Thursday, 27 October 2016

Who would be President USA-Republican Trump or Democratic Clinton ?

Does it really matter ? There is little difference between the Republicans and Democrats. Both want unchallenged world leadership for America. Both want a foreign policy beneficial to America. There is little concern even for the American people whose financial, health, and moral standards remain low. The rich enjoy themselves while the poor suffer. There is racism, class difference, and a considerable gap between the rich and the poor. Their foreign policy is to interfere into internal affaires of foreign sovereign states, with the aim of changing regimes to set up governments acceptable to USA.

There were three debates between the two Presidential Candidates. Trump the Republican was inapt to  meet the arguments put forward fluently and with confidence by the Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump was acting foolishly interrupting and making odd remarks at inappropriate times in the debate.  But Trump the Republican  had more acceptable statements on foreign policy,  following of which would make American State Department contribute more positively to other developing Nations in the world. Trump is willing to work with Russia setting aside  political differences.

The Democratic President Barrack Obama came from an under privileged American background. As a young graduate out of University he was working with  social welfare  groups to ameliorate the living conditions of both poor white and black Americans living in poor and insalubrious environments.

When he was a Senator he represented the people whose voice was not heard in the political hierarchy.  Therefore when he became the President not only the Americans but also the foreign countries  victims of American State Department’s aggressive foreign policies,  hoped for a changed America both at home and abroad.

His ability to speak out in clear, forceful, and attractive language won him over to the people, both intelligent intellectuals and the poor black Americans, and the people of the world. He promised lot of changes to the political system. He began by ordering the close of the Guantanamo Camp and promising to bring back the American soldiers. But he was soon disappointed. Unable to go against the American established system, he had to fall in line with it.

That was the unfortunate circumstances, once elected as the  President he became a  part of the establishment, a pawn on the chequerboard of American State Department . Barrack Obama came with the slogan “Yes We Can”, but he failed to deliver what people both the Americans and the people of the countries outside America wanted of him.   .

But he was soon to realise that America is after all not what he expected it to be. USA wanted only that which the American State Department wanted. It had always been so and will remain so. Therefore whether Trump wins or Hillary Clinton wins it will not have great difference within, or in the world outside.

It was Hillary Clinton who  raised her voice as the Secretary of State to say that all terrorists are not the same. There were  their terrorists, and terrorists of other countries. The State Department under Hillary Clinton was saying clear and loud that those who take arms against America and its European friends are terrorists, while others are rebels and freedom fighters fighting against the elected governments seeking freedom  of expression of their political views. That suited USA , it helped them to change regimes, divide countries, or even create new Sovereign states.

Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State was all out to change the  Rajapakse regime in Sri Lanka . She was against  Rajapakse Regime as it did not bow to the wishes of USA  to accord a  cease fire during the terrorists war to allow the foreign ministers of UK, France and Sweden to go to the war zone. She was arrogant, vicious, and  undiplomatic even to pay an unofficial visit to a Chief Minister of India Jayalalaitha to spite Sri Lanka and make the rift between India and Sri Lanka greater.

Hillary Clinton did not fail to generalise rape and violence against women as an arm in conflict situations: “Clinton chaired the UN Security Council session on 30 September 2009 when it adopted Resolution 1888, which dealt with conflict-related sexual violence.The official transcript of her address contained this: "We've seen rape used as a tactic of war before in Bosnia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere. In too many countries and in too many cases, the perpetrators of this violence are not punished, and so this impunity encourages further attacks". This is not an off-the-cuff remark – she was reading a prepared speech to a session of which she was the chair.” (Padraig Colman in Ceylon Today 2016).

Barrack Obama , Hillary Clinton and the State Department Staff sitting in the White House gloated over American Navy Seals trespassing into Pakistan and murdering Osama Ben Laden before his family.

George Bush got the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair to write a false report to declare war against Sadam Hussain. They lied that Iraq possessed  Weapons of Mass Destruction. Similarly Barrack Obama and his European Allies lied  to  the UN Security Council to get its sanction  to  survey the space over Libya to bomb the country to rubbles. Then they allowed the rebels to hunt Colonel Gaddafi the leader of Libya like an animal and torture him   before he was killed.

Barrack Obama and his European Allies using their NATO Armed Forces wanted to repeat what they did in Libya in Syria as well, but fortunately Russia intervened to stop the same unfortunate fate of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi  come over  the Syrian Leader Bachar el-Assad.

Using Ukraine as a springboard USA and EU carry out sanctions against Russia.  Hillary Clinton as President will continue this  disastrous war against Russia,  as well as  on developing nations which refuse to toe their political  line.

Hillary Clinton in her third debate with Donald Trump, showed what she would be if se is elected President in pointing accusingly at Trump’s close connection with the Russian Leader Vladimir Putin. Clinton  accused the Russian leader for interfering into American elections and sending a host of spies. That is nothing new to USA, Hillary Clinton knew that USA State Department interferes all the time into internal affairs of other countries to destabilise governments and for regime Change.

The world needs peace. The main barrier for world peace is America. America craves to command the world and does not want any other power-China or Russia challenging the leadership it assumes in the world. 

It is USA that is responsible for the rising of Islamic extremism. Now the ISIS has become their nightmare.  But the US and the West do not know how to play their cards to end terrorism. Their bombs will only enhance  acts of extremism in the world.

Their only solution for the world is creating more and more satellite states like Sri Lanka. USA is  now using “economic hit men” to destabilise countries and keep them indebted to the West. The Economic Hit Men come as economic advisers, businessmen, or philanthropists and proposes development projects etc., which at the end leave the countries in debt to the USA and the West.

In the light of this perhaps Donald Trump could proposes other means of development burying the hatchet between America and Russia and propose peaceful coexistence. But that cannot be expected from war Mongers like Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton.

If Hillary Clinton wants to make USA different, she should begin by changing the State Department completely, and recruit young Americans who are not for war but for peace with every country in the world. She should have a new State Department which is willing to make America a peace loving nation.

America should accept armed rebellion against  elected Governments as  terrorism. No rebel who takes arms against an elected government could be a freedom fighter. Every rebellious groups has the right to negotiate instead of taking guns to demand their tights. The moment they take arms they become terrorists as they are using terror to win their rights.

America should not use or instigate its European allies to resort to economic sanction against countries that do not agree with them. USA should allow the UN to play its roll without “buying” it over to carry out the dictates of USA or any one of its Allies, as UNO had been hitherto under Ban-Ki Moon.

If we could expect these positive reforms from Hillary Clinton,  her Presidency would be most welcome, otherwise the world will see no difference other than continuous war, aiding and abetting rebels to change regimes, move economic sanctions and infiltrate into sovereign states to change regime and make the people in those countries worst off than under their own elected Governments with what ever defects.

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