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Barrack Obama a haughty man of high sounding words, Mahinda Rajapakse a friendly man of determination and hard work.

Barrack Obama knows how to use words making  phrases which are beautiful  and inspiring. However, his words do not match his deeds.

He had said, “ And when I am President, we will end this war in Iraq and bring our troops home; we will finish the job against al Qaeda in Afghanistan; we will care for our veterans; we will restore our moral standing in the world; and we will never use 9/11 as a way to score up votes, because it is not a tactic to win an election, it is a challenge that should unite America and the world against the common threats of the twenty-first century: terrorism and nuclear weapons; climate change and poverty; genocide and disease.”

He brought back the troops from Iraq  but increased US Troops in Afghanistan, and ordered more drone strikes in Pakistan. After nearly one and a half million Iraqi deaths due to US Invasion in Iraq,  he withdrew the US troops with only a promise to reconstruct the country.

The socialist reported: Obama's claims about America's "extraordinary achievement" in Iraq are Orwellian. In reality, the U.S. war and occupation further wrecked an already devastated country, left it in a shambles instead of the promised reconstruction, and stoked sectarianism between Iraq's three main groups--Kurds, Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims.

Barrack Obama got Oussama Ben Laden  killed under questionable  circumstances.  He divided terrorists into two categories those who attack America and its allies as terrorists and terrorists elsewhere as freedom fighters.  In Sri Lanka the terrorists that massacred children, men and women, killed a Prime Minsiter of India and a Foreign Minister and  other Ministers  and Officers and wounded an Army Commander  are only  freedom fighters for Obama Administration, who still seek to accuse Sri Lanka for war crimes for eliminating terrorism.

Barrack Obama  ran his election campaign with money coming even from terrorists from other Countries. Tamils for Obama who campaigned for Barrack Obama  are a group of Tamils in America who funded,  and continue to fund terrorism in Sri Lanka. Tamils for Obama is a terrorist group supporting the Sri Lanka terrorists  designated as a foreign terrorist group  in USA.  Now Barrack Obama is obliged to them and take their advice to accuse Sri Lanka for war crimes.

He captured the American voters with his  speeches inspiring them with  slogans “Yes We can,”  and “Change and Hope”.  His promise for  hope and change to the American people,  and peace to the world, propelled him  to the White House as the 44th President of USA on 4 November,2008 at 47 years of age.

Thereafter, he became very popular and gave the Americans and the world lot of hope.  He continued his beautiful speeches in different Capitals in the world  promising peace and equality. His idea of peace was apparently  not different from what American Administration had always proposed.  Peace through threat,  peace through recognising  terrorists as freedom fighters, peace through regime change in developing countries, and peace through bombs. That is what America always believed. 

American legal system is a shame.  Barrack Obama could have at least changed it to fit into a modern democratic system. A person arrested is immediately treated as guilty of the offence. Recently an Indian woman diplomat was arrested in front of the school where she had come to drop her daughter, on a question of paying a low salary to a domestic help. The diplomat was handcuffed and taken to the police and subjected to a humiliating body check.

Barrack Obama’s first act  after being sworn in as the President of USA was to sign an Order to close down the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camps,  of which he had  said , “ In 2006, Senator Obama spoke on the Senate floor in support of an amendment to restore habeas corpus rights to individuals at Guantanamo Bay. He argued that holding people in Guantanamo without habeas corpus is un-American, tyrannical, unnecessary to fight Terrorism, a potent means for stoking anti-Americanism and fuelling Terrorism, a means of endangering captured American troops, Americans travelling abroad and Americans generally, and a violent betrayal of core centuries-old Western principles of justice.”

But nothing came of that promise and the Act he signed, “ In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that detainees at Guantanamo Bay were due habeas corpus rights. Three months after the Supreme Court's ruling, four Afghan citizens being detained at Bagram tried to challenge their detentions in U.S. District Court in Washington

After Barack Obama took office, a federal judge in Washington gave the new administration a month to decide whether it wanted to stand by Bush's legal argument. In a two sentence response, the Obama administration sided with the Bush administration in declaring that those detained in Iraq and Afghanistan had no right to habeas corpus. "Having considered the matter, the government adheres to its previously articulated position."  

Barrack Obama had to give in to what it had been under Bush Administration.  That was  his  “yes we can” claim.  Barrack Obama could not bring the United States of America to the surface from the depth of the American Administration mire into which it had sunk. The Administration of USA is  marked by  a blind “ greatest Nation pride” and  authority coming from military power at its command.  The President Barrack Obama had to sink into the same depth as the USA Administration to keep himself alive.  He is adopting a mere survival tactic.

