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Why the Delegates to the 23rd Session of UNHRCouncil should not vote for the USA Resolution against Sri Lanka ?

Delegate to the 23 Session of the UNHRCouncil,

Dear Sir,

Why the Delegates  to the 23rd Session of  UNHRCouncil should not vote for the USA Resolution against Sri Lanka ?

Because to do that would be  counter productive.  It is also a travesty of justice.   Why should USA move a resolution against Sri Lanka ?  In which way would it provide justice to the Tamil people , and Sri Lanka as a whole ? 

In finding a solution to the problem of the Tamil people, they cannot be separated from the rest of the people of Sri Lanka. But USA is only pandering to the Tamil  Community separating them from the rest of the communities.  Separating people in a country for what ever cultural, social and religious differences  is not promoting human rights, it is  an injustice in the highest sense.

But this is what USA had been doing in  countries like Yugoslavia without taking into consideration America’s own historical racial integration.

Honourable  Delegates, consider for an instance the Situation where the  Black-Americans which is about 12 percent of the American Population demand a separate American States in the south  like Alabama, Georgia, Carolina and Florida exclusively for themselves.  What would have been the reaction of the Government of USA ?

The USA would have taken drastic action against them,  with the Ku Klux Klan burning the Black Americans alive.

But instead of that segregation,  America integrated the Black Americans into the white population building one great nation of America. Despite that American experience why does America now seeks to divide communities in countries out side AmericaAmerica should instead be a unifying force.  It should instead of passing resolutions against Sri Lanka advice the Tamil population to integrate with the other Communities in Sri Lanka as it happened in America. But America is doing what is politically beneficial to it.

What is behind this USA move to present a  resolution against Sri Lanka at UNHRC ? 

The real  reason is that the  expatriate Sri Lanka Tamils  living in USA, Canada and in other European Countries contributed  to finance the  terrorism in Sri Lanka. They collected ( and continue to collect) funds from the Tamils in the diaspora, to  purchase arms and ammunition, military equipment  and  sophisticated communication  material etc.They thus assisted the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka to break away the North and East of Sri Lanka by force to setup a separate State for the Tamil people. 

A repenting terrorist arms procurer Sathajhan Sarachandran serving a 25 year prison term in US says, “ The rejection of armed militancy is a complete reversal for the Toronto men, who were part of the international weapons procurement network that supplied the Tamil Tigers, or LTTE, during Sri Lanka’s long civil war. (National Post)
When the terrorists were eliminated the pro-terrorist Tamils of the diaspora who had collected large sums of money to help terrorism were left with these funds, and decided to continue terrorism through other means for the  creation of a Separate Tamil State in Sri Lanka

They formed into  Tamil Front Organisations to carry out a well organised campaign against Sri Lanka, discrediting the Government and accusing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  for violation of human rights and  war crimes. They worked along with their Agents in Sri Lanka the Tamil Nationa Aliance, which is a proxy party of the Sri Lanka terrorists , to prepare the ground to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists, and eventually set up a separate State for Tamil people.

Some of these Tamil Front Organisations  in America formed a group called Tamils for Obama, and assisted actively in the  President Barak Obama’s  Presidential Campaign making financial contributions  becoming known political activists amoung the Democratic Party  Establishment. They were thus able to contact the officials of the American State Department,  and  approach  the American Political hierarchy  to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and  war crimes against the Tamil people in the course of the elimination of terrorism. 

They were able through various means  to get the USA and its allies to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes at the last phase- which was about two weeks  before the elimination of the terrorists.  But the actual terrorism in Sri Lanka lasted for thirty years, and the process of elimination of the terrorists by the intervention of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces commenced only in 2005.

Why then the investigation for violation of human rights and war crimes only for the last two weeks before the elimination of terrorism  ?

This is the question the Delegates should ask themselves.  

The reason Sirs, is that the terrorists from 1983 to 2005 carried out a systematic war of terror massacring large numbers of innocent villagers, men women and children in bomb explosions setting claymore bombs in buses , trains, and in market places.  They invented  suicide bombs that assassinated the Indian Prime Minister, a President of Sri Lanka, Several Government Ministers, Army and Police Officers, and wounded a President of Sri Lanka and the Commander of the Armed Forces. They used pistol gangs  to kill many Tamil politicians and intellectuals.  They killed the Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister using a sniper. 

All these and more massacres, assassinations, ruthless murders and crimes committed by the terrorists are well documented.  Compared to this ruthless well documented murderous history of the terrorists, what ever human rights violation, or war crimes that are supposed to have been committed  during  the military operations of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces during the last two weeks before the elimination of the terrorists are insignificant. 

