Wednesday, 7 March 2012

UNP and JVP pawns on the political checkerboard of American CIA for a Regime Change in Sri Lanka

People of Sri Lanka should be warned  that JVP and UNP are playing a role in favour of USA and the anti Sri Lanka Western Countries to destabilise the government and a possible regime change.  Both UNP and JVP  have the fear that if the government becomes more popular with the people  they may have to wait for a long time to gain political power into their own hands.

UNP and JVP had been hell bent to take the people away from their allegiance to the President and the Government, using the high cost of living  due to rising cost of fuel and gas.
as the bait.

But UNP and JVP are either not intelligent enough to understand that there is a greater danger  being prepared by USA and the West, or they have already been bought over by the CIA to start uprisings of the people  in the line of those manifestations  in  Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen to create an artificial civil war . 

JVP and UNP knowing that all the manifestations they organise  against the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse  will not have their  desired effect of  forcing the President and the Government to resign, seem to have decided to turn even to the devil himself to have their ambition fulfilled.

UNP is easily manipulated by the West as Ranil is well known as a stooge of the West. But  so far JVP seemed to have kept themselves away from forming an alliance with the UNP.  But recently Mangala Samaraweera said that there were unofficial talks with the JVP to bring it to join with the UNP for a larger opposition front to fight against the President and the Government.

In the meantime the upcoming TNA strong man Suresh Premachandran had said that  they will  join with the main opposition UNP to forma a  common political front against the Government.

The UNP  which had earlier announced that it would hold its May Day rally in Jaffna along with New Left Front of Wickremabahu Karunaratne, Western Peoples’ Front of Mano Ganeshan, Socialist Equality Party of Sirithunga Jayasuriya and the New Sinhala Urumaya now joins hands with TNA to make a larger anti government movement.

TNA strong man Suresh Premachandran had said, “  People in the north and the south have been battered by the rising cost of living. The poor, irrespective of where they live, have been affected by high prices of essential commodities. The price increase of kerosene has created extreme difficulties for the estate people,”

Premachandran  had  forewarned that the rupee would further depreciate in the coming weeks and without a ‘generous salary increase  the people will have to go to bed on their empty bellies.’
He  had also said that the issue of a political solution to address grievances of ethnic minorities was not taken up in initial discussions. “But we read in the newspapers that the UNP has called on the government to implement the LLRC recommendations. We have also asked the government to do the same.”

In this situation it is not advisable for the government to call  the people to manifest in favour of the government as,  if there were to be a confrontation between the pro government  manifestations  and anti government manifestations  it would be an ideal situation for the CIA of America  and the RAW of India to mix in the “melee” to create a sort of a  peoples’ struggle.  If the government were then to call the Armed Forces to control the situation it would  help those behind the scene to create an artificial  peoples manifestation against the government.

The West waiting for such an event will create chaos, and who knows perhaps arming the anti government manifestants may eventually  get the NATO to “ bomb Sri Lanka” as they did in Libya.

Is that what our Marxist JVP wants to happen ?  Is that what Sajith Premadasa, Karu Jayasuriya and the UNP want to happen in Sri Lanka ? 

These are the possible outcome of  continuous manifestations against the government  of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse  and his government who had removed the danger of terrorism, and made it safe for antigovernment opposition to organise  manifestations.

The government should stop the evolution of such a  situation by speaking to the political leaders ( leaving out the TNA) and explain the real situation in Geneva which the “foolish” people like Tilvin Silva , Lal Kantha, Tissa Attanayake, Lakshman Kiriella and the rest of them who have not grasped  the gravity of the situation. .

Tissa  Attanayake is  a political fanatic .  He sees nothing beyond  forming a UNP government.  The gathering storms of foreign intervention in the affairs of Sri Lanka   do not seem to be his concern. He .had said  that the “UNP is going to Jaffna to challenge the militarization of the north.”  He has accused the  government for  suppressing ‘the fundamental rights of the people in Jaffna’

Speaking about a common political front he had said, “…the proposed common front is not an electoral alliance but one in which the constituent parties would work together in parliament and outside against “undemocratic rule of the government.”  He had confirmed unofficial talks with the JVP

Attanayake had also said  that the “ the common front would launch a series of island wide protests and two protests would be held – in Hatton on March 14 and in Kandy on March 29.”

These political evolutions do not auger well for Sri Lanka’s position in Geneva to fight off the USA moves to  call for accountability and other sinister moves that would follow the USA resolution against Sri Lanka.

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