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Brad Adams, if violation of Human Rights is your interest, turn your attention to what USA,France and UK are doing in Libya

Lt.-Col. Sylvain Menard, right, stands amid laser-guided bombs used to enforce a UN no-fly zone over Libya, as he talks with, from right, Gen. Walter J. Natynczyk, Ambassador James Fox, Col. Donald Denne and Chief Petty Officer First Class Robert Cléroux during a visit to the Canadian detachment based out of Trapani, Italy. (Canadian Forces Combat Camera)

Brad Adams is a prejudiced individual who is unable to see things objectively, therefore the Human Rights Watch of which he is the Director for Asia, cannot be any thing but anti progressive, reactionary, and far from seeking human welfare, despite its boastful label “ Human Rights Watch”. It only “watches “ the interest of some groups and countries, and seeks to deliberately discredit and weaken the developing countries meaninglessly throwing disparaging remarks on matters it is ignorant about and even refuses to understand.

All these Western human rights activists, including Brad Adams human rights watch are not interested in the specially coloured ethnic community any where in the world, they are working as paid employees. They work with Western Governments, and their primary interest is to give credit not to a government that fights terrorism but to the “terrorists” in defense. Of their cause.

For them terrorism as long as it does not affect them is a “ rebellion” and the terrorists, “ the rebels”. Therefore, in supporting the “rebel cause” they condemn the government, invariably a developing country which they would like to keep in the “ Western Orbit” with a “puppet” government set up by them.

The West and individuals of the West like Brad Adams, think that only those of the West or an Institution even partly composed with persons from the West, could give « enlightened » information and make authoritative, acceptable investigations, on any matter, technical, military or humanitarian. They do not accept any person however qualified coming from a country outside the Western orbit is capable of making valid contributions on such issues.

How long are we willing to accept this myth they have created- only a White man takes a correct decision ?

We see that with the Ban Ki Moon’s Panel. Its report is taken as more acceptable well examined and credible than a report from the Committee appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka the LLRC which met and interviewed the actually affected people. The Committee consisted of a member from the Tamil community.

Where as Ban Ki Moon’s panel consisted of an Indonesian, South African and an American. None of them had visited Sri Lanka nor interviewed people from the areas that were affected by terrorism in Sri Lanka. But yet the West is making use of that report as giving the correct ground situation of the final phase of the military operations against the terrorists in Sri Lanka.

The West could go on only statements recorded or photographs produced by persons, journalists, NGO representatives, and other Westerners who happened to be in the terrorist controlled areas who were sympathetic to the cause of the terrorists. What they provide are doubtful evidence as far as Sri Lanka is concerned. Such as those video clips by the UK Channel 4.

Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that eliminated terrorist who had been defying the government Armed Forces, fighting gun in hand unto the last. Even Osman bin Laden the leader of the Al Qaida who mounted terrorism in America in September 11th, 2001, was not a terrorist with a gun in his hands, like Prabhakaran the leader of the terrorists in Sri Lanka, when he was “murdered” by the Joint Special Operations Command of the America’s “mighty” military machinery. They not only murdered the unarmed Osman bin Laden but also killed his innocent wife who defended him standing helplessly in front of him.

What has the great Humanitarian Brad Adams pretends he is, got to say about the assassination of unarmed Osman Bin Laden and his wife on the night of 1 May, 2011 of which the former President Bush of USA said “…….a "momentous achievement" that "marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world, and for all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.

"I congratulated him and the men and women of our military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to this mission. They have our everlasting gratitude. The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done."

That Brad Adams was on the 1st May, 2011, of which you have apparently nothing to say, but you are accusing the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for what happened two years ago, and for killing terrorists who were facing the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka with guns in hand.

Yes, Mr. Brad Adams our well disciplined Armed Forces in their rightful duty of defending the country and its people against a ruthless group of terrorists, rescuing at the same time a milling mass of civilians running pell-mell, away from the terrorists who had kept them as a human shield, shot and killed the terrorists to the last one of them to finally end the suffering of a whole population, of a whole country that had been going on for thirty long years.

