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Why on earth was TNA not banned after the elimination of terrorists ?

    Sri Lanka Armed Forces recruited 100 Tamil Girls in to the Lanka Army Volonteer Force

Immediately after the elimination of the terrorists the political climate was conducive to the abolition of the TNA and the removal of the 13Amendment.  It was the  terrorists who  manipulated voting to have the candidates of the  TNA elected as MPs to be the voice of the terrorists in the Parliament.  After the elimination of the terrorists the TNA had no raison d’etre.

However, having lost that opportunity we are burdened with a set of MPs who have no sense of belonging to Sri Lanka as their Island home.  They are still seeking to realise the objective of their master the  terrorist Prabhakaran to setup  a Tamil Homeland.   An MP who takes an oath of allegiance to the Constitution of Sri Lanka has no right to  spread divisive political rhetoric and seek the help of foreign countries to intervene in the affairs of Sri Lanka to enable them to realise the separatist politics.  Normally that should be considered treasonable activity to confiscate their right to represent the people as Members of the Sri Lanka Parliament.

But for some reason the President and the Government seem to tolerate the recalcitrant attitude of the TNA MPs despite their continued refusal to  integrate into the political fabric as normal members of Parliament to cooperate with the government to ameliorate the condition of living of the people they represent and participate in the numerous development projects.  They remain outsiders with the only objective of somehow set up an Eelam State in the North.

But the numerous Missions to denigrate  the Government of Sri Lanka as  anti- Tamil government that denies the rights of the minorities succeeded only in getting the South African Tamil Navi Pillai the UN Human Rights Commissioner to move the UNHuman Rights Council against Sri Lanka with USA taking a prominent part in denouncing Sri Lanka and even in passing a resolution against it. 

Stephen Harper the Canadian Prime Minister  had also been roped in by the TNA to  be a vociferous anti Sri Lanka activist demanding the Commonwealth Countries to boycott the commonwealth Summit to be held in Sri Lanka in 2013.  TNA’s success in their numerous visits abroad was only to become a means for  the foreign governments to interfere with internal affairs of or country   accuse our Armed Forces and make incessant demands for  accountability for an internal military operation against a group of terrorists which is past history.

Stephen Harper had stated; “  I intend to make clear to my fellow leaders of the commonwealth that if we do not see progress in Sri Lanka in human rights I will not as Prime Minister be attending that Commonwealth summit. And I hope others will take a similar position." 

But it is unlikely that the other Commonwealth leaders will follow an undiplomatic Stephen Harper who has developed  traumatic syndromes because of   alleged war crimes supposed to have been committed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in the final phase of the war  which raged for 27 years with the Tamil Tiger.
And  Manmohan Singh too did his  part to pacify directly the “political idiots of Tamil Nadu” Karuna  nidhi and Jayalalitha  by voting against Sri Lanka along with its mentor the USA. 

As an excuse  in an interview  with Salma Yusuf, Rahpal Malhotra  the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) in Chandigarh, had said, “….If the Prime Minister did not make the decision that he did, the current ruling government would have collapsed. It is in such a context that the decision to vote in favour of the United Nations Human Rights resolution in March 2012 must be viewed by Sri Lankans.
Domestic pressure and what you rightly described as ‘coalition compulsions’ were what led to the vote by India in favour of the United Nations Human Rights Council resolution on Sri Lanka, but it must be made clear that this in no way means that the government of India is against Sri Lanka.”  

It reminds of Caesar’s last words to his friend Brutus when he stabbed him last-et tu Bruté ?
All that must have in some way consoled  the TNA  considering them as the results of their anti Sri Lanka efforts undertaken in hectic travel to different corners of the world with the pathetic story of the unpitying harassment of the Sri Lanka Tamils  by the Majority Sinhala Government of Sri Lanka have not however helped the TNA to realise their primary objective of a separate Eelam.

TNA even went to China seeking China’s  assistance to launch their pet idea of a Tamil Eelam.  In Ceylon Today P.K.Balachandra reports that the Propaganda Secretary of ITAK    Nadesan  Pillai Vithiatharan  who led a delegation and stayed  there for ten days  at the invitation of the Chinese Government, came back to Sri Lanka disappointed. 

