Monday, 25 April 2011

Magicians who make Governments of third world countries terrorists, and terrorists of these countries Governments.

In Libya to day the Colonel Gaddafi the Leader of the Sovereign State of Libya is being hunted by America, France and UK ,as a vulgar terrorists accusing him of dropping cluster bombs to kill his people . And unheard of Libyan expatriates had been assembled in a hurry by Nicolas Sarkozy the French President, to recognize them as the Libyan Government in exile to represent the “terrorirst” rebels in Bengazi. That is the Magic of Nicolas Sarkozy making a Leader of a Sovereign State a terrorist overnight to recognize the “terrorists” rebels in Libya as a Government.

At the beginning of the Western “terrorism “ against Libya on Saturday, 19 March, 2011 incidentally the eighth anniversary of the start of the American war in Iraq, with the UN Sanction to keep the Libyan air space free, the Americans commenced the Operation Odyssey Dawn with the US Destroyer USS Barry launching Tomahawk Missiles at Libyan target,. while the British planes used Stormshadow Missiles on yet other Libyan targets.

Few hours later British and American War ships had launched more than 110 tomahawk missiles targeting Libyan Government air defenses around Tripoli and Mistrata In which « unconfirmed » reports stated 48 people mostly children had been killed and 150 wounded.

Barrack Obama calling from Brazil explained "This is not an outcome the U.S. or any of our partners sought,…..We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy."

The majority of the Libyan people does not call Colonel Gaddafi a “tyrant” and it is only a disgruntled few in Bengazi who rose against Colonel Gaddafi. Naturally the Leader of the Nation of Libya could not show mercy to a handful of “terrorists” trying to create chaos in Bengazi against him putting in danger the lives of his people in the country. Hence the stern warning.

For the International Community a Leader of the Sovereign State of Libya becomes overnight a tyrant, because a handful of so called rebels- in reality armed terrorists rise against the Libyan regime, without an apparent “leadership” calling for a change of government.

The Libyan Leader reacted declaring his intention to face the Western aggression by arming his people, which is a correct move to defend his country and his people loyal to him.

The three nations America, France and UK started their “ terrorism” against Libya firing cruise missiles from several American destroyers- USS Barry, USS Stout and three submarines USS Providence, USS Scranton, and USS Florida along with the British Submarine- Westminster.

After all these reckless bombardments into a people in Libya about whom neither the Americans, nor the French nor the British knew or cared to know any thing about, an anti Gaddafi American blogger said, “…but this was 100% necessary, because Gaddafi would have no qualms at dropping missiles onto the heads of his own people if he needed to.”

The world other than these, “ three “ aggressive leaders, does not know that Colonel Gaddafi ever dropped any bombs on his own people or believe he would ever do so. This Western notion comes from their ignorance of the cultural make up of a people, which in Arab countries is an intense tribalism with an unflagging loyalty to its leader..

The three Leaders of America, France and UK on the pretext of keeping the air space of Libya free with all those warships and planes and undeclared number of missiles targeting Tripoli, Mistrata and Bengazi may have certainly dropped many bombs on the heads of Libyans who do not matter very much to them ( unlike Gaddafi who loves them as his people.)

The strategy of the Western trio is to weaken the Libyan Leader and strengthen the terrorist rebels in Bengazi, and create other groups of terrorist rebels in other parts of Libya. The death of the Libyans is not their immediate concern , but their immediate concern is to subdue Gaddafi and force him out of Libya so that they will become the masters to decide on the exploitation and distribution of the Libyan oil fields.

They ascertain that there would be no occupation of Libya by American Soldiers , but only strategic strikes would be pursued to weaken Gaddafi against the rebel fighters- that is to weaken a Leader of a Sovereign State against “ a terrorist” rebel force, supported of course by the Western Imperialists.

In fact this is how the Indian RAW trained a group of Tamil youth to become terrorists in Sri Lanka.

President Barrack Obama was my favourite politician. I thought he would be able to, give the American people a political system hitherto unknown, where peace would rein, crime among the young would be eliminated, the poor Americans will benefit by the implementation of his progressive political ideology. I thought he will put an end to American aggressive confrontational foreign policies.

The Americans vote for his election as the President was a vote to end wars, to stop sacrificing its youth hunting “ invisible terrorists “ in foreign lands away from home in a war of vengeance and hatred , to bring back the war weary American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan leaving those countries to organize their own security and protection..

But today he has deceived those Americans who voted him to replace a “war crazy” Bush administration with a peace loving, people friendly administration. He has instead engaged himself in another war in Libya, falsely declaring that no American soldier will be deployed in Libya but using 5 destroyers and submarines and launching innumerable missiles and bombs commencing another unending war in Libya following two European leaders who have lost their popularity amoung their people and their r-elections seriously in doubt.

It is time that the President Barrack Obama at least now give the American people and the World looking for a sane leadership in America a “new hope- Yes we can” regime change. America instead of seeking to destroy civilian life by incessant bombardment of “unseen” terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, should turn within to provide effective control inside America to prevent America being targeted for attacks by terrorists coming from outside. America could then utilize the valuable lives of American youth for the development of the country instead of letting their red American blood soak into unfriendly foreign soil..

The President Barrack Obama should at least now maintain his image of a sane leader aware of the suffering of the people, who could use his ability of elocution to created a New America seeking to settle serious problems the world is confronted with today in dialogue and peace negotiations rather than bulldozing the world with bombs and missiles.

Aggression will be replied with aggression and that would not take any one any where. A sane leadership is where the leader has the ability to remain undisturbed in the face of arrogance and be peaceful and speak a language different from that of the aggressor. It is that way the President Barrack Obama could settle disputes not only in Libya, but also in North Korea, Iran, or elsewhere. He should be able to bring aggressive leaders in Europe to his way of thinking.

The present military confrontation in Libya is simply arrogance in search of benefits for the West and not at all in the interest of the people of Libya. Therefore the Wastern aggression in Libya should be stopped and allow the Libyan leader to settle problems in his own way. Presidents of European countries should look after their own people without trying to settle matters in other countries which should best be allowed to be decide by them.

The West could give advice and propose technical aid to developing countries. It is underdevelopment that causes multifarious problems in developing countries and what they want from the International Community is Assistance for development and progress not war in support of rebellious elements who will if pampered by the West become terrorists.

Some of the leaked Guantanamo files give terrifying insight into savagery of American interrogation of captives. The following website reveals unbelievable violation of human rights about which none of the human rights activists or the Amnesty International had probed into, as they seem to care more about the “ethnic “problem in Sri Lanka.

It is hoped that wisdom would prevail and Libya would be left alone to solve its problem.

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