India, and they have the names of the Prime Minister and Karunanidhi in their death list. In the meantime in Orissa and Andrapradesh the Maoist movement is gathering force. There is trouble brewing in Punjab. Your relations with Pakistan has to be re-established. Pakistan is not “breeding” terrorists, if the terrorists occupies some parts of Pakistan. If the terrorists are hiding in the border villages of Pakistan, you cannot say Pakistan is harbouring terrorists.

You have to think of some means to bring the two governments India and Pakistan on to a civilised track of discussing the problems and settling them on friendly terms. Such an arrangement will help both countries economically and socially and maintain a more peaceful relationship . Such a move by Rahul Gandhi will make him a National hero. That would be a far better investment than his attempt to get justice done for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Tamils in Sri Lanka is not Rahul Gandhi’s problem it is the problem for the President of Sri Lanka which he is quite capable settling, as he has so far settled greater problems with out any “young brat” from India or his “ centre”, having to prompt him what he should do.

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