Nor Brad Adams, nor Ban Ki Moon, nor Navi Pillai, nor Louise Arbour, nor Yolanda Foster accusing Sri Lanka Armed Forces for violation of human rights in its military operations against terrorism will ever understand the tearful suffering and condition of the people of Sri Lanka living every day in fear of painful death to one self , a husband, a wife, a brother or a sister returning after work , or a son or a daughter returning from school, from the blast of a bomb set by a black terrorist bomber, in a bus, a train or on the way side.

Sri Lanka is a nation that was sitting on a « terrorist bomb » for thirty years, watching the deaths, murders and assassinations , until the President Mahinda Rajapakse took over the rein of government and with determination to end the suffering of the people and the possible breaking away of the country, inspired the Armed Forces to wipe out terrorism for good. And our valiant soldiers faced almost « certain death » against a well equipped group of terrorists who would stop at nothing to kill and massacre soldiers or innocent civilians to set up their dream Eelam State, and yet despite all those odds won the battle against terrorism.

But the West, did not took time off to evaluate the ability of a small sovereign nation with an Armed Force with a minimum of military power, but maximum of courage winning against terrorism, but began almost immediately accusing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for war crimes in the elimination of terrorism.

Of Course our Armed Forces are capable of sharing their “know-how “ acquired after that terrible experience with other nations who may have a similar situation.

While you Brad Adams, were sitting in your comfortable chair in a spacious room in your cozy comfort, dictating to a elegant secretary information you had read in journals or gathered from else where a draft report trying to accuse Sri Lanka Armed Forces in best possible English, you could not have imagined the suffering of the Sri Lanka soldiers- crawling their way in reptile infested forests taking cover from bullets of the hiding terrorists, having had no proper meal for days, drenched in rain, wading neck deep in flooded muddy waters, seeing some of their comrades swept away in the flooded water, climbing earth bunds where they were sitting ducks for terrorist guns.

It is that experience they lived and strategies they set that finally resulted in victory over terrorism that they wish to share with other nations who may find themselves in a similar situation. For that Brad Adams they should be congratulated for their initiative which is a generous and thoughtful contribution in the global war against terrorism.

But mean as Brad Adams as the Director of the Human Rights Watch makes a deplorable statement informing the 54 countries invited to attend the « Seminar on Defeating Terrorism : The Sri Lanka Experience » organized by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, that « Governments should decline the invitation to attend a Sri Lankan military conference that seeks to legitimize the unlawful killing of thousands of civilians during the armed conflict with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).”

This Brad Adams the vicious man he is, has further added accusing Sri Lanka, that "Sri Lanka's self-proclaimed ‘model' of counterinsurgency included repeatedly shelling civilians, targeting hospitals, and trying to prevent the world from finding out about it," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. "This conference is nothing more than a public relations exercise to whitewash abuses. No professional, law-abiding military should take part in this farce." This is a despicable pronouncement of his ignorance of the reality.

Brad Adam’s negative reaction to a worthy cause is reprehensible. It is still more deplorable as he as the Director of Human Rights, is commenting on a war against real terrorists that was successfully fought and won, and which is already history, refuses to see the violation of human rights and breach of all legal norms under his very nose TODAY in Libya, by USA, France and UK using their powerful NATO armed forces.

NATO War Planes targetting many places in Libya

Brad Adams is it not naïve on your part to speak about, “…accountability for abuses, from the Sri Lankan government ……..” instead of demanding for accountability for currently continuing abuses of violation of human rights in Libya by USA, France , UK combined military operation and the NATO operations since 31 March,2011” on the one hand, and for the “murder “ of an unarmed Osman bin Laden and his wife in Abbottabad in Pakistan by the Joint Special Operations Command of the USA, on the other.

Brad Adams do you know that UN Security Council Resolution 1973 was only for surveying the air space over Bengazi, and not to bombard Libya. But immediately after the bombardments commenced on Libya by the USA, France and UK Forces President Barrack Obama “asked colonel Gaddafi the Leader of Libya a sovereign State to leave Libya. Is that the democracy you seem to support ?

