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Sri Lanka Tamils an obstruction to Sri Lanka’s progress and development as a Unitary Independent Sovereign State.

In Tamil Nadu  the Tamils assaulting a Buddhist Monk from Sri Lanka

David Camaron said of Muttiah Murulitharan:

“First, I did not hit Muralitharan for six. Secondly, I think he was being quite gentle with me. I certainly could not read which way the ball was going to go and I was fairly lucky to hit it at all. He made a good point that a huge amount of progress has been made in terms of peace, stability and economic prosperity. His organisation is bringing together Tamils, Sinhalese and others to help forge the country together. He is doing amazing work and we should back that work. He also thought I was right to attend and to raise these issues. What he wants, as a proud Sri Lankan, is to ensure that a fair picture is painted of his country, and he is right to say that.”

Muttiah Murulitharan said more.  He said that David Cameron had been misinformed about Sri Lanka.   He said that  he is a Tamil, and he loves his country.  His family suffered under racial riots of the past where their properties were burnt down. That was the past he said, which he has forgotten.  He now  helps the country in its development making an effort at uniting the communities.  What is the use of digging into the past of Sri Lanka ?,  he asked,  Sri Lanka has now to be  helped in its forward march.

That was great as it was the first time I heard in recent times a Tamil speak out in public in defence of his country, his motherland.  And how many Muralitharans do we have in the South, though we have plenty of Vigneshwrans and Pakiasothy Sarawanamuttus.

Immediately the Tamil “cancer” reacted. The Chavakachcheri Urban Council passed a resolution moved by P.Sritharan seconded by Kishore  condemning the statement made by the patriot Muttiah Muralitharan, which was adopted with all members  unanimously voting for it.

They said, “ Perhaps, Muralitharan was playing cricket overseas when the Tamil people in the North were suffering and scores of young men and women disappeared. He has hurt the feelings of the Tamil people, grieving the loss of their loved ones, by undermining their struggles. Hereafter, we will protest if he held cricket training camps in the North and the East,”

That is the uncouth Tamil mentality,  the Tamils in the south too perhaps assented, because none  of them have so for made a statement pro or against Muralitharan’s statement to Cameron.

In a Sinhala village near Kandy I know, there is one Tamil family, all around them are the Sinhala families.  In the village they are not treated separately, they have become a part of the village taking part in weddings, funerals, religious ceremonies and even share what they cook amoung neighbours.  But when the son  of the Tamil family was selected to enter  the Moratuwa University, they preferred to send him to a University in Tamil Nadu.  It was during the period of  terrorism. 

When I asked why , they said “ we fear to send him to the Moratuwa University because of  all this  trouble in the country  ”.  It was very disappointing, a Tamil family living with the Sinhala did not have the confidence and the courage to send their son to one of the best universities in the country.

That is the mentality of the Tamils whether they are in the North or in the South, they would trust Tamil Nadu Tamils, more than their own Sri Lankan Sinhala.  How can we then expect this mentality to change amoung the Tamils in the North and East ? 

One begins to wonder whether it was wise to have had allowed PC elections in the North.  The PC system is already a non-productive, ill conceived system for a developing Sri Lanka.  In this context the PC in the North is a transmogrification of what it should be even in its present form.

The Tamils prefer to complain about their problems and find solutions from any white man embarking in their province rather than taking the government and the political leaders of the South into their confidence. It is alright to mix with the Sinhala in ordinary life but when political or social decisions have to be taken affecting their future they desert the Sinhala seeking their own kind.

This Tamil mental obsession of seeking outsiders to solve their problems is well illustrated  by Upul Joseph Fernando  in an article he contributed to  Ceylon Today :

“ Professed saviours of Tamils in the country have a notable series of succession over the years. First, from the start of the war in 1983, it was Rajiv Gandhi; it ended with the LTTE assassinating him at a political rally in Tamil Nadu in 1993. Thereafter, the mantle of acting saviour fell to the lot of Norway, which did it through its role as peace negotiator and the guarantor of the ceasefire between Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE. With the demise of Prabhakaran and the annihilation of the LTTE, the role of the saviour of the Tamils fell on India once again, until a new Messiah of the Tamils alighted in our midst, namely Britain and its Prime Minister, David Cameron, who have since been seriously performing the self-arrogated role at the international forum of CHOGM.”

