Sunday, 16 August 2015

UPFA-therefore Mahinda Rajapakse will win the elections with a large majority-assuring Ranil Wicramasinghe of his 30th Election Defeat.

who is the greater Sinhalaya ?
Before turning to the subject of this article it is important to point out how undemocratic is Ranil Wickrmasinge.  Because he did not like the questions put to him at the Derana 360 political programme, the UNP has used its power to undemocratically stop internet access to  Derana.

A friend who does astrology as a hobby for his pleasure telephoned me this evening ,saying that there is some good news to give me. He said that he has found with all calculations possible  that the  people will vote for the Betel Leaf in large numbers, therefore no one can stop a comfortable win for Mahinda Rajapakse.

He says  except for any last minute fraudulent act –a computer jilmart, by the UNP in coordination with foreign CIA, MI6, and  RAW computer experts to falsify vote count, under normal circumstances Mahinda Rajapakse is sure to win. I  believe him.

One can be absolutely sure despite all these stories about fraud, bribery and corruption UNP had been raising hell since the 9th January, 2015,  that Mahinda Rajapakse  is not a corrupt leader.

We can say that with certainty as  UNP is  vindictive, revengeful and would not have left any stone unturned  with its FCID,  all the contacts Mangala Samaraweera had with foreign investigators of corrupt deals, all the experts of CIA, MI6 and RAW, to find even the most feeble evidence possible to inculpate Mahinda Rajapakse or any one they may have taken to interrogate , investigate and drill.

They may have examined files, letters, and documents, they may have checked the telephones, Desktop computers,  laptops and Ipads. But they  have not found an iota of evidence against any of the persons they arrested, interrogated, investigated.
They have found absolutely nothing ,  any thing even reasonably doubtful. 

If they had found the slightest evidence against any one of them , they would have turned the country upside down to hail their victory  and  done every thing possible to howl Mahinda Rajapakse or any one they would have found guilty before a tribunal to prove criminal charges of corruption.

They would have done hell with their Judges.        

But where, where are the fraudsters, bribe taker, corrupt Ministers or officials ?
Our Present Leaders
Evidently there is none.  That is why Ranil is now obsessed with another story about Mahinda Rajapakse paying 200 million Rupees to the terrorists.  It is the same story . Sling mud and say HORA,HORA.

 That is what Ranil studied for one year in America, but no one in Sri Lanka swallows those ropes of his.  He is trying to invent another story of  the murder of Thajudeen to find out whether he could smear Rajapakses with that story.  

Time is up Ranil.  Your days are numbered.  It is time you prepare for the 30the election defeat.

Ranil denied that there is no proposal to make any one  pay a tax for water, but a cabinet paper has been prepared  on a proposal by Rauf Hakeem to set up a River Basin Managing Authority, where every one including the Farmers will have to pay a Taxe for using water. 

There is also a proposal to handover public Hospitals to a Private Company where people have no more free medical services,  and they will have to pay even to remove dead body from a hospital.

Colombo District UNP candidate and economist Dr Harsha de Silva yesterday said that a sharp increase in state tax revenue should be a priority to the next administration elected at the August 17 parliamentary polls.(The Sunday Island)

This is what it would be under a future capitalist UNP Government . The people are therefore pre- warned what the “Wenasa” (change ) would be after 18 August, if UNP would come back to power.

