Sunday, 11 September 2011

Robert O’Blake we do not like you……. Probably you know why ?

 There are two foreign busybodies among others we in Sri Lanka  specially dislike; one is Eric Solheim and the other  Robert O’Blake.  Both of them should be persona non grata to Sri Lanka.  But unfortunately Sri Lanka is not a powerful country and diplomatic relations mean a lot in the modern cruel democracy and therefore we are compelled to tolerate them.  We cannot offend the American Assistant Secretary of State as America also means danger to countries that cannot stand against them militarily.
We see what happened in Libya.   7500 NATO bombs have left not many buildings standing. In Tripoli.  Today Tripoli is a ghost city. It may be Syria next, and Iran later  and North Korea may be still later, and what next we do not know.  It depends on people like Robert O’Blake.
If we do not give into his hypocritical smile we may have to end up like Tripoli.  Such is his sincerity.  He was a sympathizer of the Sri Lanka Terrorists, who did not pose a danger to America or the Western Countries.  For them despite the LTTE terrorists were a banned group, they nevertheless entertained good relations with the terrorists of Sri Lanka. For them they were rebels and  given the chance they would have infiltrated into the country with sophisticate bombs and military advisers to help the terrorists to divide  Sri Lanka or take it over completely as the rebels did in Libya.
The masks the West had been wearing dealing with the developing world have been taken off. West does not spell democracy any more.  Their democracy has taken a different turn from  the democracy they  offered to us.  Sadam Hussain  was a friend of USA.  George Bush was his special friend.  But USA declared war on Iraq after a long and painful  embargo and finally got him hanged.  Colonel Gaddafi was  also a friend of  USA and the Western leaders.  They declared war  in Libya and now they are seeking to “hang” Gaddafi as well that is how modern democracy works. If there are rebels in a country cultivate them strengthen them to enable them ultimately to change the government.
The USA and West now stand for a sort of dictatorship of the powerful, and with their new found ideas of human rights, right to protect, etc they give goose pimples to developing nations of the world.  One thing is clear,  the West is unfriendly towards the developing Nations. They are seeking world leadership despite the falling value of their money, and the drying up  of their popularity and they steam roll any developing country which cultivates good relations with China, Russia, Cuba, Iran etc..
Robert O’Blake has a ready smile.  Behind that is a mysterious  mind hatching  and planning destruction to a developing country like Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka cannot be accused for being under a dictator, because the President Mahinda Rajapakse was elected with almost a two third majority and he is very popular among the people. He is a democrat in the real sense of the word. He is not a racist working equally for the welfare and upliftment of all communities.
Therefore there is no question of raising accusations against the President and his government.  The President Mahinda Rajapakse is not corrupt and no one can  point  his finger at him for  undermining the confidence the people have placed in him.  The local political opponent will come out with all sorts of accusations without any foundation, which is a common  modus operandi of all political opponents to a government in power.  And of course the « stupid » expatriate Tamils affiliated to Global Tamil Forum of Emmanuel and those of the terrorist front organizations will not see in President Mahind Rajpakse a generous, kind , and a common man’s President.
Robert Blake is paying a visit to Sri Lanka as the US Assistant Secretary of State  not to  bring any message of good will and see and appreciate what the President and the Government of Sri Lanka had been doing  since the defeat of terrorism to develop the country and reconcile the communities. 
Blake comes to see what is wrong  and where he could find loop holes to criticise the President and the Government  and to ask  the government to devolve power to the ethnic minority without any further delay. That is what they continue to say having failed to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for any thing else.
Robert Blake is not capable of any thing positive.  We have to tell him that Sri Lanka has nothing to learn from him. This we have to say as the President or the Government will not say that as  diplomaitc etiquette requires not to say the evident  « truth ».  But on the other hand USA has to learn a lot from this small country and its present leadersip.
Sri Lanka is making friends every where  and its only the West that is out to find fault with it and threaten to take our Armed Forces before a tribunal accused  for war crimes for the simple reason that our Armed Forces  eliminated the terrorists in Sri Lanka , who did not pose a problem to the West. But on the other hand the terrorists of Sri Lanka  were perfect host to the Western Government  representatives and their ambassadors  when ever  they visted the terrorists in Kilinochchi.
Now why don’t we like Robert Blake ?  Because when he was the USA Ambassador in Sri Lanka he did not allow  the Government of Sri Lanka to assert itself against the terrorists. Robert Blake the Ambassador parroted all the time that there was no solution to terrorism other than a political solution. When the Government accepted to negotiate with the terrorists, the terrorists  refused to negotiate breaking up negotiations half way and to show their disapproval of a negotiated settlement by placing Claymore bombs in buses and trains and killing large numbers of innocent civilians, blasting suicide bombs, killing Ministers, Presidents , and innocent civilians.
