Sunday, 4 November 2012

Two days to go for American Presidential Elections.

Barrack Obama a non militant politician who was not against the majority but who wanted to work with the majority whites, bringing in the minorities into the  main political stream seem to have failed to appeal to the mass of the American.  But again the opposition to Obama’s  progressive policies came from the richer few who always kept  the American masses on a myth of  rich and a powerful Nation without a challenge to its  leadership in the world.  That  was the idealism that was respected and loved by the American populous.  They were the ones that were racist and believed in  capitalism to keep the rich white  American society afloat allowing the larger American population to be satisfied with the  bread crumbs falling from their sumptuous tables.

 President Barrack Obama came with progressive  ideas. He wanted to really change the American establishment and the attitudes of the American people..  He started by signing the close down of the torture camps.  But there were those against it and they won over the President Barrack Obama. 

The President Barrack Obama’s greatest challenge was the unprecedented financial crisis  brought about by the rich American companies and Banks.  And when he wanted to bail out the Insurance Companies and the Banks to restart an economic growth, the monies given to the companies were used to pay large bonuses to retiring Directors.  Then when he proposed a health care service that was affordable by the poor Americans the Republicans came head on against it and even today Matt Romney is to revitalise the Medicare as against more progressive Obamacare. He wants to give in to the rich American financial lobby.

He wanted peace and fight against terrorism where ever it is.  But he put the wrong person Hillary Clinton in charge of the Sate Department.   Hillary Clinton was far behind Barrack Obama’s progressive ideas to change America.  Hillary Clinton recruited  people such as Robert Black from Bush Administration to State Department.  How then can one expect the President Barrack Obama’s American Administration  be any different from what it had been under Bush.  The State Department  and even the Treasury Department was a government within a Government carrying on the same old American politics.

The President Barrack Obama was made to believe that peace to America is fundamental, and that peace to the rest of the world is secondary.  Hillary Clinton cultivated the Western White Nations as friends leaving the rest of the world outside dependent on it.

 Hillary Clinton accepted as terrorists only those who rebelled or terrorised America or the  friendly White countries .  The terrorist of the developing countries for her were freedom fighters.  She made the Americans hate and believe that  the Al Qaida terrorists that killed over three thousand innocent Americans were  their terrorists, and the terrorists in Sri Lanka who  massacred the innocent , the intelligentsia, the politicians and the security forces were mere freedom fighters and should be supported  by America.  These were the foreign policies Hillary Clinton  established  which the President Barrack Obama was forced to follow and which made him unpopular.

Bush’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan was not a war the Americans wanted , but Barrack Obama who wanted to bring back the American Soldiers,  handing over  the defence of Afghanistan and Iraq to the respective  Governments Forces , blindly followed the war mongering European and the Western Governments into  continuing these wars without seeing an end to them.

Presidents of America had to give into different lobbies to retain their political power of his Administration..  Hence they cultivated the Jewish Lobby which did not allow them  to plan out a more progressive way out of  Middle East and establish peace in the area.  President  Obama was made to follow the same established political system.  He could not establish the change on which he came to power, bring  peace to the world  and settle problems in dialogue.

He had to give into the Latin American lobby, hence he had to continue with the trade embargo to Cuba.  He had to give in to the Western friends, therefore he followed Sarkozy who wanted to eliminate Colonel Gaddafi for personal reasons as some  continue to say.  He is following the Jewish lobby and the European community  and wants a war against Iran . 

His  war mongering Secretary of State Hillary  Clinton wanted sanctions against Iran for the sale of oil.  She did not care what effect it would have on the developing Nations.  She wanted to be friendly with India as it is a way to check the growing political power of China . She made an Official visit to Tamil Nadu to meet  the Chief Minister Jayalalitha kicking protocol on the “backside” , because she wanted to please the anti Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora .

All these were out side the Progressive Change President Obama voiced during his Presidential election campaign.   Instead of making friends with developing countries such as, China, Russia, Iran, Burma, Sri Lanka and so on Hillary Clinton treated them as unfriendly nations. Romney is going a step further  calling China a currency Manipulator .  You can see from this type of statement what changes  Republican Romney Administration will propose.

There is a different way to deal with countries that do not peddle American methodology.  It is to step out side aggressive “ we are correct” attitude and stop  impose American authority, but use more direct contract and resort to a positive dialog where both sides are heard and both sides understand that the world wants peace and not war and aggression.

Despite all this shortcomings of the President Barrack Obama’s Administration, it is in the larger interest of America that President Barrack Obama is re elected for four more years.  Barrack Obama was elected for the first time  in 2008, and he had no previous experience.  Now after four years as the President of America he is more politically matured.  He will not allow himself to be manipulated by the politicians with  hackneyed political views. The President Obama was not allowed to go with his own progressive policies.  To begin with the Republicans stood against what ever progressive  people friendly projects that was proposed.

It had always been the Democratic Party that brought about Changes to America and American people at large. President Barrack Obama is himself  a  symbol of that  progressive change in America.

Republicans had been reactionaries and war mongering.  The Republican Party appeals to the racists, reactionaries, rich enterprises and those backward looking groups.  Therefore under him America will go back to what it was under  Bush, Regan or Nixon.

President Barrack Obama had to depend on people that he did not really  know about and those who were disappointed by the failure of their own political ambitions.  If much of what President Obama had promised had not been done it was because of  those who he had  recruited to carry out his Administration.

Mitt Romney if elected on the Republican ticket  cannot give  any thing other than what  other republican Presidents have given to America.  The Washington Money makers will continue to fill their own pockets and prepare America for another financial crisis.

Therefore, the American people as they are intelligent should vote  en mass to re-elect the President Barrack Obama for  four more years  to enable him to carry forward his progressive social and economic proposals, and settle some of the problems of the world attending his intervention with  a more  mature attitude to bring about peace in the world. 

He should also be given a chance  to scrap still remaining reactionary American Laws that made America withdraw its contribution to the UNESCO for its recognising Palestine as a Member State.  He should also be given a chance to settle the problems in Middle East, forcing Israel to stop its  refusal to live in peace and harmony with its neighbours.

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