Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ban Ki Moon should withdraw his Panel Report on Sri Lanka, in the face of continued “terrorism “ of USA, France and UK” against the people of Libya. P

While Ban Ki Moon awaits Sri Lanka Government’s reaction to his advisory Panel’s Report “Democracy” is being ridiculed under his very nose by the powers to which he has become a stooge- USA, France and UK.

In the most scandalous manner in which the terrorist leader of Al Qaida Osama bin Laden was murdered, USA, France and UK managed to divert the attention of the world from the other scandal in which they are engaged in since the 19 March,2011- the attempting to murder Colonel Gaddafi the Leader of the Sovereign State of Libya. This “war” they started with Ban Ki Moon’s apparent connivance, which was the getting of the sanction of the UN Security Council to keep free the air space in Libya against air attacks in Bengazi.

Ban Ki Moon seems no doubt in connivance, because the sanction of the UN Security Council was deviated to a war to murder Colonel Gaddafi. If Ban Ki Moon was genuinely unaware of the “murder plan” of the USA, France and UK , he should have called for a meeting of the Security Council the moment the USA bombed Libya, (killing many civilians and recently even killing the youngest son of Colonel Gaddafi, Saif al-Arab Gadhafi and two of his little children in an inhuman bombardment), to demand these “ murderers” to stop bombardments in Libya.

But even to-day after many bombs have been blasted and many a civilians have been killed in Libya Ban Ki Moon as the Secretary General of UNO has not moved his finger to stop this illegal bombardment by USA, France and UK.

If Ban Ki Moon has any sense of priority, and knows his duties and responsibilities as the Secretary General of the UN, he should have withdrawn his Advisory Panel Report on Sri Lanka and concentrated on what action he should take against the “terrorism “ that is being practiced by USA, France and UK against the people of Libya, and USA Special Force’s infringement of the international Laws in entering the Sovereign State of Pakistan without its consent, to murder an unarmed terrorist.

Again, Ban Ki Moon has to withdraw his Panel Report on Sri Lanka as it would otherwise be a paradox in comparison to military operations by USA, France and UK against a innocent people in Libya.

Sri Lanka was within its right to wage military operations in its own country against a group of terrorists creating mayhem in the Northern and Eastern parts of its own country . But the USA, France and UK are bombarding another country, which is not theirs and killing innocent people of that country. That is “terrorism” by the International Community.

If there were deaths and massacres in the last phase of the military operations of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the terrorists, they were inevitable as massacres of civilians had been what the terrorists were up to during thirty years of terrorism, and the shooting at the terrorists by the Government Armed Forces was to finish with terrorism and their massacres of the innocent, and end the suffering of the Tamil civilians.

The Ban Ki Moon’s Panel report does not give the whole picture of the ground situation at that particular phase of the military operations of the Armed Forces against the terrorists. It gives only those hearsay material provided to the Panel by the LTTE Front Organizations of the Tamil Diaspora, those information given by Navi Pillai, and those culled from the numerous terrorist supportive websites like the Tamil Net, and the web site of the Tamil Sangam.

The Ban Ki Moon advisory Panel report should be withdrawn , as there are other factors which the Advisory Panel had not taken into consideration before coming to certain of their conclusions, without which there report remains “irrelevant and incomplete”.

The Advisory Panel had gone into investigate the crimes committed by the terrorists, and violation of human rights by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces , without investigating the humanitarian activities carried out by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces during the height of the military operations, such as the rescue operations of three hundred thousand Tamil Civilians. That itself puts in to shade the accidental deaths that may have occurred in the cross fire between the terrorists and the Government Armed Forces.

The Ban Ki Moon Advisory Panel report should be with drawn, as the Panel had failed to examine and take into account the mental state of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and that of the terrorists , in coming to the conclusion who it was capable in that very crucial stage to act with humanitarian considerations , and who it was capable of shooting indiscriminately at any one with the only consideration of saving its own skin.