Colombo Gazette reported that , the wife of former LTTE Trincomalee District political head S. Elilan  Anandi Sasitharan now PC Councillor in the North has filed a petition with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) over alleged threats faced by her and many of those who demonstrated in Jaffna during the visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

This woman cannot even for an instance  be grateful to  the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for giving  her the  gift of her life , peace and an occasion to lead a respectable life. What she is to-ay is the result of the elimination of terrorism by the Sri Lanka Government Forces. 
Anandi Sasitharan the terrorist
Had it not been for the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces she would still be leading a life in the Jungle uncertain of a future  taking chances with her life jumping from one ditch to another taking cover from deadly bullets.          

Sampathan, Suresh Premachandran, Sumanthiran, Sritharan, Wigneshwaran and the rest of the TNA politicians  whatever they have studied and what ever qualifications they may have, they are no different from Anandi Sasitharan, as they too  have the same simple retrograde Tamil mental capacity.  They cannot think beyond their Tamilness, separated from the rest of the global Community.   Where will it lead them, to another round of terrorism ?  When people are born with their unwholesome kamma, they cannot avoid their suffering.

Tamils in Jaffna have every thing to lead a happy life in a progressively developing peaceful environment.  But they are not satisfied. They say they have un-redressed grievances.  They  say they have unfulfilled aspirations. For the Tamils in Sri Lanka the other Communities do not matter, whether they also  have grievances and  unfulfilled aspirations do not concern them. The Sri Lanka Tamils are an utterly egoist lot.

They have no minds that can think independently out side themselves.   They are lead  like donkeys after the sentimental carrot of Tamilness held before them. They are  living in a hypnotic trance enticed by a single motivating object a Tamil Eelam. They do not realise that  if they were to set up an Eelam State in Sri Lanka, it would  be swallowed up by the well over 72.1 million TamilNadu Tamils, and it is  there, that their future would end, like being eaten up by a man eating shark. The Global Tamil Forum and the Tamil Diapora will not come to their help

Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan was the only Sri Lankan Tamil who joined hands with the Sinhala, the Muslims and the Malays in the demand for independence from the British.  It was finally after independence that D.S.Senananayake formed the Government of Independent Sri Lanka and admitted G.G.Ponnambalam in to his cabinet. It was thereafter that G.G.Ponnambalam  called for equal rights with the Sinhala, for the Tamils to be a community apart from the rest of the population.  Since then began the separatist agenda of the Tamils.

No Tamils either in the  North or in the South want to be a part of a United Sri Lanka.  Some of them want a separate Eelam State, while others ask for Federalism with the North and the East exclusively for the Tamils.
No Tamils in the South during or after terrorism manifested in support of the Government. Even when David Cameron went to north and supported indirectly  the Tamils call for separation, it was only the Muslims as a Community who  manifested against Cameron’s  foolish intervention in the North  making brash statements against the Government of Sri Lanka.

The Muslim Community understood  the hypocrisy of David Cameron,  that  in visiting the North of Sri Lanka, he was only carrying out his political campaign to win the votes of the UK Tamil diaspora, caring less that his unwise act would  damage the ongoing efforts of the Government of Sri Lanka to  reconcile the Communities.

The Business Standard of the 25 November reported,  A group of Sri Lankan Muslims today protested against British Prime Minister David Cameron's warning to institute an international inquiry into alleged human rights violations during the war against LTTE. 

The protesters demonstrated holding placards against Cameron at the central Colombo's main mosque after Friday prayers. They accused the British Prime Minister of being influenced by the pro-LTTE diaspora in in Britain.”

The Tamils living peacefully amoung the Sinhala and the other communities in the South do not have the commonsense even to send letters to the press in support of the government.  But they live silently in the peaceful comfort of the South without committing themselves waiting for the opportunity to back the pro –terrorist TNA and join the separatist movement  to set up a Tamil Eelam in the North and East.   We have an example of them in Wigneshwaran, who now even accepts Prabhakaran as a freedom fighter !!!

But the Tamils in the South who in their silence contribute to the cause of setting up a separate Eelam State in the North and East  will never consent to live in the Tamil Eelam in the North if ever there were to be one, but will continue to live their lives of hypocrisy in the South amoung the Sinhala and Muslim Communities. 

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