Thursday, 13 August 2015

How can one vote for a man like Ranil Wickramasinghe when his election gimmicks are so childish ?

Ranil was interviewed  in two TV programmes.  One in Derana  360 TV programme and the other in Hiru Rata saha Heta TV Programme. In the former he was seen arrogant unsympathetic. In the second the debate turned out to be a monologue, Ranil   posing counter questions without answering the questions asked.

He did not portray himself  as a leader about whom the people could be proud. On the other hand  Mahinda Rajapakse has a magnificent stature of a leader whose very presence gives the people an assurance, and the pride of having him as their leader.

Ranil Wickramasinghe tries to throw about his assumed authority of the Prime Minister, which may go well with his UNP followers but not with the ordinary people of the country. He is the Prime Minister so what ?

Ranil Wickramasinghe where ever he speaks he shows that he is clearly not a people friendly man, where as Mahinda Rajapakse is a man of the people whether he wears his national dress or wears a sarong , tucks it and step into a field to work with the farmers.

Sri Lanka needs a Buddhist leader who loves his people , who is like them , and feels their pulse.  That leader is certainly not Ranil wichkramasinghe but Mahinda Rajapakse.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is a leader of some of the people, but not of all  the people.  He is a leader of his UNP followers, the Tamils who want a separate Eelam State, Muslims who want a separate Muslim province in the east. He is a leader of the Sinhala elite, who admire those wearing English tie, coat and trousers, of the Christians  and Catholics.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is also the leader  of those who are ignorant of high stakes involving the foreign stake holders in regime change, and know nothing about how the CIA, MI6 and  the RAW work, and those who are concerned only about feeding their bellies,  and loves small personal  enjoyment.

Mahinda Rajapakse will be shunned  by the Muslims, but still some Muslims are likely to support him. Because  Mahinda Rajapakse  does not discriminate against the Muslims and Tamils though the highly ambitious Muslims like  Rauff  Hakeem , Rishad Baduideen and Lathif Farook may claim Mahinda Rajapakse’s discrimination against Muslims. 

Amoung the Tamils too there were nearly 75 thousand who voted for Mahinda Rajapakse at the last Presidential election. There may perhaps be a little more enlightened Tamils who may vote for  the Betel Leaf and therefore Mahinda Rajapakse because of   extremist Tamil Groups TNPF and CFD seeking election besides TNA.

Mahinda Rajapakse and his Minisers, his family members , and those who are not even connected to him liked  exceptionally clever entrepreneurs during his time like  Kudabalage who made Littro Gaz a profitable company during the Previous government had been suspected for theft by Ranil Wickramasinghe’s UNPMinisters. But so far they stand clean without being stained by false accusations  outside legal norms.

Those nefarious acts have failed to help Ranil Wickramasinghe in his mudslinging campaign with an eye to get more votes for his party. 

Therefore the latest stinking mud he touched is the story being repeated at every UNP election meeting, that Mahinda Rajapakse had paid 200 Million Rupees to Prabhakaran to assure his and his families safety.  The story seems to give him great pleasure but it will only stain him making him stink to the  high heavens.

Some of these election gimmicks of Ranil Wickramasinghe are so inept and foolish  one begins to think whether he is fit for the high office he is seeking. UNP also got the Golfer Late Thajudeen’s body exhumed with a srory of a murder to find  whether it could be used against the former President Mahinda Rajapakse

Apparently nothing seems to touch Mahinda Rajapakse who remains absolutely clean.

Mahind Rajapakse did a mistake in calling for a Presidential election two years before time. Is that a reason for not allowing him to come back to save Sri Lanka one again after his heroic elimination of terrorism ?

What Sri Lanka and its people are up against today is worst than what it was under terrorism.

If the Voters make a mistake on the 17th August, Sinhala people will be occupying a diminished space hemmed between a Tamil territory on the North and a Muslim territory on the East.

And Rishad Bathiudding who illegally cleared Vilpattu for a Muslim settlement  is calling for a separate Muslim Administration in the East. “Minister of Industry and Commerce, All Ceylon Makkal Congress Leader and Vanni ACMC Group Leader Rishad Bathiudeen, too, has backed the call for a new Coastal Administrative Unit in East on 09 August.( The Island 13 August, 2015.

UNP Parliamentarians are already campaigning with the map of Sri Lanka prepared by Prabhakaran.

Tamil UNP Parliamentarian Vijeyakala Mahesvaran is campaigning with the Sri Lanka map showing the territory of Tamil Eelam and demanding that 26th November the anniversary of Prabhakaran and the 27  November the Mahaweer day to remember Prabhakaran in the guise that those were the days on which Mahatma Gandhi visited Sri Lanka.

 Ranil Wickramasinghe has not said a word against this, showing that UNP is in agreement with the Tamils of the North to give them their Tamil State.

Many times the UNP had used the word Dictator against Mahinda Rajapakse.  But it was JR Jayawardhana , R.Premadasa , and Rani Wickramasinghe who have demonstrated their Dictatorial  intents in imposing on the people their will , by proposing to the people what they think is correct and exposing to them only what they need to know, hiding their major Agenda of selling Sri Lanka to American capitalism.

Sri Lanka Sinhala please forget your political and religious affiliations and vote together to the Betel Leaf, to stop the intention of Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP Ministers to change the unitary status of Sri Lanka and make Sri Lanka become involved in a USA and Western Strategic plan against China and Russia allowing an American Military base in the north and perhaps an Airport in the South to keep away the influence of China in the southern seas.

Sinhala people of Sri Lanka  please understand that the Tamils and Muslims have band together to divide Sri Lanka.  It is now upto the SINHALA to come together to stop this by:

Voting to the candidates contesting under the BETEL LEAF.

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