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America should change its divisive foreign policy to be a unifying force promoting peace, and bring together dissenting parties in countries.

This morning President Barrack Obama said he is concerned with the Sovereignty of Ukraine.  It is surprising how  President Barrack Obama while being  concerned about Ukraine’s Sovereignty, allows  his US State Department to interfere into the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka with an  Agenda of breaking up the territorial integrity of that country, and move resolutions demanding an International Investigation to inquire in to Sri Lanka’s elimination of  terrorism. 

What has USA to gain by harassing Sri Lanka

If it USA is concerned with the Tamils of the North of Sri Lanka, then USA should bring the parties together to settle their problems in dialog instead passing resolutions against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC in Geneva.

USA and its allies with NATO forces divided Yugoslavia without any concern for its Sovereignty. USA was about to intervene in Syria to help rebels to depose President Bachar el Assad and his government.  Fortunately Russia intervened  requesting America not to intervene in Syria as it was an internal problem. 

To-day the rebel forces in Syria are withdrawing, despite an opposition to the regime of el Assad saying  that they have not given up their battle,  Syrians have a respite during which  to evaluate the wisdom of their revolt against the regime of Bachar el Assad-their leader.

All internal problems of countries could be solved by the governments and their people  if they are left alone without outside intervention to help those who rebel against the regime in place.  Even in Thailand the situation is  changing and the opposition to the government is considerably less and people begin to accept that aggressivity is destructive and it is only a dialogue between the warring parties that may pay dividends.
Pro European Protestors in Kiev

In Ukraine the population  around Kiev  are clamouring to form a pro-European government and President Viktor Yanukovych who was opposed to it was forced to step down,  while the people in Crimea have requested  Russia to intervene to stop  fall outs from Kiev
Pro Russian Protestors

If America is wise  it could play the role of a mediator to stop belligerence and bring dissenting parties to ease the situation, but instead there is manoeuvring with a re-emerging “ neoconservative ” elements like Victoria Nuland  to break up Ukraine.  If there is an armed intervention from either side that beautiful city of Kiev will also be reduced to rubble by NATO Air Forces.  Thereafter it will not be USA and its allies who will come to rebuild Ukraine.
Dozens of pro-Russian protesters rallied Tuesday in this Crimean Peninsula city, bitterly denouncing politicians in Kiev who are trying to form a new government, with some even calling for secession from Ukraine. A Russian lawmaker stoked their passions by promising that Moscow will protect them.
“Russia, save us!” they chanted.

In a Sovereign State there is  always an  opposition to the government in power.  Such oppositions unfortunately do not follow democratic principles  of  constructive criticism.  They oppose the government to fulfil political ambitions to depose a government in place even if it were strictly to follow the  political manifesto on which they were elected.

Such political oppositions to  a ruling party awaits for an opportunity to  create a state of chaos making it impossible for the government to maintain law and order.  In such a situation more often there are the foreign interventions without respecting the Sovereignty of a country to support those who oppose the government  to encourage the “rebels” to fight against the government and use undemocratic methods to make the government to step down.

This is what happened in Egypt , Tunisia, Libya, and Yugoslavia.  It is exactly what is happening in Ukraine and Venezuela.  The American and European intervention is uncalled for in Ukraine. In Venezuela, American agents are behind the scene.  Such interventionists do not act in the interest of the people, but to fulfil their own political interests as it is in Ukraine where American and European support for those who  manifest are to ward off  Russia and breakup Ukraine

In Venezuela it is to stop a Socialist Government become popular within the area of American influence as it happened in Chile. It is still the Monroe doctrine of maintaining American Influence over Latin American countries.  John Kerry  saying that the Monroe Doctrine is dead is only a ruse to include European countries in a combined effort  for balkanisation and regime change in Latin American Countries.  America still maintains a  protectionist foreign policy.

If a country is  left  uninterfered by USA and its allies, sending their Ambassadors-at-Large to inquire into violation of human rights thereby  helping those who are opposed to the government in place,  the country will be able to settle its problems with its people in dialogue in its own way.  It may perhappen in Syria and Thailand, if the government and the people are allowed to settle problems by themselves.

It is inconceivable why USA, and Britain are all out to  destabilise Sri Lanka just  five years after it ended  a ruthless terrorism., accusing the Government of  discrimination against the Tamil population, and calling for an International Investigation into the last phase of Sri Lanka Military operations to eliminate terrorism. 

