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The Endgame.

For thirty long years the people of  Sri Lanka suffered .  The people of Sri Lanka suffered as the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka refused  coexistence with the other communities, specially with the Sinhala Majority Community. 

The Tamil Community wanted to be different.  Because of their desire to be different  Sri Lanka  was made to suffer.  India profiting from this situation trained a group of Tamil youth to take up arms against the Sinhala and Muslim Communities, and terrorise the country.  India desired from this a separation of a part of Sri Lanka as a Eelam State, which it may have thought could take under its protection for strategic reasons.

The suffering of the people of Sri Lanka begun by the Tamils of the North continued for thirty years in with a flow of  blood, in which men ,women, and  children of all communities were massacred.  There was none to stop that terrible period of utter suffering.

Prabhakaran the terrorist Leader was not politically matured and took pleasure in  shedding blood for his dream of a separate State for the Tamils.  It was for him a game the children play, which in adult hood and thereafter turns to be more challenging  and disastrous, a game in which there is no turning back until the end what ever it would be .

Some Tamils were forced to follow Prabhakaran,   some followed him  blindly as their  hero – a film star ,  some followed him as they had no alternative, and for others he was a spring board for political power.

Tamils have no love in the sense of  a motherland for Sri Lanka. Their ancestors came from South India, to plunder, and take away whatever they could lay their hands on, and later some settled down, and ruled a part of the land, until they were defeated in war by the Armies of the Sinhala Kings. 

Therefore, the descendants of the marauding Tamils from South India, cannot have any great love to Sri Lanka as their motherland. It is for Tamils only a settlement where they would like to meet and be with their own community. They had to fight against Sinhala Kings who loved Sri Lanka and never wanted it divided.  Therefore the Tamils of today have no affinity with the Sinhala. 

They are still carrying on their ancient ancestral wars with the Sinhala. They want in turn to tear away a part of the territory of Sri Lanka  the motherland of the Sinhala people.  The Sinhala who love Sri Lanka as their motherland would not allow any body to separate it territorially, nor would they  like any  foreign power interfering into it.

It seems that it makes no difference where the Tamils  are brought up,  they will always have the same DNA characteristics or genomic relations to their ancient marauding ancestor.  CM C.V.Wigneswran is an example of unchanging DNA characteristics. It is the same with the dispersed Tamils in foreign lands.

The problem is how in this situation could one  make the Tamils understand deeply and philosophically the necessity for coexistence with the proximate  Communities  with less genetic variations, to  avoid interference by unrelated  foreigners with greater genetic difference which is not in the interest of the  Tamils or in the interest of  their proximate neighbours-the Sinhala and the Muslims. 

The Tamils do not seem to care:  “ Tamil National Alliance (TNA) legislator Suresh Premachandran said that his party would push their case when the UN Human Rights Council meets next March in Geneva. ………. for an independent international probe into alleged war crimes committed during the final phase of the civil war against the LTTE in 2009. 

The Tamils, the Sinhala, the Muslims, and the other Communities have a common interest despite their differences to unite, for every ones peace, progress and ultimate happiness.  The moment you let some one without any  cultural proximity to  interfere, then it would be the cause of every ones suffering.  

We saw it happening in Libya. Even with political differences the Libyan “ rebels” and the Libyan Government  had no difference, the moment the Libyan “rebels” called  foreign attention it was the hell that opened up, with the International Community interested neither in the “rebels” nor in the Libyan Government ordered the NATO Armed Forces to bomb Libya destroying every thing that stood erect.  Perhaps our Tamils in the North may not care even such an eventuality because they have no love for Sri Lanka.

But the Tamils do not seem to want to know this reality.  Unless the political leaders of the Tamils understand this there cannot be a true reconciliation.   No amount of bilateral talks  would bring about even a modicum of understanding.

The problem now is with regard to the Tamil leadership.  For nearly 26 years it was Prabhakaran who led the Tamils, some by force, some willingly,  some blindly, and others  to share in the “spoils”.

But now who leads the Tamils.  Probably the dispersed expatriate Tamils who inherited the vast sums of money collected and being collected to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka.  One faction is lead by Father Emmanuel –a Catholic Priest whose allegiance is not to a motherland but to the holy land in Rome

The dispersed Tamils of the so called diaspora too have their allegiance to the countries where they live and which they will never leave, but it is their part time activity to interfere on the question of Tamils in Sri Lanka.  They are the ones expecting to share in the “spoils”. 

The other faction, perhaps the  intellectual section is led by Rudrakumaran,  The TNA is only the Agent  for those anti Sri Lanka pro terrorist dispersed Tamils living abroad. 

But TNA has no leader.  Sampanthan is a coordinator , but he is unable to coordinate as each of the others take their own decisions. Sivagnam Sritharan is directly connected to the dispersed Tamils,  the rest iof them  Sumanthiran, Santhiran, Premachandran, Sivagnam do not form a  united team.  CM Wigneswaran is just a “puppet” he does what others ask him to do without a voice of his own.  Perhaps he is under threat to say what he says , and do what he does.

