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Please do not say any more India is a friend of Sri Lanka.

India has a leadership problem.  It is living in fear of disintegration, therefore the Government of India has become a prisoner of an old Tamil racist politician Karunanidhi , and a Tamil racist old film star Jayalalitha  from Tamil Nadu.  

Both of them are full of hatred and without any sense of real politics.  It looks as  in India there is only Tamil Nadu, the  rest of the country has been overshadowed by it.  Where ever there are Tamil politicians there are problems, as Sri Lanka  has learnt to its detriment. 

Whether India could escape from this Tamilnadu trap to establish a strong government which could decide its foreign policies without having to depend on sentimental attachments of individual States to become a  leader nation in Asia is doubtful. It appears nothing would change even with  a new Prime Minister taking over reins of Indian government.

Already the manner in which  a new Indian government would prepare its future policies has been announced  by Vaiko- a  racist politician from TamilNadu who has made the Sri Lanka Tamil issue his raison d’être.  He had said,  “Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has assured that no military support would be given to Sri Lanka in the event of his party coming to power. ” 

Vaiko has already prepared  the ground for  a  future Indian Prime Minister to prepare his  Foreign policy to suit TamilNadu’s political fantasy, keeping India a lackey of the USA and the West, without ever realising that India’s future is in association with China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, and other Asian countries. India is a half hearted member of the SAARC.

We do not know what part India played in the elimination of terrorism, as it appears to be a well kept secret of the Government of Sri Lanka to be calling India more than a friend.  In response to  this exaggerated show of gratitude  India’s Foreign Minister Salman  Kurshid had rightly said that India is not Sri Lanka’s big  brother but only a political partner. 

If India had actively participated with the Government of Sri Lanka in the  elimination of terrorism, it was also in the interest of India as terrorism in Sri Lanka  had its fall out in India for which it paid dearly, which seems to be forgotten in Congress Party’s ambition for political existence.

For an outsider, India’s part in  Sri Lanka’s war against terrorists did not show any friendly partnership let alone the understanding of a big brother. The few instances that showed India’s unfriendly intention of letting down Sri Lanka when ever a situation arises were when  40,0000 Soldiers were  trapped in Jaffna  without transport and about to be attacked by the terrorists,  and  an appeal to provide  transport  was refused by the  India government. 

It was thanks to Pakistan that provided arms that the army was able to drive away the terrorists avoiding an imminent  disaster to the Sri Lanka armed Forces.

Secondly it was when India sold a second hand  outmoded radar system to Sri Lanka which could not detect the terrorist planes that bombed the airport in Colombo, and thirdly it was when India refused to sell arms and forbade Sri Lanka buying arms from China.  Finally when India stepped into the portals of  world leaders it  forgot the neighbour and  voted against Sri Lanka along with USA and the rest of the Western buddies at the UNHRCounil Sessions, and now tells India was never Sri Lanka’s big brother, but only a political partner.

Time has come now to strike off India as a friend of Sri Lanka, and  call a spade a spade as partnerships in war are temporary and soon forgotten after wars.  India always had an expansionist interest vis à vis Sri Lanka and nothing else, and was never a friend or even an honest partner if it had any hand in the terrorist war.  India promoted terrorism in Sri Lanka with RAW training Tamil youth from Sri Lanka in terrorism in special camps set up in India with instructors to train them. 

It was only when India realised that Prabhakaran  cannot be satisfied with promises and  small hand outs and asked for more that India became conscious  of the fact  that  in training a group of Tamil youth from Sri Lanka in terrorism, it had in fact created a Frankenstein which had gone out of its control. The first victim of that error was Rajiv Gandhi India’s Prime Minister. 

Karunanidhi of  TamilNadu played a principle role in the assassination of Rajiv Ghandi, but paradoxically it is Karunanidhi and Tamil Nadu that still keep India under their  thumbs.  India has also become a  puppet in the Hands of USA and the West subjugating its sovereignty  to the prestige of being amoung the high and mighty big wigs of the West, even if USA were to  denude its women diplomats  for body checks.

India is  politically so swollen headed in being with the USA and the West it does not follow the other South Asian Countries in international forums despite its membership in the SAARC. At the previous 22 session  of the UNHRCouncil in Geneva, from amoung the Asian Countries present  it  was only India and South Korea that voted against Sri Lanka.

India more than any one else knows that Sri Lanka did not commit any of what the USA and the West accuse Sri Lanka to have done at the last phase of  military operations against terrorism.  But India yet continues to stand with USA against  Sri Lanka to please Tamil Nadu politicians whose only political vision is the Sri Lanka Tamil problem of which they know nothing except that the Tamil terrorists were eliminated.

India now says, “… the Mahinda Rajapaksa government has done precious little on the ground. It is dragging feet on implementing recommendations made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) set up by itself. ”  India knows what Sri Lanka has done for the welfare of the Tamil people of the North and East, having even obtained the right to open a Consular Office of India in the North. 

Even if Sri Lanka were to implement  100 per cent of the LLRC report, USA and the West will still not be satisfied, as their agenda is the separation of the North and East to set up an American marine base for its Pacific Fleet in the Northern seas of Sri Lanka to control the influence of China and Russia in that part of the sea.

India has not even a good neighbourly relation with Sri Lanka and will continue with its expansionist intentions. Therefore Sri Lanka should take precautionary measures, in cutting down its political relations with India.