Then Robert Blake and his Western friends did not intervene with the terrorists to force them to come to a negotiated settlement , but all the forcing and pontifications were leveled at the Government.  When finally the Government of Sri Lanka began military operations against the terrorists, the USA and the West  criticized the government, and sent high level  government representatives to advice the Government of Sri Lanka to negotiate a political settlement.
When the Government was adamant to continue its military operations against the terrorists, Robert Blake took every opportunity in Sri Lanka and abroad to condemn the military operations of the government reiterating  that the only solution to terrorism is a political solution. 
Robert Blake took careful action to cultivated anti government local media and Tamil and Sinhala  anti-government human rights activists  and Tamil politicians to continue  an effective opposition against the Government’s military operations against the terrorists.
Mano Ganeshan a young pro terrorist Tamil politicians was selected for   a US Peace award.  Pakiasothy Saravanamutta and Jehan Perera  became unofficial advisers on local affairs to Blake .  UNESCO  too moved in condemning  the Government for the death of journalists of the terrorist’s  radio station in the  governments bombardment of terrorist controlled areas.  UNESCO also presented an award posthumously to an anti Government journalist and another to a senior Tamil politicians who was peddling a racist view.  Behind all these activities there was the unseen hand of Robert Blake.
At the height of the military operations against the terrorists, the Tamil Nadu state was hell bent in saving the terrorists by demanding the central government of India to intervene with the Government of Sri Lanka to demand a cease fire.  At that crucial time Robert Blake attended a meeting in Tamil Nadu where he criticized the Sri Lanka Government for its military operations against terrorism, saying  that there is no military solution possible to end  terrorism and the only solution is a political one.
Robert Blake arranged a meeting with David Miliband and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to condemn the military operations of the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces against the terrorists and to advise that the government engage with the terrorists to find a political solution.
When finally the Sri Lanka Armed Forces eliminated the terrorists,   Robert Blake and the Western governments did not allow time for the people of Sri Lanka and their Armed Forces  at last to enjoy the freedom from fear of terrorism that had lasted three decades.  Robert Blake, US State Department, ad representatives of UNSG visited Sri Lanka not to felicitate the Government of Sri Lanka  for the elimination of a ruthless group of terrorists, but to find loop holes to accuse the government of Sri Lanka and its Government Forces for  violation of human rights, and create new problems  to put the people and the Government of Sri Lanka in to  further peril of a possible civil war.
Fortunately it did not work as they wished. The aftermath of the end of terrorism was a relief for every community in Sri Lanka. Disappointed without a backlash the  West  restricted their investigations  to the last phase of the military operations to eliminate terrorism, to find some means to take revenge from the Government and Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, for it stubborn pursuit of a military solution despite the political solution they proposed.
It is in that effort that  they with the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN and host of others began to accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights  and threatened taking the Armed Forces before a tribunal for war crimes.  They demanded an independent international investigation, which the Government of Sri Lanka rightly refused and appointed the LLRC.
Now Robert Blake comes after the Channel 4 saga, Amnesty International’s bogus report ,  and Darusmans  cut and paste report to give his opinion on the LLRC and meet a wide range of  persons in Sri Lanka to make what he thinks is  coming from his great wisdom  about men and matters.
We really do not want Robert Blake’s opinion on matters we have the maturity to understand and  have the ability to  effectively solve them.  Robert Blake had been wrong from the beginning with regard to Sri Lanka.  He never expected us to be successful with the military solution , or if he knew that the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces may eliminate the terrorists, he  at least  wanted to save his friends and may be take them away to America.  Having failed in that project now he comes to solve our problems about  which he  knows nothing.
Thank you Robert O’Blake for all your efforts from the beginning to upset the apple cart here in Sri Lanka. But please get off the back of Sri Lanka now  and  let the President Mahinda Rajapakse who successfully eliminated terrorism when every body said it is impossible  to carry on his work to take the country forward and solve all problems with local solutions without Robert Blake , or interferers putting their nose in to things they cannot understand and will never be able to understand.

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Radha manohar said...

sir totally i agree with you. i think now days no body take it serious about those west buddies. entire world knew their intentions.everything is very clear now. we have to move forward.
often i got chance to see your other blogs also. my whole heartiest congratulations for your art works as well as your wise articles.