Now let us turn to President Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka, a simple man of the people. He was sworn in as the President of Sri Lanka  in November,2005 at 60 years of Age.

He was worst off than Barrack Obma when he took over the Presidency of Sri Lanka.  He inherited a Sri Lanka  burdened with an on going terrorism that had continued for over two decades.  All development work had halted.  The economy was at its lowest.  People living in fear of terrorism seemed doomed to suffer .  In addition to that the East Coast of Sri Lanka was hit by  a tsunami in which more than 40 000 people lost their lives and devastated land and property.

The President  Mahinda Rajpakse knew that it is not the high sounding  words as those of President Barrack Obama that was needed to give assurance to his people.  Mahind Rajapakse spoke slowly, but he spoke  words rich in  meaning giving  hope and confidence to the people that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel of suffering they were trudging  through. Mahinda Rajapakse’s speeches  were not empty words that flowed through his lips,  but they were meaningful , frank and assuring words that came  from the depth of his heart.

Barrack Obama could not make such speeches.  Barrack Obama though he used a  flowery language and delivered his speeches in correct diction they will remain just great speeches made in English language and go down history as such, but  what good  have those speeches done?  Did those speeches Change the lives of the American people ? Did they contribute to help the welfare of poor developing Nations ? Did he change the  American Administration  from being an aggressive, manipulating system, using threat against developing Nations who do not follow American political views ?

Even to give the American people an affordable health care facility he had to overcome an enormous opposition.  American political hierarchy wants American Leadership in the world , but not under a black President, hence  Barrack Obama with all his stimulating  speeches  cannot change any thing . His slogan “yes we can”  was a bluff.

Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka on the other hand contributed vastly to enhance the living condition of the people and take a country , assaulted by terrorism, suffering from underdevelopment, and  divided  by conflicting interests of Tamils and the other Communities, towards development and progress in the right direction.

Mahinda Rajapakse when he campaigned for the Presidential elections was aware of  the priorities he had to attend to  if he were to be the President and had a  workable pragmatic plan of development to take the country forward. When Mahinda Rajapakse was  sworn in as the President of Sri Lanka he promised the people that he would seek to settle the decades old terrorism in peaceful negotiation with the terrorists, failing that he said he would employ a military solution. 

Thereafter he said he will develop the country and reconcile the communities.  Mahinda Rajapakse true to his word having failed to get the terrorists for a negotiated peace settlement resorted to military operations forced by the terrorists who had forcibly closed the sluice gates of Mavil Aru water reservoir depriving access to  water to thousands of farmers. 

Mahinda Rajapakse’s determination to end the nearly three decade old terrorism resulted in complete elimination of terrorists in May, 2009.  Within four years thereafter he organized the government and the people and developed the country rebuilding the much neglected infrastructure- roads, communication, water supply, electric facilities, and building schools, hospitals, banks, post offices, harbours and airports.

Then the Tamils in the diaspora who had been supporting the terrorism in Sri Lanka by collecting funds, and buying arms and ammunitions for the terrorists were  discouraged by the unexpected elimination of the terrorists by the government Armed Forces. They began a publicity campaign against the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces accusing them of violation of human rights and war crimes.

This terrorist rump spend lavishly the funds they had collected and continue to collect to support and reintroduce terrorism in Sri Lanka, to buy the Western Media, American Senators, Members of Parliament in Western Countries, Amnesty International and other human rights activists demanding them  to send an Independent  International  Committee to Sri Lanka to investigate violation of human rights and war crimes committed by the Government Armed Force in the elimination of terrorists, and help the Tamils to set up a separate Tamil State. 

These pro-terrorist Tamils in USA formed into a group calling themselves Tamils for Obama. The USA President and his State Department  depending heavily on the complaints made by the  Tamils for Obama against  Sri Lanka   and its Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes , presented resolutions against Sri Lanka at the UNHRCouncil Sessions.

Barrack Obama the President of USA  faced a serious financial crisis, which he has still not been able to surmount.  He has also failed to bring back  all of the American troops as promised. He is therefore  loosing fast the confidence of the American people, and  is unable to continue to make the American people believe in an American leadership in the world.

Barrack Obama therefore turned outwards in search of a solution to rebuild his popularity amoung the American people.  He turned his attention to bring back  the developing countries now turning away from the American influence  and reaching out to  China and Russia- two countries which are more generous than America ever was  to developing countries, and willing  to help them unconditionally to come out of their state of underdevelopment.