Salman Kurshid had  told a visiting group of Sri Lanka journalists, “ We are in an election mood. In election time it is not always easy to explain to people.”  Lanka should do things that will enable India to help it”. He has  added,  “…. While everyone realises that a 30-year conflict cannot be resolved overnight, Lanka cannot take 30 years to bring about reconciliation,…. Sri Lankans will have to find means to satisfy the world, while convincing the world that it needs more time to find its own solution at a pace and in a time frame convenient to it. ”

India does not understand that USA and the West take action according to a prearranged agenda of bringing developing countries under their control  to retain their political leadership in the world.  Therefore they will continue political manoeuvres even to set up governments in other countries, as it was recently reported:
US State Department Assistant Secretary for Europe and European Affairs Victoria Nuland was caught on tape last week confirming that the U.S. is now openly spending 5 billion US dollars to effect 'regime change' in Ukraine.Nuland told Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, she had discussed the plan with U.N. Undersecretary for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman and that he would appoint a U.N. representative to help move it forward.
And who is this Jeffrey Feltman? A career American diplomat, Feltman served as the most senior State Department official on the Middle East from 2009 moved from US Foreign Service in May 2013 to take the United Nations Number Three job, Undersecretary General for Political Affairs. (http://www.asiantribune.com/node/70986)
India wants to implicate Sri Lanka,  and will vote for the USA  resolution against Sri Lanka, and even help the TNA to set up the Tamil Eelam State.  DMK of Karunanidhi has  already instructed Indian Central Government what it should do:  "The Centre should not fall prey to the Sri Lankan government and should stand by the U.S. when the resolution against the Sri Lankan government for its human rights violations is moved in the UNHRC."

Sri Lanka can do without India.  The Government of Sri Lanka should proceed with long needed  actions  which had been withheld for what ever reason, such as the removal of  13A from the Constitution, demanding the closing up of the Indian Consular Office in Jaffna, and initiate criminal action against the TNA as the agents of the LTTE terrorists  for the crimes committed by them for 30 years.  These actions  had been withheld perhaps in order not to embarrass India. To-day the situation has changed.

The 13the Amendment to the constitution should have been removed immediately the Indian Peace Keeping Force left the Island. The 13 Amendment was included into the Constitution under the Indo-Lanka Pact. The agreement in terms of that Pact was for the IPKF to disarm the terrorists, and for Sri Lanka Government to implement the proposed 13 Amendment to the Constitution.  The Indian Government in withdrawing the IPKF without having disarmed the terrorists breached the Indo Lanka Pact.

Hence the Government is no longer bound to keep the 13 Amendment in the Constitution, even if it has already been implemented.  The implication of the breach of the Indo-Lanka Pact should be studied by our legal luminaries  in terms of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of the 23 May,1969, and legal proceedings should be initiated for a court order to remove  the 13 Amendment from the Constitution of Sri Lanka.
Secondly, The Government of Sri Lanka should  demand India to close the Indian Consular Office in Jaffna.  It was the Indian RAW that was responsible for the training of  the Sri Lanka terrorists, therefore the presence of an Indian Consular Office in Jaffna is  a security concern.   
Furthermore, Jaffna  which was the centre of  terrorist activities in Sri Lanka. It  is still not completely secure from terrorism as TNA the Political Party that has formed the Provincial Council in the North  was a proxy-party of the terrorists.  They continue promoting terrorism or terrorism like activities, such us not allowing the Sri Lanka flag to be hoisted at ceremonies,  not Singing the National Anthem in Sinhala, and promote  separatist propaganda  demanding the construction of monuments in memory of the dead terrorists. Therefore the presence of  India’s Consular Office in Jaffna is all the more a security risk.
Thirdly, the TNA had been allowed to carry out  unconstitutional activities without a word raised against them without  even a warning for whatever diplomatic or political reason. But now Sri Lanka is being accused by the USA and the Western Countries for no other reason but for the elimination of terrorism.  The TNA is largely responsible for instigating, fanning the flames of terrorism, and providing false evidence to the USA and International Community to accuse Sri Lanka as a violator of human rights and responsible for  war crimes. 
Even the  wife of  the  former terrorist Ellalai,  Ananthi Sasitharna is a member of the TNA and a Council Mermber of the NPC. She has given false evidence to American Ambassador at Large Stephen Rapp and the Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal. Though she is now  speaking for the rights of the women in the Northern Province her husband Ellalai was the recruiter of  Children for the terrorist armed force.
The Government should  now proceed to take  criminal investigations on the members of the TNA for the role they had played  during the period of terrorism.
Fr. Vimal Tirimanna CSsR wrote  in the Island of 18 February,2014:
“TNA was proxy to the LTTE for nearly a decade. As such, since the LTTE is no longer in existence, it is the TNA that should be held responsible for the terrible atrocities committed by the LTTE because they were accomplices to all those crimes. If the government is to be held responsible for the alleged ‘war crimes’, then for far worse terrorist crimes of the LTTE, the TNA should be held responsible by any "international community".
The Government of Sri Lanka should stop further bilateral trade agreements with IndiaSri Lanka should increase  bilateral trade with Pakistan, China, Russia, Vietnam, S.Korea, Iran and Bangladesh.
Our Minsters should stop calling on the Ministers of India to discuss internal affairs of Sri Lanka as it had been happening in the past.  The government should not extend the visa on arrival facility to Indians.  Government of Sri Lanka should refuse training of Sri Lankans in South Indian educational or Military Institutions.

Sri Lanka should stop calling that  India is a friend of Sri Lanka.

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