Wednesday, 14 December 2011

We should not give in to TNA - the Slaves of Terrorism.

Every means for a reconciliations of the Communities in Sri Lanka with a view to build a true Sri Lankan Nation should be investigate, leaving no stones unturned.  But  discussions for reconciliation should be with parties, groups or individuals who love Sri Lanka, patriots of it and would like to see it not broken up into different areas and territories to please Parties, groups or individuals  who have no such love to Sri Lanka.

The persons who go to make up TNA are not Sri Lankans who accept Sri Lanka as their motherland, but they are promoting the  dream of a maniac  who died swearing to divide Sri Lanka and create a homeland for the Tamils. The TNA  hold allegiance more to Tamil Nadu  than to Sri Lanka. TNA does not accept  Sri Lanka as their motherland.  Because, any one who claims that honour will not even dream of a separate homeland for  one particular Community in Sri Lanka.

TNA as a group of separatist Tamils claims impossible rights, such as devolution of police and land power and the merger of East and North of Sri Lanka into one Province. None of the Citizens of Sri Lanka from any Community  will agree to such a proposal.  When the maniac Prabhakaran was  fighting to divide Sri Lanka  the TNA was party to Prabhakaran, having been formed and brainwashed by him. 

Then too, TNA claimed on the bidding of Prabhakaran a separate Homeland for the Tamils in the North and East, while the Sinhala youth were giving their lives to stop the Maniac Prabhakaran from dividing Sri Lanka.

Now that the Government of Sri Lanka with the sacrifice of large numbers of  patriotic Sinhala Buddhist youth  has eliminated terrorists and with them their idea of  a Homeland for Tamils, and what makes TNA think that  they would be given North and East for them on a platter to eventually make a Tamil Homeland of it to please  only the TNA Goons and the TamilNadu Tamils. 

Tamil Nadu has an expansionist agenda and they will secretly work for it forcing the hand of the Indian Central Government to assist them. TamilNadu is making  TNA  their “cat’s paw”.  We see this already  happening with Jayalalitha-Hillary Clinton get together, and the constant complains about the Sri Lanka Navy shooting  at the Tamil Fishermen and  reclaiming  Katchativu  as belonging to India.

It is time to put TNA in their place, but the TNA appears to have collected  enough “gas”  with their constant consultation with India,  visit to Canada, Australia and America to pop them selves as a powerful force, to destabilize Sri Lanka if  the Government does not give into them.
It is a pity that President Barrack Obama’s America is trying to interfere into small Sri Lanka which is not in any way a threat to America’s political stability or its leadership in world politics.  This undue interference of America into Sri Lanka is what may give new hope to “sleeping terrorists”  who America and its European allies are prepared to accept as “rebels” not being a threat them.

We have to step down on TNA which is a small time “terrorist group ” with their unacceptable demands, which could anchor   foreign vultures to  vindicate their rights to divide Sri Lanka.  UK is not a big  force unable to do any thing on their own. They would not have even won the Second world war without America stepping to help them. UK has small ”bugs” like the Channel 4 to  do the dirty work to draw attention  of the “big fish” to take over the dastardly attempts to  destabilize and destroy developing nations.  

That was what  Blair did by preparing false documents  to get America to go to war with Iraq.  Yet again that is what UK did along with France getting a vote passed in the UN Security council to  protect air space, and  got NATO to bomb, murder, and assassinate Colonel Gaddafi and destroy Libya. 

But America with its privilege of being the richest nation being compromised, attempts nevertheless, to maintain its power with  their highly developed technology, fleet of  frigates and destroyers, and the  armed forces (America’s solution for unemployment), when they can still help the struggle of  developing Nations to come out of poverty and build  independent respectable Nations.

It is a pity that we have an American Ambassador Patricia Butenis who could not have  taken a decision on her own,  without being subservient  to Robert Orris Blake , to have requested Barrack Obama to visit Sri Lanka to have a first hand opinion of this country, or demand Hillary  Clinton who broke accepted diplomatic priviledges to meet Jayalalitha in TamilNadu,  to visit to Sri Lanka as well to make  American  Foreign Policy  seem more world friendly.

It is the lack of this democratic outlook of  Western Nations that  make it difficult for the developing Nations to reconcile  communities and  build peace and security.  They have become  war mongering Nations intervening to settle disputes making rebels out of disidents, instead of creating stability through dialogue and encouraging the UN to be independent to take its own decisions to settle dispute in other countries. 

Today the  setting up of UNO has become meaningless as the Western Nations use the UN to promote their own agendas, interposing the NATO or the American Naval force to subjugate Nations.  They did that in Libya, they are threatening to do so in Syria and in Iran.

TNA MPs  think that their being elected by the votes of the Tamils in the North and East  have given them respectability to reclaim “the rights” that sank into Nadikadal along with the maniac terrorist Prabhakaran.  But the Tamil votes at the local government elections  have not washed them of the blood stains of  terrorism.  Therefore they have no right to make any claim on behalf of the Tamil people, specially because  the “claims” of the terrorist Prabhakaran  are not the “ rights”  of the Tamil people.

What the Tamil people want today is to live in peace, with respect and dignity, which they lost to   terrorism.  Therefore the claims of the TNA has no popular support in Sri Lanka.  This fact has to be taken into consideration by  the Ambassador Patricia Butenis  to write cables, different from those  cables detrimental to the Government of Sri Lanka she had been sending to the State department ( as they came out in Wikileaks ) , to describe to  the President of America through the USA State Department the true face of TNA, and  request the State Department not to intervene on behalf of them as Sri Lanka is  not treating any Community differently from others.

The Ambassador  Patricia Butenis, owes it to Sri Lanka to emphasise to the American State Department that American intervention in any way by statements or through the interference by Senators or House Representatives will only be detrimental to the tremendous efforts the Government of Sri Lanka is making to reconcile the Communities for every one to live normal lives in peace.

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