Monday, 21 October 2013

TNA demanded devolution and rights of Tamil people - now they want to restore tombs of dead terrorists.

TNA was making the whole world hear that the Sri Lanka government has denied the Tamil people their rights. But now that they have come to power with a large majority in the Provincial Council election, they seem not to know  what rights to  give to the Tamil people, about which they were concerned  before.

The President of Sri Lanka and his Government during the four years after the elimination of terrorism under whose  iron  boots the poor Tamil people in the north had been suffering, went all out to provide them the facilities  they were denied  because of terrorism, such as  roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, houses, pipe water and electricity. 

The Government was interested in developing   cultural activities in the North and bring together the people of the North and South through  social and cultural  exchanges.

What was wrong in that ? 

But the TNA did not  want that. TNA wanted  the North Independent of the South.

The TNA since its winning the PC elections has made a poor show of unity amoung themselves-the  elected members of the Council, and  come out with most absurd proposals which have nothing do with providing the people of the North their so called rights which they complained had been denied to them. 

The North PC Councillors who lacked dignity, did not even  know how to   conduct themselves as  respectable and responsible Provincial Councillors. They did not know  the basic requirement  of taking Oaths as Councillors in a proper way.  They were lost  not knowing   how, where or in the presence of whom to take their  oaths as Councillors.
These ignorant fools of TNA Councillors not knowing  how to behave decently in keeping with their new Office, had thought what is more important  for the welfare of the people of the North is the  renewing and rebuilding the old  cemeteries of  the dead LTTE terrorist, putting aside  examining  the needs of the people and  provide them with the  services they are expecting from them.
 “The Chavakachcheri Pradeshiya Sabha on Monday (14) passed a resolution calling for the reconstruction of LTTE cemeteries in the area, coming under the purview of the newly elected Northern Provincial Council. The Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) run PS also decided to commemorate those who died fighting for the LTTE.”
These PC Councillors with their assumed importance, are    instead of instilling into themselves the responsible conduct of Provincial Councillors, act as a set of lunatics let out of a mental hospital. 

They are like lost  cattle, one of them went to a Doctor who looked after the mother of Prabhakaran  the terrorist leader when she was ill , to take his oath before him, and others went to JPs and temple priests.  In their foolishness with  assumed grandeur and pomposity, they had thought it appropriate to go an ask the new IDPs settling down on lands provided to them, for their deeds of title to land, whether they are Sinhala and to issue orders to them, that they have no place in the north and therefore they should go back to where they come from.
“A few days ago, TNA MP Siddharathan has come to the Temple and has threatened the Sinhala IDPs at the settlement and has asked them to leave Jaffna. Hiru reported it very clearly and how the IDPs were arguing with the MP. Sakunthala is the current leader of the IDP and she told …….. that several months ago TNA MP, Suresh Premachandra also had threatened them similarly.  The monk also told me attacks on Sinhalese have already started and Government including JHU are silent about it. This time they have lodged a complaint against the MP.”
It is now clear that the North Provincial Council elections should never have been held, until a final decision was taken on the 13Amendment.  No Western country would assist us , they will always try to  stop progress and development  of developing countries. Therefore the Government should not do any thing to please and satisfy the International Community. Because they will never be satisfied with whatever we do, but critical of all that we do.

We should now have  Army bases in the North and build houses for the Soldiers to live with their families, as it is happening in Cyprus where the English Army has a large area separated for their Soldiers with schools, Hospitals, and recreation facilities. 

“The British Forces Cyprus is stationed in  Dhekelia and Akrotiri in Cyprus. It is a tri-service command with all three services based on the Island.  There are approximately 3,500 personnel serving Cyprus.”

That will stop the Northern Provincial Council jokers from accusing Sri Lanka Soldiers for rape  of women, interfering into homes where lone Tamil women bring up their families, as the Soldiers will be with their families, and unmarried soldiers in special quarters within the Army base.  They should be provided with  all facilities such as schools , canteens, clubs, and halls for amusement.

The Tamils of the North, specially the Tamil political leadership should stop living in the past and move forward, not with a separatist Agenda, but with an intention of uniting Communities.  The future of the Tamils as well as the rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka depend in that unity making Sri Lanka the home of every one of us.

Neither the Western countries fighting for human rights in Sri Lanka nor the Tamil Diaspora who never had a first hand  experience living under the terrorism  would come with an honest selfless  interest for  the well being of the Tamil people or to defend them. 

There interests are self motivated.  It is time that we even forget about the LLRC which was a mistake in that the recommendations of the Commission were uncalled for , and created more problems than those we had. 

Reconciliation of Communities should come from within  each Community’s understanding that we are after all the children of Mother Lanka legitimate or adopted, and that our future development, peace and progress depend in acting as  one Nation.

The Tamils have different problems that make it difficult for them to live together as one forgetting their caste, religious and educational  differences. It is therefore better that the Tamils in the North give up the idea of a separate Tamil State, and flock together with the rest of the Communities to form one Nation to go forward  into progress, development and peace or regress into poverty and destruction.

In this respect a dear friend of mine a Tamil from Germany wrote: 

“Dear Charles, There are Hindu Strong cast system in Tamilnadu and among TNA.  Catholics are also maintaining the same system. Because  many Catholics Bishops and priests support LTTE and Tamil Eelam. They want to control the Tamil Community not for the welfare and prosperity of  the Tamils, but for their own comfort and gain.  

In south of Sri Lanka Tamils have equal rights than those in Jaffna. TNA & co have no chance in the south to show their cast monopoly. 

The problem creators like TNA &LTTE  have possibilities to escape into TamilNadu,  and Western countries or live in Colombo. Poor Tamils who believe these idiots have no such escape, other than to suffer by themselves.  Pirabakaren, LTTE and other youths who spoilt  their lives are not responsible for the present situation.

The Tamils who have BLOOD LIKE MP SRI DHAREN  are responsible.  GOSL must take severe action against such persons.  Who permitted Sri Dhahren to go there(Navatkuli) and ask about deeds for the Lands where Sinhalese have come to  live. “

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