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Sampanthan and TNA have got the votes but they have not won the hearts of the people in Jaffna.

Sampanthan and his vociferous  acolytes of  the TNA because they won the Local Government Elections think they have become the voice of the people in the North. But they are mistaken if they think they are the uncontested representatives of the Tamil people in Jaffna.  They are certainly not that popular among at least the Jaffna intelligentsia as they seem to think.

I have many friends in Jaffna who do not agree with Sampanthan and his TNA gang.  One of them who had been living abroad for a long time and has come to live in Jaffna writes

“After quite a long time it is only now we  are free to talk.  We thank all the good people who tirelessly worked to bring this fresh air of freedom to the people of Jaffna.  Now it is time to improve interaction between the people of different communities in Sri Lanka.  I notice in Jaffna even close relatives have failed to maintain cordial relationships among them. There is a distrust even among families. Lack of love is a major problem.  Families are “pretending” to be normal families. 

“When there were terrorists they did not speak freely, because they were frightened of the terrorists.  Even to-day they live with that fear and they pretend to like TNA as they are frightened of the TNA as they were frightened of the terrorists.

“There is suspicion and lack of sincerity.  People are unfriendly and even families  pretend unity and every body seems busy trying to do some thing,  but there is unhappiness. Lack of real love and affection among the Tamil  people seem to be a  major problem.   If there is no love and affection among the people in Jaffna how can they extend  it to other Communities elsewhere in Sri Lanka ?”

My friend was born in the South of Sri Lanka, but came later to  Jaffna. That may perhaps be why he  does not look at the Sinhala with the same eye of the TNA MPs who brandish a separatist agenda and sows seeds of hatred towards Sinhala which begins to  rebound on the Tamils themselves.

My friend from Jaffna  is a vegetarian. He says the religious concept is slowly changing.  He has a poor opinion of the  Jaffna version of Hinduism which he says is a cult. “ It is not helping the people to develop love. It is propagating subtle violence”. He adds, “  it may seem an exaggerated opinion  but  I  tell you as you may understand or at least  will be willing to consider this side of the truth.”

He says that, “ every home and every houses are full of problems and siblings are living with mutual suspicion or hatred.”

He questions, “ why do these people live with out any fine feeling about life?  They are their own enemies .  they have forgotten to laugh and smile.  Our religion has taken away  our freedom of thought, our thoughts are based on fear of God not of  God’s divine love which we can share with our people.  We talk like parrots of our dharma Karma or moksha, but seriously speaking these people  have no idea of what they speak.  They have become very materialistic in Jaffna, but they talk and talk about God.  This is a pathetic situation and I truly believe  this is the  root cause of  many other problems.”

My friend continues, “ I do not know what to do with our people.   Life is more important, than any thing else but our people seem to have a low level of self esteem, therefore they are ready to follow this cause and the other  living in a fools paradise.  Very few people  are changing.”

In another e-mail he  repeats what he had said before, “  I am really tired to see my fellow Tamils in Jaffna, specially the so called elite Community.  These people are not friendly.  Every one seems to be hostile to each other .  I don’t know what type of culture this is.  The TNA politicians are hate mongers.  Another biggest culprit in this respect is UTHAYAN Tamil Daily. The TNA and Uthayan  are the two factors that poison the minds of the people in Jaffna.”

He continues, “I think Sri Lanka needs a law to make “ hate “ a  crime and implement it strictly. Recently TNA had a meeting near my home they put loud speakers it was  horrible. They still talk in the  same old racist  way. They  are still not matured or civilized. Their children are abroad and they cannot even speak Tamil, but they insist that the Tamil population has to grow in the Talibanic way.

“The good people are afraid to come to politics and bad people are everywhere. what to do? “

“Basically Jaffna life is very boring for me. People are only interested in day to day matters or money making. They don’t read, they don’t sing, they don’t paint, they don’t study philosophy or any literature . Oh! its really sad to see that these people are so EMPTY. When ever I meet some people its really very very sad they don’t seem to know many things. Tamil politicians know this and they are exploiting  these people  easily.”