Do you know Brad Adams that France and Italy had said that they would join Britain to send Military Liaison Officers to support the rebel army (Libyan terrorists) on the ground in Libya to support the insurgency leader (a puppet of the West) (International Herald Tribune 21.4.2011 reported by Steven Erlanger) ?

It is also reported that , “Reinforcing that view American Officials disclosed Wednesday that the Obama Administration planned to give the Libyan opposition Dollars 25 million in nonlethal assistance in what would be the first direct US aid to the rebels.”

Does not all that amount to indirectly deploying French, Italian and UK and USA soldier on the ground ? Did they get UNSC Sanction for that ?

If not in not reminding the USA, France and UK that they are acting in contravention of the UNSecurity Council Resolution 1973, and that they should stop further involvement in Libya, Ban Ki Moon, SGUN is in fact aiding and betting in a war by Western military powers in Libya ?

Despite the UN Security Council Sanction under Resolution 1973, was only to control the Libyan air space not to bomb Libya or deploy a foreign army on ground, Cameron the Prime Minister of UK had boasted "extremely skilful and dangerous" work of airmen who have targeted dictator Muammar Gaddafi's forces while "doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties".

They had dropped 2600 bombs in Libya and are we to accept Cameron’s word that no civilians had been killed, when we have reliable information that it was the NATO bombardments that killed Colonel Gaddafi’s youngest son and his two children.

Brad Adams as the Director of the Human Rights Watch (Asia), you should request Ban Ki Moon UNSG to call a special sitting of the Security Council to demand USA, France and UK NATO Forces to stop bombarding the Libyan people and stop handing over the Libyan Oil fields in Bengazi to French Total and British Petroleum Companies. Both bombardment and taking over oil wells are an abuse of the sanction granted by the UNSC under its Resolution No.1973.

Canada refuses to say how many bombs they have dropped in Libya , but it has been reported that, « Curiously, the (Canadian) military has just published -- publicly -- a request to buy 1,300 new $100,000 laser-guided bombs, reportedly all for use in the Libyan campaign. So, Canadians might not know how many bombs have already been dropped, but they know how many more could be on their way. »

Libyan people have not revolted against their Leader Colonel Gaddafi , it was only when a few disgruntled men in Bengazzi followed a campaign against the Libyan government imitating their neighbours in Tunisia and Egypt, that France seized the opportunity to call them Libyan rebels revolting against Colonel Gaddaffi and recognised a few Libyans in France as a provisional Government and got together with USA, and UK to bombard Libya with the intention of killing or chasing away Colonel Gaddafi and place a puppet government in place to exploit the Libyan Oil fields. Their rallying call was defending the revolting Libyans in Bengazi. There was in fact a talk about France, USA and UK opening embassies in the rebelled control areas in Bengazzi.

Are the developing Nations –Sovereign States, safe from the “terrorism” that is being deployed by the West, which in Libya is not in reality to defend the people, but to rid a Leader of a sovereign state whose presence derange the International Community, and set up a puppet government to benefit from the rich oil fields of Libya ?

Brad Adams speaking about Sri Lanka you said that, “ …. But these lessons will not be learned as long as the Sri Lankan government distorts the truth and tries to keep its atrocities hidden."

Brad Adams you should swallow your own words if you cannot admit that it is the USA, France and UK Governments that « distort the truth and try to keep their atrocities hidden."

Brad Adams, if you are genuinely interested in Human Rights, it should not only be the human rights of the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka you should be interested , but also the human rights of the Libyan people who are at the moment in need of help to stop the “ terrorism of the USA, France and UK”

The elimination of terrorists in Sri Lanka has turned out to be a gold mine for many, the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, diverse journalists, Websites, are the primary beneficiaries, and then the Authors writing fiction and non-fiction. Long live accusations for the employment of some Westerners and writing of books by others all sympathetic towards the terrorists of Sri Lanka, and accusing the brave soldiers of the most humanitarian Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.

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