Barack Obama in his effort  to reaffirm the American leadership in the world which it has lost to China and Russia is turning towards developing  countries with political strategic interest, and other oil rich countries with economic interest , along with  the Western Allies to  destabilise them , and change regimes by putting in place West friendly  puppet regimes, or bring them  under their control using the UNHRC, which seems to have become a part of the USA State Department, and other Human Right Agencies.

In the new search for America’s place for leadership in the world, Barrack Obama’s Administration  along with its Western Allies search for dissidents, and terrorists in the developing countries  who have taken arms against the governments in power, and arm them as rebels (freedom fighters) to fight against the government forces with the backing of the USA and its Western Allies. It happened in Libya, it was nearly happening in Iran , and  an American led war in Syria was avoided just in time due to a fortuitous intervention of Russia to make America and its allies see the reality of their folly.

Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka unlike Barrack Obama the President of USA has his feet well grounded in Sri Lanka and indefatigably search for the development of his country and bring together the Communities .  In order to satisfy the Tamil Community he declared that there is no more minority and majority in Sri Lanka, and made the country a tri lingual Nation.  Unfortunately the Tamil community is continuously kept apart from the rest of the Communities by a self  seeking ambitious set of  Tamil politicians.

The Tamil Community in Sri Lanka is suffering from a deep inborn inferiority complex which makes them “think” that they do not measure up to the Sinhala Majority Community, hence to assure themselves that they are better than the Sinhala Community, they continually oppose every move of the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse to reconcile the communities to bring the Tamils into the common fold of a Sri Lankan Nation. 

The Tamils of Sri Lanka opposed to any reconciliation with the Sinhala Community demand a province reserved  only for the Tamils or a separate territory for themselves as a  Tamil State, so that in an  environment  which is exclusively Tamil they will be able to shed their inferiority complex.

The Barrack Obama’s Administration and the Western Governments who cannot understand this “inferiority complex bias” of the Tamils, accept the Tamil version of the  discrimination of the  Tamils in Sri Lanka by a Sinhala majority government. 

Barrack Obama belonging to the American Black Community knows very well that the Black Community in America has asserted its  rights not by seeking to be a separate community but by seeking to be integrated into the majority white community, which the Sri Lanka Tamils if they are intelligent and not self centred should follow.

But, that claim of discrimination by the Sinhala majority against the Tamils is an opportunity for the USA and the Western Countries whose parliamentarians depend on the vote bank of the expatriate Tamils living in their countries, to implement their “ regime change manoeuvres” on Sri Lanka- a country of  strategic value against Chinese and Russian domination of the Indian Ocean. 

That is the reason why USA and the West  are going all out to discredit and destabilise the Government of Mahinda Rajapakse by passing resolution at the UNHRC in Geneva against the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes in the last phase of the elimination of terrorism .

The President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse, not having the ambition of Barrack Obama for a world leadership claim, remains calm and unperturbed following a middle path between assertion of his power of being a popular President of a large majority of his people , and giving into unjustifiable arm twisting of the Tamils and the USA and its allies. 

Mahinda Rajapakse’s ambition is to bring together  all the communities of his country into one great Nation of Sri Lankans.  In that commendable aspiration he seeks to establish diplomatic relations with divers Nations, from Asia, to Africa, Middle East to Eastern Europe while trying to maintain diplomatic relations, and  cooperate as much as he can with USA and the Western countries despite their constant aggressivity and unfriendly moves against Sri Lanka.

Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka has thus built close relations with many nations through dialogue and friendly visits. “Welcoming the first Sri Lankan head of the state to visit Israel despite long existing diplomatic relations with the state since 1956, President Peres commended his Sri Lankan counterpart as a great leader for eradicating the three decades long terrorism and bringing peace, reconciliation and restoration to the country which is not a small achievement.”
But Barrack Obama the President of USA does not believe in friendly dialogue.  He prefers to look at  the Leaders of  Sovereign States  of developing countries with his head raised high taking a superior attitude, while reasserting his equality with Western Nations. 

Barrack Obama uses his country’s military capabilities, and  his command over the Western Nations to threaten developing Nations and impose on them “trade embargoes and sanctions.  Cuba is under a commercial, economic and financial embargo imposed by USA in October, 1960.  USA has sanctions against, Burma since 1997, Iran since 1979, Libya since 2011 ( against parties closely associated with former Gaddafi regime) North Korea since 1950, Sudan Since 2002.

Jayalalitha said after meeting with Hillary Clinton, that  “She recalled a US congressional committee voting to ban aid to Sri Lanka unless it showed `accountability` over the `bloodshed` in the final stages of the conflict in 2009”.