All their activities are to hinder the government from extending its administration to the Northern PC.  They will not consent to any thing that the Government requests, nor are they able to do any thing constructive for the welfare of the people of the North.  They go on with their “warfare against” the Government of Sri Lanka. One demands schools not to hoist the National flag of Sri Lanka, another  does not want to sing the National Anthem, another wants to have the Governor removed, another wants the Armed Forces removed, and another wants to celebrate the death anniversary of their dead terrorist chief.  It goes on………

The President requested the TNA to come together with the government  to find a national solution and achieve reconciliation.  But Sumanthiran  says that he does not believe that the Parliamentary Select Committee is the right mechanism to find solutions to the Tamil people’s issue.

Premachandran  says that TNA is  not averse to  restarting bilateral talks , but cannot expect any thing fruitful from the PSC.  The TNA MP Sumanthiran  Speaking on the Governments proposal to conduct a census to ascertain the number of dead and disappeared in the terrorist war, says the TNA feels that the census is not being conducted properly. They are proposing to have their own “census”  These are the issues that take their time, some as MPs and  others as PC Councillors

They seem to be playing for time, expecting some thing to happen at some stage or other.  Prabhakaran was also playing for time until the very end of the military operations expecting some thing to happen .  Whatever he  expected did not materialise.  Perhaps the TNA thinks they would be luckier.

TNA keep on insisting in having a civilian  Governor, complaining of the antecedent military carrier of the present Governor Mr.C.A Chandrasiri,  who is now a civilian. 

The TNA are against  the Military presence , because they complain that with the presence of the Army their women are not safe.

The government should therefore construct married quarters for the Military Officers and Soldiers in the North for them to settle down with their families, to ensure that  the TNA will stop complain of the  safety of the Tamil women in  the North.
The Tamil Diaspora is in the mean time exceedingly busy organisation groups and caucuses to demilitarise the North. Asia Tribune reported :
“…. Nimmi Gawrinathan focused on the alarming level of militarization in the North-East, in particular the impact it has on Tamil women. She said that the militarization is a “calculated institutionalized practice and pervasive ideology which has the ability to deepen the impact of repressive policies", and that militarization in the North-East has an “active impact on politics and social interactions as a form of state repression.” She stated that a recent survey in Sri Lanka found that defense forces occupied over one third of the land inhabited by the Tamil population in the Northern Province. 
She told the American lawmakers and their staff present at the inauguration of the 'Caucus' that interviews conducted (by her) with members of civil society highlighted militarization as the biggest problem facing the Tamil people today.”
The continued opposition to the Sri Lanka Government’s every effort to  get the NPC to cooperate with the government and allow the normal function of  the administration  in the North,  shows a secret planning in progress.  The TNA and the Tamils in the diaspora with the blessings of India, perhaps presume that in the continued  opposition to the government’s effort of reconciliation and the request for a dialogue, the Government  would be reluctant to enforce any drastic measures for fear of intervention by the International Community in favour of the TNA and the NPC led by CM Wingneswaran. They have thereby created an impasse.
What is the way out of it ?
What is  the  sense of being a Sovereign State if  it cannot govern its people according to its  Constitution, its Laws, and  tradition ?
If the International Community Intervenes into the internal affairs of a Sovereign State it is a serious breach of laws of Democracy, violation of the Human Rights of a Sovereign State to Manage its own Affairs. Such an act by any country of the International community  should be condemned by all Free Independent Nations in the world, and they should in the name of democracy stand by any Sovereign State whose Sovereignty is thus questioned.
The Government of Sri Lanka should stand without fear  by the Constitution and the Laws of the Country and demand the Provincial Council of the North to abide by the Constitution of Sri Lanka. In its  failure to cooperate with the Governor or act in any way in contravention of the Constitution and the Laws of the country the Provincial Council should be dissolved and the Administration of the Province handed over to a CommissionIf there is no such provision in the Constitution, legal advice should be sought to meet the situation.
Secondly:  the Government Should immediately take action to  remove the 13 Amendment from the Constitution, without any further delay.  If it is unable to get a two third majority of the Parliament then the Government should call for a referendum for the removal of the 13Amendment.
Thirdly:  the Government should take action to disband the TNA, which had continuously contravened the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  And make provision to disband all Political Parties with a Communal distinction.
Fourthly:  a proclamation should be made demanding the National Anthem to be sung in Sinhala every where in the Country, and the National Flag should be hoisted at all ceremonies.
Fifthly: abrogate Thesavalamai.  Bring back the former Sinhala Residents of the North and provide them with land and provide them aid to construct their homes.  Bring landless Sinhala people from South and provide land for them in the North and the East.
Sixthly: The Government Should consider moving a Resolution against USA and UK for violation of human rights and accountability.  It does not matter whether the resolution is passed or not, it would at least be on record.  The Government could repeat it every year.
The Government should not continue to give in to the TNA  or to the International Community, in carrying out its functions for which the majority of the people  of the country had voted  the President of Sri Lanka and his Government in to power placing their full confidence in the President and his Government.

The TNA,Tamil Diaspora , India and their supporters  should realise that a Tamil Eelam is only a mirage after which they are chasing.   Sri Lanka, will always remain an undivided Unitary State

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