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Chief Minister Wigneswaran against ‘Sinhalization’ of the North and East.

Tamil civilians being evacuated from the No fire Zone

Chief Minister of NP C.V.Wigneswaran speaking at the AGM of the  Sarvodaya Movement had said that the people in the North are not against the Sinhala per se, but against “Sinhalization “ of the North and East.  Gihan Nicholas of Ceylon Today,  had qualified it as a “bold statement”, but coming from Mr.Wigneswaran, it is the most  “cowardly statement” he has made.

Because the two sons of the Chief Minister Wigneswaran are married to two Sinhala women, therefore it is perfectly in order to ask him whether  his two  sons have been Sinhalized or his two daughters-in-law got Tamilized ? 

I am sure they live in perfect  coexistence with plenty of  love,  with the two sons of Wigneswaran remaining Tamil,  and  his two daughters-in-laws remaining Sinhala.  We wish them  and their children all the happiness.

One of my best friends was a Tamil             and he was married to a beautiful Sinhala woman.  They were the most happiest of couples I had met. My friend remained Tamil(until he died recently) and his wife remains Sinhala.

The CM Wigneswaran is an ideal person if he wants to, to reconcile the Tamils and the Sinhala and bring in more Sinhala to settle in the North, to make him more at home in an environment  in the North similar to that of the South of Sri Lanka where he was born and lived all his life.  CM Wigneswaran is a perfect example to make the Tamils in the North not to fear “Sinhalization” of the North by the Sinhala people coming to reside side by side  with them .

In speaking at the AGM of the Sarvodaya he seemed to have forgotten that fact.  He also has forgotten that having been born in the South, living  with the Sinhala people, studying with the Sinhala students, working with the Sinhala, and  living side by side with the Sinhala families he has not been Sinhalized, and is very much a Tamil, like Sampanthan, Santhiran, Sivajilingam, Anandi Sasitharan,  and all the rest of them.

There are more than 55 percent of the Tamil population living in the South, they have their, Kovils, residential homes, Commercial Units, Restaurants etc but the South has  not become Tamilized, nor have the Tamils in the South become Sinhalized,  or the Sinhala people Tamilized. 

So what does this “bold Statement ” of the Chief Minister of Northern Province mean ?  He is speaking like a man who has been brainwashed by the TNA and hence forgotten his anticedents.

Perhaps it may be another way of taunting the Sinhala going on the old adage “Sinhalaya modaya. ”   No more Mr. Wigneswaran, the Sinhala will suffer indignities to a point but not beyond that, you can be sure.

The CM NP Wigneswaran continues, “We have no doubt that the Army is stationed in the North with ulterior motives. We see it taking place. Our lands are being grabbed. Our businesses are being grabbed. Our employment opportunities are being grabbed. How long does the government want to keep its military forces in the North? These are questions which must be posed by reasonable, ordinary, humane Sinhalese in the South. It is indeed their duty to do so.”

It is indeed the duty of the Sinhala in the South to cry out  for the Chief Minister, his fellow Councillors, the TNA MPs, and the Tamils of the North to hear,  that we in South want the Armed Forces to remain in the North and the East in greater numbers as much as they are in the South. 

Because we the Sinhala remained in the South trusting that the Tamils in the North and the East will remain peaceful, harmonious, honest and  conciliatory.  But they allowed themselves to be fraternised by the Indian RAW spies amoung them,  and allowed  their children to be trained as terrorists, unleashing terror in the whole of the island of Sri Lanka.

Do we want it to happen again ?  

No,  we will not want it to happen again. And we the Sinhala in the South want the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to remain in the North and East for now and for ever.
A Soldier in the No fire Zone a day before the end of tzerrorism 

The Chief Minister of the North his fellow Councillors, the TNA ,  and the Tamils of Sri Lanka should never forget that the Sri Lanka Soldiers who eliminated terrorism in the North and East and brought peace have become a part of the North and East anointing the land with their own  blood.

Some of these young Buddhist Soldiers breathed out their last breath in   the precincts of North and East in  giving their lives for the freedom of the Tamil people in the  North and the East.

Hence Mr. Chief Minister Wigneswaran if you believe in a soul, the souls of those Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers who died  in the North and East have already commenced the process of “Sinhalization” of the two provinces. 

Therefore, as the first Chief Minister of the Northern Province  after the eliminatiuon of terrorism, please adopt a different attitude than that of the TNA MPs of less education, and destructive political philosophies.

After the elimination of the Terrorists a new era has dawned in Sri Lanka.  The people in the North did not vote for the TNA. They voted thinking that you as an ex Judge who lived all your life with Sinhala people could change the lives of  these poor Tamil people in the North from what it had been before terrorism, during terrorism, and after terrorism. 

These Tamil people of the North deserve new hope and new relationships outside a narrow Communal system,  and end  having to live under the continuing aggressivity of the  TNA MPs. 

Therefore Mr. Chief Minister, please do not act like  a  robot manipulated by the TNA, but act like a wise man who can take his own decisions, being nobody’s puppet.

The Chief Minister then spoke  of media gossip of the anti Government Lanka News Web, “The latest we hear is that a former LTTE military commander is being commissioned to restart an LTTE outfit, subservient to the powers that be. Thus the ‘White Van’ drama could now be enacted by a different cast.” 

It is another ruse to serve on a platter to  the International interferers, of another possible means to discredit the government and making it difficult at the UNHRC Sessions in March next year.

There is no reason for the government to endanger the country with another round of terrorism even under its own control. The Armed Forces itself will not support such an adventure.  These are rumours that should not perturb any one, least of all the Chief Minister of the Northern P.C.

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