You cannot of course speak of investigating who was fighting with human rights consideration in his mind in a “war” against terrorists. And “stuff” like human rights, their violation, what is legal, and what is illegal are not in the mind of a soldier fighting a war against terrorist without any assurance of coming alive out of it. Demanding whether there was any violation of human right in such a situation, makes human rights a ridiculous concept.

The desire to know the mental state of the “fighters” should have been at the core of the advisory panel’s investigation.

It was otherwise easy to go by the figures, statistics, information of number of buildings bombarded, how many hospitals have been shot at, how many dead bodies were strewn about on the sandy beaches etc., and come to the conclusion that both sides- the terrorists and the Armed Forces had killed masses of people , some say 40,000, another says 20,000.

Even with those figures there are the questions that have to be asked.

Who really counted the bodies ? Were they all dead bodies they counted or some dead and others wounded ? Were they of the civilians, were they of the terrorists , or were they of the soldiers ?

Then, there are more questions to ask.

Who went round in that terrible situation, where bullets were wheezing past, where there was a din of noise of shooting, blasting, incoherent shouting of the people caught in the frenzy of the moment , crying of children , screaming of women , people running for their lives, soldiers taking cover, or reaching out to help an old woman, or a child, …. Who went round , with a pad in hand to take notes of people dead and strewn on the ground and finally say there were 40, 000 civilians dead ?

Were they all killed by the shooting of the terrorists and the Armed Forces or were some of them killed in the stampede of 300,000 or so civilians running away from being the human-shields of the terrorist to finally be saved by the Army Soldiers doing their best to rescue them unhurt ? Were they all killed by the Armed Forces or some killed by the Armed Forces and others by the terrorists ?

For an advisory Panel to come to a conclusion whether there was any violation of human rights by the Government Armed Forces (or the terrorists), those “dry “ information unfortunately do not provide the essential information.

The essential information comes from investigating the psychological make up, the mental state of the fighters in a situation like it was happening in a last ditch fight in a “war” to save their lives at any cost, or fight unto death by one party, and fight with responsibility, to save oneself, not to kill the wrong person, and save another in need of help.

It is the investigation of the psychological state at the time of the “soldiers” on the one hand and the “terrorists” on the other” during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists which would enable one to understand who would have been able to distinguish one as an enemy, and the other as an innocent civilian, child, or a woman, and avoid the innocent, and shoot at the enemy.

The Ban Ki Moon Panel should have taken into consideration this mental state of the “fighters” to conclude whether it was the Government Forces that violated human rights at that crucial phase of time or the terrorists. ( in the case of terrorists their mental state is that of terrorists all the time) . But the Ban Ki Moon Panel had failed to take that important aspect in to consideration, therefore their report is incomplete and incoherent, and should be withdrawn.

Going back to the “terrorism” of the International Community, for which Ban Ki Moon has not appointed an Advisory Panel to investigate whether there is violation of Human rights. USA, France and UK have no right to continue their bombardment in Libya, as they haven’t got the sanction for bombardment from the Security Council.

USA said they will not deploy troops on ground, but there was an article in the New York Herald Tribune of 21 April, 2011 written by C.J.Chivers –“The will, but not the means to fight a war “.

It has been said that the Benghazi “rebels” have arms but cannot use them and they are disorganized and incapable of fighting against the armies of Colonel Gaddafi . Therefore the NATO is proposing to send a group of advisors to form the rebel army.

Now the question is, has that been sanctioned by the UN Security Council ? The West with NATO is fighting an illegal war, and Ban Ki Moon should call a meeting of the UN Security Council to demand USA, France and UK to stop further involvement in Libya either to bombard or to help the so called “liberation” army which is no more than “terrorists” helped by USA, France and UK.

If Ban Ki Moon is not prepared to do that, he will be aiding and abetting “ Terrorrism of USA, France, and UK” ( which is same as state terrorism – which was coined by some human rights activists).

He therefore forfeits the to right call the Government of Sri Lanka to answer the “false” allegations of the Ban Ki Moon Panel, which is also called the Darusman Panel Report.

Ban Ki Moon should therefore withdraw immediately his Advisory Panel Report on the investigation of violation of human rights by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka during the last phase of military operations against terrorist.

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