We are in 2014, it was in 2009 that the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka eliminated  terrorism for good from Sri Lanka.  Since then Sri Lanka has successfully  marched forward becoming a middle income country from being a developing country . If Sri Lanka’s  progress is unhampered by the “jealousies” of the West, it would even  step into being a developed country.

But while Sri Lanka is gradually progressing into  2014,  Barrack Obama  and his State Department are still  living in 2009.  Barrack Obama has sent Stephen J.Rapp,  The United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues, in the Office of Global Criminal Justice at the Department of States to study  Sri Lanka's justice, accountability, and reconciliation processes.  Stephen J.Rapp had told reporters that, The US will seek an international probe into alleged rights abuses in the final months of Sri Lanka’s civil war against the LTTE under a third resolution at the UNHRC.”

In the meantime Barrack Obama also sends his Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal who had warned that if Sri Lanka doesn't make meaningful progress in addressing the accountability issues, the patience of the international community on Sri Lanka will start to wear thin and urged Sri Lanka to take some "concrete steps" to address the issue of human rights, accountability and reconciliation process. 

Barrack Obama is not short of threats and warnings to this small Island of  Sri Lanka which has a land mass of only   62,700 sq Km,  and a population of  20 million people. But Sri Lanka under Mahinda Rajapakse is doing far better than even USA in its  economic and social development.  Barack Obama the President of USA who visited India refused a visit to Sri Lanka.

Even his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  who visited the Indian State of Tamil Nadu to meet the Chief Minister Jayalalitha a decadent brainless old film star,  did not have the politeness to visit Sri Lanka.  That shows how much more respect and trust  the President Barrack Obama and his State Department has on the pro-terrorist Tamils expatriates in  USA the pro-terrorist Tamils for Obama , than to a popular President of Sri Lanka a Sovereign State which has a documented history of over 3000 years.

USA with such undiplomatic , ungenerous, inhumane threats and warnings  will only keep away the developing countries from coming under its influence, preferring the warm, friendly, generous  nations such as, China, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, and others outside  USA’s periphery of influence.

Barrack Obama quite unconcerned about Sri Lanka’s hard task ahead for its development and progress has rejected Sri Lanka’s plea for exemption from the oil embargo on Iran and…“ has asked the Government to dissociate itself from some 30 companies, including banks and shipping firms. The Sri Lankan Government’s request had been prompted by rising costs to import refined fuel products. Petroleum Industry Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa had sought some concessions for Sri Lanka to overcome the effects of the sanctions on Iran, but the request had been turned down.”
So much for  Barrack Obama’s generosity to help developing countries, despite his  “ change-Yes We Can”
On the other hand Mahinda Rajapakse, the President of Sri Lanka goes on to make friends with other nations extending his hand of friendship and generously offering  as much as he can afford for the welfare and the  goodwill  of the people of  other Nations.

On the 7 January,2014 President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse  opened a Vocational Training Centre funded by the Government of Sri Lanka in Betunia, in Palestine, and also donated books and computers to the Betunia Municipal Library.

In Palestine, the Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Maliki speaking at the opening event said .  "You're contributing to the livelihoods of Palestinians and for building a good future for them so thank you very much for that, It's remarkable to see a president of another country dedicate so much of his energy to another cause." 

Calling President Rajapaksa "a special, special, special guest," the Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister said the President's visit is "historic in all its dimensions. It reflects a milestone in the special relationship between Sri Lanka and Palestine, Thank you for your solidarity, your support and your love for Palestine." 

Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka recently hosted the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka, where a very undiplomatic event took place with   the head of the Government of Great Britton David Cameron who made his invitation to attend the Meeting,  made it an occasion to visit  the Provincial Council of the North on a fact finding mission to attack  Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes  at the last phase of military operations to eliminate terrorism,  and visited a pro-terrorist Tamil Press office, known for its false media reports against the Government and the President of Sri Lanka.

However in his speech as the Chairman of the CHOGM Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka said, “….If the Commonwealth is to remain relevant to its member countries, the association must respond sensitively to the needs of its peoples and not let it turn into a punitive or judgemental body……...We must also collectively guard against bilateral agenda being introduced into the organisation, distorting Commonwealth tradition and consensus..."Our deliberations in Colombo must lead to the greatest practical benefits for the peoples of a renewed Commonwealth, one that is engaging, collective and unifying, rather than prescriptive and divisive." 

Those are the differences between the friendly President Mahinda Rajapakse of  not so rich and not so powerful Sri Lanka,  and the haughty President Barrack Obama of  rich and powerful USA.


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