Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Manmohan Singh, a Prime Minister propped up by political morons Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.

Manmohan Singh hasn’t the backbone to stand up against Tamilnadu to ask them to get off his back,  and for once take a decision of his own as the Prime Minister of supposed to be a great Democracy in the World.

A leader should know how to assert his leadership, if not he is not fit to be a leader.   It applies more so to a political leader who is at the helm of the government such as a Prime Minister.  A Prime Minister should not allow himself to be blackmailed  by a coalition partner  to do what pleases them in return for their support.

Our neighbour the Prime Minister of India who claims leadership in Asia suffers from an inferiority complex unable to assert his right as the Prime Minister  to take political decisions without fear or fervour. 

Manmohan Singh  cannot stand alone as the Prime Minster of India to take political decisions, even if he knows it is in the best interest of his country.   Through out the terrorist “war” in Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister of India propped up by South Indian politicians without whose support  he fears he will politically topple over, refused to take political decisions on his own. 

Even today he is unable to take a political decision  which he thinks is correct  due to his  fear that his weak coalition’s supporters the Southern TamilNadu politicians will refuse their vote at the next Lokh Sabha elections.

It is a sad situation for a Prime Minister to be in.  Apart from his office of  the Prime Minister of India, if he has any principles of his own, he will call the Tamil Nadu politicians and explain to them the political necessity to stand by a neighbouring Sovereign State despite any political disagreements on certain issues, and assert his right to take an Independent decision, as to whether he participate or not in the CHOGM that is to be held in Sri Lanka.

Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India should not behave like Stephen Harper.  Harper is a distant away from Sri Lanka, his refusal to attend the CHOGM in Sri Lanka does not have any political  impact in Sri Lanka or on Canada.  But India being  Sri Lanka’s “next door neighbour” the political impact of such a decision  to both India and Sri Lanka  is of a different nature.  

The elimination of terrorism from Sri Lanka  was a relief for India as well and the terrorist of Sri Lanka had caused a greater loss to  India in the elimination of a young and a promising Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi.

Further more the politicians of TamilNadu haven’t  got the political maturity to understand the implication in isolating a neighbouring Sovereign State purely for  sentimental reasons.  Therefore they have to be informed of their necessity to develop a broader political awareness to give India the leadership in Asia. 
Poet Laureate of Sri Lanka Terrorist

The Indian government cannot remain  “prisoner” of the whims and fancies of its  Chief Ministers, and  political morons like Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.
not an Opera Soprano Singer but a third rate Tamil film Actress turned TamilNadu Chief Minister

What is the political gain the TamilNadu State is expecting in holding its Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ransom, preventing him  taking a decision not favourable to TamilNadu’s sentimental attachment to the Tamils in Sri Lanka ? 

Is it not an insult to the Office of Prime Minster that Manmohan Singh  holds,  to be dictated to by sentimental TamilNadu politicians , and withhold his  right to take an independent  decision in keeping with his Office of Prime Minister ?

Manmohan Singh’s remaining the Prime Minister of India after the next Lokh Sabha elections is doubtful even with the support of Tamil Nadu, therefore in that doubt he should at least now assert his position of being the Prime Minister of the leading nation of Asia next to China, and attend the CHOGM  come what may. 

That is only possible if he has the “backbone” to stand up for his right as a Prime Minister.

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