“As the month-long campaign for the August 17 Sri Lankan parliamentary elections closed this weekend, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe warned of a constitutional logjam if Mahinda Rajapaksa becomes Prime Minister.“No Prime  Minister can take the country forward while being at loggerheads with the President,” Wickremesinghe said, alluding to the on-going public spat between his rival, former President Rajapaksa, and the incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena.  (India Express)”
Wrong again. This is good for people who knows nothing of world politic. In France the Republican Prime Minister Jacques Chirac got along very well with the Socialist President Francois Mitterrand.  There was no constitutional logjam.  They had political difference but they did not let France suffer because of that.
But it has become evident to very close observers that, there are some things really wrong in the “heads” of President Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe. President Sirisena shows  anxiety and fear over a likely win of Mahinda Rajapakse, which is becoming more and more evident as days pass by.
The first sign of it was  President Sirisena’s first warning that Mahinda Rajapakse will not be made the Prime Minister even if he were to win.  The second was the long letter addressed directly to Mahind Rajapakse.  The last was when he addressed the Committee to hold free and fair election.
All those addresses and the letter show confusion in President Sirisena’s mind almost a psychological anxiety disorder. 
The worst of it came yesterday with the sacking of the Secretary Generals of SLFP and UPFA and appointing two new Secretaries. It is certainly a sign of a serious mental problem. President Sirisena is  frightened of loosing his importance with the coming of some one with a greater popularity and a commanding personality, who stands tall and high amoung  the people, making the other a mere Lilliputian, with no personality or stature.
victims of  an inferiority complex
Any way all these  surprises by  both the President Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe  will only redouble Mahind Rajapakse’s popularity amoung the people., making them all vote for the Betel Leaf.
In the mean time the most ridiculous couple to usurp the political scene Champika Ranawaka and  Anura Kumara Dissanayake are moving to remove both the MP and the civic rights of Mahinda Rajapakse.
one turned traitor after eating hoppers and Champika after eating kiri bath!
It is exceptional seeing that man Mahinda Rajapakse at close quarters.  He is a remarkable man, extremely gentle and pleasant with a broad smile brightening his face.  Seeing him one could imagine the Maha  Sinhala Yodayo of the South who fought Elara the Cholan King. Seeing his regal figure one cannot help wonder whether Mahinda Rajapakse is perhaps a re-incarnation of King Dutugemunu. 
who wants Sri Lanka divided ? No one then vote for the Betel Leaf
Mahinda Rajapakse  is certainly not a cowered like Champika Ranawaka and  Anura Kumara Dissanayake  singing hosannas to President Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasingh to keep their political places,  one as a Minister, the other hoping to become the leader of the Opposition.  Champika Ranawaka cannot  even be compared to the good Tamil King Elara, but both can be reincarnations  of the cruel Tamil Kalinga Magah who terrorised the Sinhala for 21 years..
Mahinda Rajapaksa is not the sort of man who will pay money to Prabhakaran or any one else  to keep him and his family safe. Mahinda Rajapakse is the one and only Sinhala Political Leader who risked his life and the life of his family to save the country from the terrorist and deliver the people Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims from terrorism and gave them peace and security.
When the moon is bright and full in the sky the dogs bark.  This is  how they have barked to the unreachable greatness of Mabhinda Rajapakse
“United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) General Secretary and Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka addressing a press briefing last Tuesday said that the former President would lose not only his MP post but also his civic rights for violation of the Clause No: 157 of the Constitution.He said the Constitution clearly says that aiding and abetting a terrorist outfit is an offense that could result in the loss of civic rights for seven years. “The former president Mahinda Rajapaksa would be stripped of his civic rights if he was found guilty of misappropriating Tsunami funds and funding the LTTE which fought for separatism,” the Minister added.These sentiments were echoed by JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayaka almost three weeks ago in an exclusive interview with The Nation. The JVP leader said that the allegations on funding the LTTE through the Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) headed by former MP Tiran Alles will be investigated, regardless of who comes to power.”


Dayan said...

You worthless old man, you have so much hatred. I pity you.

Dayan said...

Since your friend who practices astrology as a hobby could not have been wrong, I guess the UPFA used a jilmart to win. What can we do to return our god rajapaksa to power my friend?

Charles.S.Perera said...

Dear Dayan, Thanks again for the two comments. You comments is not worth the time you have taken to post it . Think before you write and give reasons for your conclusions. It is always good to write but what you write aught to be general without being spiteful and personal. Your comment should be a window that would show your intelligence and your own worthiness. That is on your first comment and now on the second my friend likes astrology. That is his hobby. We always think that what we analyse and present as probable may come right. If it comes right , well and good , if not we regret and forget, hoping to be careful next time.You know seriously a jilmart cannot be ruled out. I have read people writing about it. Do not worry Rajapakse has to come back, if not him some one like him to put right all the wrongs that had been done since 8th January,2015.