He says that the TNA MPs are making a big noise because they are so empty inside.  “ They have no confidence in themselves, so they go to India to solve the problems they have in Sri Lanka.  The Tamil people question why are TNA MPs always going to India to find solution for problems they have in Sri Lanka without trying to  find solutions and settle matters here.  But the ordinary Tamil people still remember what had been going on in the past, and being afraid they easily give in to TNA MPs.”

“When ever I happen to be in gatherings people talk about money,  land  schools abroad , and  scholarships.  They talk about  petty fights of  siblings. They don’t enjoy their lives.
Younger generation  wants to go abroad or to Colombo. Even older people now prefer to settle down somewhere  abroad or in Colombo. Main reason for this exodus  seems to be they want to  run away from themselves, their problems. But  they cannot get away from their karma.”

“ We are the only people  who have come from living abroad to settle down here.  We have not been accepted by the people here.   Some of them even suggest that we get back.  If things get worse and I do not find  a means to help these people in some way , I may have to go back however much sad it would be.”   

In another e-mail after the Local Government Elections in Jaffna he writes, “….this Sampanthan and his gangsters are just thieves. I am very much tired about whole TNA. I will never trust TNA, or FP or TULF, and  I did not like  leaders such as Chelvanayagam Amirthalingam and company. Only leader I respected and supported was late Mr Alfred Thangaraja Duraippa. The rest are the garbage. I  don’t read the TNA's bunch of lies. For years and years these people repeat the  same old stories. Its not a pleasure to waste my time reading these poisonous ramblings of third grade politicians.

“ Every body knows Prabakaran was the biggest disgrace to the whole of mankind. Many  of these politicians such as those of the TNA supported that fanatic and pushed the people to prostrate at his feet.

My Friend in Jaffna says, “…I think TNA MPs are the sole living war criminals and we have to file a case against these criminals.  God will definitely punish them.”

He added, “… The present government is doing very well in almost every front of governance.  Western world is very much in political nakedness. Whole world knew the Tigers were terrorist. Only country that completely eliminated terrorism is SRI LANKA.
I think the West still don’t want to believe that Sri Lanka is the only country which has that caliber. “

“It is after  a very long time I am telling my political opinion so strongly to someone .”

When I wrote to ask my Tamil friend in Jaffna  whether I could put together his e-mails in to an article , he said, “….dear Charles, Thank you for considering  my points of view. You can include my opinion. Please do not put my name because you know many mad people are around here. I hope they will not do me any harm but they will simply outcast me. “

In the mean time, my other  friend Thurai writes, “Dear Charles,  Deep &  dark side of LTTE have close contacts with Indian Hindu fundamentalist. They are dealing with large sum of Black money. Now both have contacts with BJP, through Rev. father Emmanuel’s  World Tamil Forum.

They use the Tamil & Sinhala Problem without considering the wealth or death of Sri Lankan
Tamils, to take financial  benefits from Tamil Diaspora. They have close Businesses & Cinema dealings with South India. I found a Jaffna Boy who had arrived in Europe at 15 Years now he  is 40year and is a   Billionaire and has his   a own firm.

Jaffna Tamils will never understand the truth unless  someone exposes the truth of TNA (Mostly High Cast Tamils) and their supporters who have illegal dealings with India.

You know Indian politicians are No. 1 in Black money savings in Swiss Bank
2nd are LTTE supporters. We have to work with Jaffna Tamils to make them understand the truth, by providing Employment and good prospectus and at the same time exposing the true face of TNA to the Tamils and the world.

 This is the truth about TNA.  The government should make them responsible for the  terrorism in Sri Lanka and file action against them.  If there were civilian deaths at the end of the military operations against terrorists, the TNA MPs are responsible more than the Army.  Because the army was doing its duty to eliminate terrorism for the security of the people and the country, where as the TNA MPs were the proxi for the terrorists aiding and abetting standing in safety outside the heat of the war Zone.

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