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US Resolution a planned move to take control of Northern Sea of Sri Lanka for a USA Military Base.

US deploys fighter jets in Poland and Lithuania amid Ukrainian turmoil

USA and its close allies who never intervened to  help Sri Lanka during the terrorism under which Sri Lanka was suffering, are very active now  after Sri Lanka on its own eliminated a ruthless terrorism.  They are not only present but interfering excessively into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, and showing an exaggerated concern over  a violation of human rights and war crimes  during the course of elimination of terrorism by the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.

USA, its allies and its Agent  Navi Pillai of  UNHRC have left out 30 years of  terrorism under which not only human rights , but even the right to live of the people of Sri Lanka was in the hands of a group of brutal terrorists, to concentrate only on  few days of the last phase of the elimination of terrorism for an international investigation for violation of human rights and war crimes.

What does USA, UK, Macedonia, Mauritius Moldova and the rest of their  European allies expect by moving a resolution against Sri Lanka calling for an International Investigation , keeping in mind the fact that none of them came to help Sri Lanka when it was suffering from the rigours of terrorism ?

USA, UK and its allies who help ultra Nationalists, criminals  who revolt against regimes in place, and destroy countries where they think possible terrorist against USA and their Western allies will come from, are presenting  resolutions demanding an International Investigations, as investigations already made  by the instance of the Government of Sri Lanka are not  acceptable to them. 

We the people of Sri Lanka do not trust USA , UK and its allies as it is they who are  barring Sri Lanka’s post-terrorist  progress and development , by  putting the Tamil people against the Government and the Sinhala and Tamil people.

In that situation how could  the people of Sri Lanka accept any investigation suggested by USA and its allies as independent, honest, fair , just and impartial ?

No, such an International Investigation will not and should not be accepted by the people of Sri Lanka,  as  the motive behind such an investigation is not to find the truth of what happened at the end of terrorism but to find out to what extent the findings would  help to enhance the anger of the Tamil people  against  the Government and the Armed Forces that eliminated terrorism.

The USA and its allies presume that the anger thus provoked, would make the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka  demand a definite territorial separation for the setting up of a separate Tamil State, that in fact is the motive behind the USA resolution against Sri Lanka.

There is no other reason as the Tamil people in Sri Lanka had been before terrorism and after terrorism treated  equally  as citizens of Sri Lanka by the different  previous Governments and the present Government and  by the  people of Sinhala and Musli Communities. 

The separation of the Tamil Community from the rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka, had been a call that had been made by the Tamil politicians to fulfil their personal political ambitions, and by India with an expansionist programme to satisfy the TamilNadu State of India.

This separation of the Tamil Community is in the Agenda of USA, UK and its allies. A separated Tamil territory would then accept USA and its allies to play the role of a protector- a political‘God Parent” to such a separate Tamil State of Sri Lanka,  which would eventually make way the coveted control over the Northern Seas of Sri Lanka to set up an American Military base, to counter the spreading influence of  China and Russia in the region.

The Honourable  Delegates to the UNHRC in Geneva are not so unintelligent  not to understand this long term secret plan of USA, UK and the rest of their Western allies  presenting them the USA Resolution against Sri Lanka for their approval by voting in favour of it.

We see how things are  happening in Ukraine where the President Viktor Yanukovych, had refused to join a European Union which is on the edge financially bankruptcy, and thereby antagonised the ultra Nationalist Ukrainians. 
Russian President Boris Yeltsin, left, American President Bill Clinton, Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, and British Prime Minister John Major, extreme right, sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty during the CSCE summit in Budapest, Hungary Photo: AP
to: AP
The USA and EU are supporting the nationalists in Ukraine, to set up a USA friendly Government in Ukraine and certainly not for any love USA and its allies have for  the people of Ukraine.  But they only expect to be partners in controlling Crimea and set up a USA Military Base close to Russia
AWACS Nato Planes
One need not be a space scientist to understand these manoeuvres of USA, which pretend to be  enormously concerned  for the Tamils of Sri Lanka to the extent of passing a resolution against Sri Lanka (-which has at last  found peace after thirty long years of terrorism,) . This resolution  is also not because of the enormous concern USA has  for  the Tamil people, but it is  to enable USA to set up a military base in the Northern Seas of Sri Lanka.

Do the Honourable Delegates at the UNHR Council in Geneva see the parallel  between what is happening in Ukraine and the US Resolution against Sri Lanka ?

Of the countries that sponsor the US Resolution against Sri Lanka Macedonia is a member of the EU and NATO, and Moldova which is the poorest country in Europe depends greatly on EU for economic support. Mauritius is a country in the Indian Ocean and seeks  European support  to keep its multiethnic population contented.  It has a very large  Tamil Coimmunity, which is the reason for peddling an anti Sri Lanka policy,   and confirming it by sponsoring the US resolution against Sri Lanka.

USA and UK have become the most unfriendly  Governments  in the world towards the developing countries.  They step into destabilise these  countries, discredit democratically elected regimes, put communities against communities within countries seeking always to draw benefits for America and its allies  following its principle of  “to hell” with the rest.

Our hero of  South Africa Mandela  was a friend of  Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. He saw through the hypocrisy of  USA  when it objected to his visiting Gaddafi . But Mandela could not forget his old friend-Brother Leader Gaddafi  who came to his help when he was in need, and he would not  accept that the friend of his enemies demand abandoning his old friends.

It is said, “One of the first things Nelson Mandela did when he got out of prison was to go to Libya to thank Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi in person for all that he had done, Mandela made one of his most famous speeches while he was in Libya but they keep that info out of the main stream media, something else the West like to cover up is the end of that speech:

  “The eventual collapse of the apartheid system owed much to contribution of Muammar Qaddafi and Libyan people.” Mandela went on to say that“in the darkest moments of our struggle, when our backs were to the wall, it was Muammar Qaddafi who stood with us!”

That is what USA and his Western allies are.  They are an ungrateful lot who think first of themselves and others later or not at all.

The US Resolution against Sri Lanka,  and what USA and its allies are expecting to happen after getting the resolution passed by a majority vote at the UNHR Council in Geneva, have  all been well planned before hand.  

The first step in that plan is the Resolution against Sri Lanka and to have an Investigation into the last phase of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces’ military operations to end terrorism.  Of course the Investigators will be their people like Navi Pillai, and the result will be against Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces.

We request the honourable Delegates to consider well the motive behind the resolution and whether it is worth supporting the US Resolution against Sri Lanka- a small country that eliminated a ruthless group of terrorists and asks nothing from USA and the West but to leave Sri Lanka alone,  in peace and un-interfered to continue the development of the country that had been neglect for thirty years because of terrorism.

We trust Honourable Delegates to the UNHRC, that you will vote against this resolution of USA, and allow Sri Lanka to develop the country and reconcile the Communities at its own pace without precipitating in that effort merely  to please the USA and its Western allies.

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