There is John Kerry the Secretary of State, with  the American Ambassador Michelle Sison,  Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Nisha  Biswal , American Ambassador –at-Large Stephen Rapp, 16 US Senators, David Cameron UK PM, and Hugo Swire Minister of State at the Foreign Office they are all there in strength to defend the Tamil people against the government. 

But strangely  none of them were heard of throughout the 30 years of terrorism in Sri Lanka when its people the young and old men ,women and children  were murdered, massacred, assassinated or blasted in claymore bombs or by  suicide bombers. Then there were none to sympathise with the Tamils, the Sinhala or the Muslims that were dying  in scores every month or so. There was none to stop human rights violation by the terrorists.

But after Sri Lanka without the help of USA, and the West eliminated that cancer of terrorism eating into it, the USA , UK and the rest of the Western countries come in numbers calling for International Investigation of violation of human rights, and war crimes during the last phase of the elimination of terrorism as if there had been no terrorism before that.

These interventions have become so nauseatingly offensive  as they are digging up old graves.  If they now find an unclaimed dead body some where in Sri Lanka, or a person missing or a  journalist not heard of, or  find  skeletons, the opposition to Government accuses the government and its Armed Forces as responsible. It is as if the Government of Sri Lanka is  doing  nothing other than killing and hiding dead bodies, and use white vans to kidnap people.

However,  USA is not without intelligent and wise people who could sympathise and understand the predicament of developing countries.  One such is:
Senator James Inhofe who tabled a resolution in the US Senate on behalf of 11 other Senators “ Calling on the United States Government and the international community to assist the Government of Sri Lanka, with due regard to its sovereignty, stability, and security, in establishing domestic mechanisms to deal with any grievances arising from actions committed by both sides during and after the civil war in Sri Lanka ”
Sri Lanka is only asking for  a space of time to recover from what it suffered for nearly three decades, heal its wounds and find ways and means to unite the separated communities, without  interference from outside to support the disgruntled Tamil politicians and their followers  to strengthen their opposition to the Government.

If not the USA and its allies will only  stop the progressive development of Sri Lanka  and  delay the  reconciliation of  the divided  communities.  Sri Lanka is progressing  at its own pace  reconciling the Communities and developing the country by a government led by a popular President dedicated to  the cause of the people.

It is time USA gives up its aggressivity and change its foreign policy to fall in line with China and Russia, and form into a union with them to help developing nations.  USA should stop its present policy of dividing developing countries and changing of regimes . 

Sri Lanka fought a war against terrorism and eliminated the terrorists five years ago, and let us leave it that as there is no necessity to go back five years to find out what happened then.  An international investigation will satisfy the USA and the West because the investigators would be men selected by them, and could therefore be trusted, but what can they discover  other than what the Government of Sri Lanka’s own Commission of Investigation discovered ?

Further more we see in the report which  is to be presented by Navi Pillai the UN Commissioner at the UNHRC in Geneva, that she refers to the report issued by the UN Panel of experts appointed by the  Secretary General of UN to inform him of  what happened in Sri Lanka during the elimination of terrorism. 

That report prepared by the UNSG’s Panel of Experts on Accountability without moving from the UN Secretariat was based completely on hearsay evidence. It   was not an official document but a report prepared for the Secretary General’s personal information.  Navi Pillai as the UNHR Commissioner has no right to present it or present  extracts from it, as it is not  an official document.

This report –the Darusman report states that the witnesses who gave evidence before the Panel should be made known only 20 years after its presentation. How could any one depend on a report stipulating such unacceptable  conditions ? 

Any evidence given by a witness should be presented to  the party accused to cross examine the witnesses. That is the law.  Any evidence without such legal access to witnesses cannot be accepted as correct.  Therefore the Darusman Report to which Navi Pillai refers is not a legal document, and the facts stated therein cannot  be accepted as correct.

President Barrak Obama, should at least now change his State Department’s  aggressive foreign policy.  The Government of United Kingdom is always prepared to help USA in any of its ill conceived activity. It is well known that Tony Blair the Prime Minister of UK prepared false documents to allow  President Bush to declare war against Iraq.

We therefore appeal to America and its allies to stop continuing to bully Sri Lanka, and grow up to be a reasonable democratic Government, and engage in a friendly dialogue with the President and the Government of Sri Lanka to settle problems on which there are disagreement.

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