Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ban Ki Moon’s advisory panel failed to accuse Terrorist Front Organizations of Tamil diaspora, for aiding and abetting terrorism in Sri Lanka

Fast unto Death or Self Immolation demanding Ban Ki Moon to withdraw his advisory Panel report is only giving importance to a foolish man’s attempt to bring a sovereign state to its knees either to satisfy his “ masters ” who ever they are, or to assert a stupid sense of self importance because he thinks he is the Secretary General of an International Organization, and his decisions are sacrosanct. This is what happens when the wrong man is given responsibility which he is « too small » to hold.

Ban Ki Moon is a person who will not care even if the whole of the people in Sri Lanka were to self immolate. He will not move a finger to change the stupid stand he has taken, because it is for him his “ self esteem” that is at stake.

Therefore it is important that the President is made aware of these extremes to which our people are ready to go for the sake of the country, and it should not be allowed to happen as it is not the right thing to do. And it will also not change Ban Ki Moon from what he is determined to do.

We can nevertheless understand the anger that is rising in us, as it is we who suffered for 30 years under ruthless terrorism. It was our people , our mothers, our sister, our brothers and our children who were massacred by the terrorists.

It was thanks to our Armed Forces that we were able to rid terrorism from Sri Lanka. It was the terrorists that violated all shades of human rights and Ban Ki Moon’s panel accusing the terrorists and leaving it at that, is the most ridiculous as it had recommended no action for the « violation of human rights » and massacre of men, women and children by the terrorists . The advisory panel had overlooked the essential.

Though the terrorists have been eliminated the Tamil diaspora continues to keep alive the terrorism calling for the division of Sri Lanka which was the object of the terrorists. Therefore for any right thinking investigator, though the terrorists are not their to answer accusations against them, their rump the Tamil diaspora is there and they are as much responsible for the acts of the terrorists as the terrorists themselves were responsible.

Therefore the Ban Ki Moon’s advisory panel should have held the terrorist front organizations of the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora responsible for the crimes committed by the terrorists and recommended that they should be taken before a tribunal for aiding and abetting terrorism in Sri Lanka, making them directly responsible for the deaths massacres and material destruction committed by the terrorists, as they were the contributors for the purchase of destructive arms which the terrorists turned against the innocent people

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces had no alternative in the face of terrorism that had been let loose but take a military solution. Therefore the panel if it was intelligent should have seen that that the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed forces did what it was compelled to do to protect its people and its country, and the country should now be left alone to carry on its process of communal reconciliation.

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