Monday, 19 December 2011

Appealing to Foreign Countries to intervene in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka

Having failed to win the hearts of their kinsmen in the South the JVP is now trying to win the hearts of the Tamils in the North. We would wish  them better luck there . But success of a political come back with the aid of the Tamils voters in the North is a lost cause from the beginning.

Firstly the Tamils in the North having already gone through difficult times under a more ruthless terrorists will not want to fall into the hands of  another group of small time terrorists, who are known to have killed  with utter  brutality their own people in a failed bid for  a rebellion of an imagined « proletariat »

Somawansa Amarasinghe, strutting like a cock in a hen house, hasn’t  even the personality for  political leadership  of any sorts though groomed to be one by  the JVP, which is already a party without a direction despite Amarasinghe.  Like Sarath Fonseka’s  request for release from prison from Barrack Obama, JVP seems to  plead for political recognition from Jaffna Tamils.  Both Sarath Fonseka and JVP don’t seem to understand  that their redemption one from imprisonment and the other for a respectable political come back, lies not with Barrack Obama for the former or  Jaffna Tamils or the EU  for the latter , but from the President of Sri Lanka.

To day it is necessary that any  Political Party, Civil  Society Groups, Trade Unions or Individuals  with any self respect  should go  even a very little distance towards  reconciliation of Communities without allowing them to distance from one another. In that effort there should be serious consideration of the lager interest of the country to the complete absence of any personal interests.

The Tamil people of Sri Lanka are difficult to please, and are suspicious of the  Sinhala  people with however much  sincerity they offer their hands of friendship to them. That is an ethnic characteristic the foreign ”know- alls” will never be able to understand. 

(  There are however  Tamils who had lived in the West observing the foreigners with whom they lived with intelligence , and who have understood that Sinhala are not the monsters they had been made to believe, but Sri Lankans like themselves, and their development , peace and happiness in Sri Lanka is  in working along side the Sinhala. I salute Thurai and Manohar)

The Tamils  however understand that the JVP who have betrayed their own people cannot be trusted to have  any genuine interest in the welfare of he Tamil people.  They know that their sudden interest in the Tamils of the north is for their own  benefit , having lost their political bases in the south.

JVP is now a  group of disoriented politicians, who seem to have lost their intelligent appreciation of situations into which they step.  In a country just out of a thirty years of an     unimaginable suffering, all Political Parties, groups  or individuals should act cautiously without putting into danger the on going reconciliation moves of the government. Handunetti and Ramalingam of JVP had no right to give  statements to the press in Jaffna condemning the Government of Sri Lanka which has made considerable effort to give a tremendous face lift to the towns and the  country side of north and east while ameliorating the standard of living of the people.  

It is just over two year since terrorism has  been eliminated and the government is beginning to  get the Tamil people to understand its intention to unite the communities and bring the Tamil people into Sri Lanka’s  main stream politics.  As we are dealing with a people who were psychologically disturbed by a long unending fear of terrorism of thirty years, they have to be handled with care.

JVP completely indifferent to such sentiments  goes to Jaffna and acts like bulls in a glass shop , completely destabilizing the people and putting them into a quandary developing a greater distrust of the government,forcing them to  rally round not JVP,  but round  the TNA as what ever they had stood for during terrorism, they  are after all their own people.  This is what the JVP  consciously or unconsciously doing to the Tamil people in the north,  forcing them away from the Government and the other communities in  Sri Lanka to be with the TNA as a last resort.

If any Political Party does not support the political leadership of the President Mahinda Rajapaka and his Government they may oppose him politically within the country without attacking the President  personally.  
A Sovereign State  should not subordinate itself  to foreign interference into its internal affairs. If any political Party, group or individual  despite this golden rule invites the foreign intervention in support of their narrow political interests the Government of Sri Lanka should warn them that such action besides being detrimental to the Sovereign State of Sri Lank, is treason.

The government should take  preventive measures  under the Terrorism Act to stop these manoeuvres .  If there is no appropriate  laws to Arrest them for Treason under the Constitution or the Terrorism Act , new laws should be passed to stop these miscreants from damaging the interest of the Country.

Pubudu Jayakody of the  breakaway faction of the  JVP has recently declared his  party’s intention to appeal to the UE  for the release of abducted members of his party.  Sarath Foneka  is  appealing to President Barrack Obama, to intervene on his behalf to demand the Government of Sri lank to set aside the decision of a Sri Lanka tribunal and  get  him released from prison.  Sampanthnan and his TNA Cronies are going all over the world, to USA, Canada, Netherland  and India requesting them to settle the ethnic problem by devolving political, land and police powers to the North an East.  UNP wants to appeal to the International Democratic Union  requiring its intervention for good governance in Sri Lanka.

All these people of different political parties  are selling the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka, inviting the Foreign Countries to intervene in the internal affairs  of the country.  In the mean time 75 NGOs have signed an appeal  demanding Independent Rule in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is divided and the Political Parties like the JVP, TNA, UNP, and others  instead of Joining hands with the government on National issues are appealing  to the Foreign Governments to intervene in the internal matters of the  Country. 

The worst is the JVPers in this respect who may not have  even read the 800 odd pages of the  report of the LLRC, say  that the report of the LLRC is a wastage of time.  In the light of the demands of the Western Countries to set up an Independent  Committee of Investigation , this is the worst betrayal. 

These politicians display their complete  disinterest in  Sri Lanka.  They  are after their own  personal benefits,  and dreaming to capture political power by hook or by crook. Whether they may later  invite  the NATO intervention is yet to be seen.   

JVP had recently spoken of  the Egyptian  people demonstrating in Thahir Sqaure against their Government, with out understanding that their mass demonstrations  and those of Tunisia  against their governments have turned  out to be changing pillows to cure  a headache.   

Have they got back democracy  ?

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