Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Is America trying to “murder” UNO with the resolution against Sri Lanka, to facilitate interfering into internal affairs of Sovereign States ?

What America tries to enact by its resolution  against Sri Lanka is virtually the elimination of the role of the UNO with its Security Council Sanctions, to enable for it to intervene along with its western allies to  interfere into the internal affairs of the Sovereign States of the Developing countries.

Therefore the African countries still not decided about the vote on the 23rd March, in Geneva on the resolution of America have to wake up before it is too late to stop the manoeuvres of America to facilitate the implementation of  its new “doctrine” of regime change from within.

If America passes its resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHuman Rights Council in Geneva, it  will set up a mechanism inside Sri Lanka, which will enable  it without the need for the sanctions of the UNSecurity Council  to by pass Chinese and Russian intervention, to set in motion  their nefarious moves to strangle the progress and development of developing countries keeping them under their control  with free access to NATO Forces if necessary.

If America with its allies set up a “controlling mechanism” within    a Sovereign State, the Government will not be allowed to thwart a rebellious movement against the government  without the assent of their “controlling mechanism”.  They on the other hand would be in a position to help any rebellious groups with arms and military advice to defeat the Armed Forces of the government.

Thus they have nullified the authority of the UN Security Council, making UNO a nonentity.

America is today the most unpopular country in the world .  Its aggressivity  has no limit.  It takes all non Western countries as led by “fools”, and therefore easy to be brought under its influence.

But today Iran which is said to have stepped up its  uranium enrichment and  “has totally mastered nuclear science”,  has reiterated its determination to go ahead with its nuclear programme.  Will Iran be America’s Waterloo ?  America is bound to learn lessons from someone , somewhere.

What is happening today in Sri Lanka should be an eye opener to America and its allies ?  In Sri Lanka today there are large manifestations with thousands and thousands of Sri Lankans of all Communities, the Tamil, the Sinhala , the Muslim and  other  rising up to condemn the American resolution against Sri Lanka presented at the UNHRCouncil in Geneva. 

In contrast to the manifestations against the governments in Egypt, Tunisia , and Yemen, the manifestation of masses of people in Sri Lanka is in support of the Government of Sri Lanka and against ceaseless foreign interference into Sri Lanka, which after 30 years of a terrorist war  wants to be left alone to profit from the newly regained post terrorist peace to develop the country and reconciles the people psychologically disturbed in a terrorism that seemed unlikely to end.

The most foul  UK Channel 4 document had an unprecedented publicity being presented at the UNHRCouncil. It would have been more civilised for the UNHRC not to have allowed a document of  “doubtful” authenticity to be present at its noble precincts.  The Channel four document is false from beginning to its end and there is no verifiable facts in it. It had been categorically condemned by the former “terrorists” like Dayamaster who had challenged the  voracity of the document.

The Channel 4 document may be accepted by those who are prejudiced  against Sri Lanka, but any one who could evaluate the document objectively will see through the falsity of the document. It is no doubt a money spinner for Channel 4 which has certainly been commissioned by the pro-terrorist expatriate Tamil Community living abroad, who have inherited the “blood money” of the terrorists.

It is surprising that none of the  countries specially those of  Africa and the Arab States, have questioned America, what right it has to move a resolution against Sri Lanka, when America is not free from violation of human rights  and of w          ar crimes of the worst nature.  In reality America has to do more accountability than Sri Lanka, for its war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan  and Vietnam.

The resolution against Sri Lanka moved by America at the UNHRCouncil in Geneva tries to camouflage its sinister motives by farcically accepting the report of the LRRC and at the same time adding conditions that belies its motives. It is a sugar coated poisonous pill to dupe the Member States of the UNHRCouncil to accept it  blindly on the  face value of the “sugar coating”. While the  resolution against Sri Lanka  seems to accept the report of the LLRC it at the same time criticises it as inadequate.

It then demands a comprehensive action plan laying down the steps taken to implement it. That is the most absurd and  at the same  time the  sinister of the conditions.  Sri Lanka appointed  the LLRC on it own accord  and not because  America or any other country had asked it to do so. The Implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC is what the Government intends to do. 

Therefore what is the necessity to present a comprehensive  action plan to America or any other Country, which during the 30 years of the terrorism in Sri Lanka never came forward to stop the terrorists, or assist the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka to wipe out terrorism  Sri Lanka.

It is only now two and half years after elimination of  terrorism  America and its allies wake up to call for accountability and accuse the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes.

What is it that  the Administration of President Barrack Obama wants to prove in accusing Sri Lanka and demanding accountability for the elimination of terrorists in its own country ?

The member States of the UNHRCouncil should take into account the absurdity of the resolution  of America against Sri Lanka, and understand its sinister motive putting into danger all developing Countries in the world, and its plan to over ride the authority of the  UNO, should vote against it as it is being wise and objective to do so. 

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