Vithiatharan had said that, “China will not help the Tamils secure justice and political autonomy. The Chinese believe that the solution for the problem of religious or ethnic minorities lies in economic development and the grant of economic opportunities, rather than political autonomy.  The overall view was that the Tamil problem in Sri Lanka had been solved because guns had been silenced. There was no realization that the basic political issues over which the Tamils had struggled in various ways, still remained unsolved, and crying for attention,”

The China has thought rightly so,  as  the cry for “basic political issues” does not come from the ordinary Tamil people the TNA represents, but it is  the demand of the   handful of ambitious Tamil racist politicians of the TNA manipulated like puppets by the  pro terrorist Tamil Diaspora.  It is this TNA MPs  who have created an artificial ethnic problem for  the realization of the “ basic  political  issues“.

Do the TNA MPs at least now realise that they have been tolerated by some of the countries of the International Community as an instrument to intervene into the Affairs of  Sri Lanka , but other than that no one has taken them seriously enough to demand Sri Lanka to  create a separate state for the Tamils in Sri Lanka ?

The Government  of Sri Lanka which even in the eyes of the most vehement critics of Sri Lanka   cannot but appreciate the work it has carried outs since the elimination of the terrorists for the settlement of the IDPs after removal of  thousands of personal  mines, infrastructure development and providing facilities  such as hospitals, schools , electricity and fresh water for the welfare of the Tamil people and the development of  the North and East.

TNA MPs blinded by their foolish demand for a separate Eelam, when the ordinary Tamils seem to be happy in a  North and East developing  as it had never been before,  are groping in the dark trying  to hold each others hands to keep themselves afloat  without sinking into their own “cess pit”.

Even their  mentor India to whom they ran every now and then to get their advice  and requesting to help them set up the Eeelam State seems to have turned its back on them.
The TNA Jaffna district Parliamentarian E. Saravanabavan, speaking during the  debate on the Budget 2013, had  said that  India should either support or stay away from the matters of Tamils, so that they could earn their (Tamils) rights, instead of playing double games.  He had said,  "Thousands of Tamils in the North and East shed blood to achieve their rights but India let them down and because of the recent behaviour of the Indian Central Government, there is a serious and reasonable doubt among the Tamil people whether India has a genuine feeling of forcing the Sri Lankan government to resolve the matters,"

In the mean time M.A.Sumanthiran who often does not know what he is talking, after having heard about the UNO “leaked” document  has said, "Now that the UN has come with this report we want action, There should be an international inquiry. The government as the main accused party cannot be involved in the investigation."

Then in another mood  M.A. Sumanthiran admits that, . “The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution is something that we had rejected right through as being meaningless,”
TNA is unfortunately divided one does not know what the other says. Speaking in Parliament on the Budget  TNA Leader R.Sampanthan  has said, “any attempt by anyone to modify or nullify the 13th Amendment, to make it ineffective and worthless could cause irreparable damage to the future of the country. The 13th Amendment was the only provision that recognized the diversity of the country to a certain extent,”   

What is happening to the TNA MPs  are they suffering from brain damage ?

In the mean time the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  in a highly commendable effort to reconcile the Communities and  make the Tamil people accept the Defence Forces as belonging to  every citizen of Sri Lanka  and to make them  understand that it is not just a mechanism of protection of the Government , had recruited 100 Tamil girls  from Kilinochchi to the Lanka Army Volunteer Force.  There had been 200 applicants and after three rounds of interviews the Army had recruited the best 100.

TNA MP Suresh Premachandra did not appreciate it as a genuine attempt in reconciling the Communities.  According to a report in the Udayan News Paper Premachandran had condemned it calling it a  forced recruitment of Tamils to the army in Jaffna.

In an interview with Rohan Abeywardhana  the Sri Lanka Freedom Party organiser for the Batticaloa District Arun Tambimuttu has said that , “the 13th Amendment and the provincial councils need to go as the time has come to evolve a more practical system of devolution and administration in their place.”
All that makes it absolutely clear that TNA  has no intention of working together with the Government for the  reconciliation of the  Communities and the development of Sri Lanka.  If they continue on that path  they become a burden to Sri Lanka paying them  salaries  merely to disrupt  progress and development, and separate the Communities, when every thing is being done by the government for the wellbeing of the Tamil people in the North and East. 

Finally, what have the TNA MPs done for  the wellbeing  and the  improvement  of the living conditions of the Tamil people who voted to elected them  as their representatives to the Parliament other than going round visiting foreign countries crying about the pathetic situation of the Tamil people and  asking their help to force Sri Lanka to devolve political power.  Is that what the ordinary Tamil people want ?

Therefore,  it is time  that either the TNA  give up their separatist politics and join hands with the government,  or be abolished as a political party as they serve no purpose as Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

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