But the selection of this  two weeks( the last phase) to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka and the Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes is deliberate as  in any war from Hiroshima to Sri  Lanka the most confusing period of a war is the last moments of the war as there is utter confusion , and eye witnesses do not survive to tell the tale. 

After five years  what actually happened at the last phase of the war  is over shadowed with falsehood, imaginary stories, prepared evidence like the UK Channel 4 documents, and even stories invented by terrorists themselves who have become ordinary persons washed of their criminal past,  like Ananthi Sasitharan  the wife of a terrorist Ellalai who recruited children  for terrorists forces, and now living safely in Jaffna.  Elected as a Provincial Councillor she comes now before the UNHRC  wailing about the crimes committed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the Tamil women.  

Five years after the elimination of the terrorts,  investigating into  what happened during the last phase of the war is inappropriate, as all that past is clouded and the resulting search  would only be imagined and invented harrowing tales.  Therefore, if an investigation is necessary it should be for  the past 25 years  and not just the last two weeks.  An investigation of the past 25 years of terrorism will show proof without any reasonable doubt of their ruthless crimes, and make it  evident the necessity  of their elimination at whatever cost , and what ever was the out come at the last phase.

In view of all that, what is the necessity of the USA resolution  against Sri Lanka ?

How is this International Investigation USA is proposing in the Resolution they are presenting help the Tamil people now ? 

Is it  to satisfy the conscious of those Tamil Expatriate Terrorist Front Organisations in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherland and else where outside Sri Lanka and their Agents the Tamil National Alliance in Sri Lanka, or is there an ulterior motive by the sponsor of the Resolution- USA and its Allies of the West ?

It is evident Respected Delegates, that USA has taken the initiative to move this Resolution against Sri Lanka for other political reasons of its own, under  cover of redressing any discrimination  committed against  the Tamils people by the Sri Lanka Government or its Armed Forces.

The resolution has nothing to do with the elimination of terrorists by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka. It has more to it than meets the eye.

 When USA State Department sent its Ambassador- at- Large Stephen Rapp, the Assistant Secretary for South Asian Affairs  Nisha Desai Biswal, or  even Navi Pillai, the UN Commissioner of  Human Rights ( not forgetting that UN is now an extended arm of the USA State Department) to investigate the situation prior to preparing the damning resolution, they went only to the North of Sri Lanka, and interviewed persons or groups  who were known to be anti Government or the known anti Government Tamil News Paper Office Udayan. 

But  the people in the South of Sri Lanka suffered as much from terrorism, and many former Sinhala and Muslim residents of Jaffna who were chased away by the terrorists now live in the South.  But none of these American or the UNHRC investigators visited the South, and speak to the people who had directly suffered from terrorism, nor did the visit the Media offices in the south as they did in the North. Therefore, these investigations were superficial and carried out to fit into an already decided plan of action.

This means that  all these US State Department emissaries were only a cover up as the US State Department all the time  knew what the resolution is going to be.  The underlying reason for the US Resolution against Sri Lanka is to engage with Sri Lanka, in a more cunning  way by sending International Investigators, NGOs, human rights activists and journalists with the right to move about in Sri Lanka unchallenged, have access to anti government  media offices and put as many people as they can against the Government.

It would then be possible  to  create a rebellious situations like those in Egypt, and Tunisia putting people against people, and  arm if possible the rebellious groups allowing the International Community to intervene and  eventually force the government to step down.
That is a possible scenario Respected Delegates, these have happened in Chile, Iran, etc. and continue to happen elsewhere.  USA has  still the CIA with all the know how for creating appropriate situations  to remove populer Presidents.

Are you allowing that to happen in Sri Lanka by voting for the USA Resolution against Sri Lanka to be presented at  the UNHRCouncil Sessions ?

If you would go through the resolution and  read the demand No. 5 you will note that it is to
make Sri Lanka subjugate its rights of governance , and policy development to USA and its its Western allies. This is a very high handed demand the intention of which is to keep Sri Lanka dependent and loyal to the Senate of USA, which demands the  control Sri Lanka’s economic and Security interests.

Under this resolution USA may dictate our choice of the political system of Governance, our economic relations with other countries such as China, Russia etc., and even the deployment of armed forces within Sri Lanka.

This obnoxious  demand No.5 of the US Resolution reads: (5)calls upon the President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests.

Therefore, as a patriot of Sri Lanka- which became Independent from British Colonial Rule in 1948, and which is now an Independent Sovereign State and wishing to protect that Sovereignty of Sri Lanka intact,  I request you to please vote against this most undemocratic , cunningly phrased resolution meant to dupe the honourable Delegates, to demand of them their vote to take control of Sri Lanka and do what it pleases with a puppet government put in place.

Yours Respectfully,


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