Wednesday, 26 April 2017

France which I Love, next to my motherland Sri Lanka

France which was attacked once again by the terrorists for the forth time this year, now lives  in constant fear  not knowing  when and where would be the next attack and how many would be the innocent lives that would be  taken away to satisfy the God of the faith blinded terrorists.  There were 12 terrorists attacks since 2016 which left  89 lives lost and many wounded.

In the face of the rise of nationalism France is gathering forces to burying their political differences to defeat  nationalism at all cost. This should be an example to Sri Lanka in the face of  the threat of Tamil racism which should be barred not by a foolish reconciliation process, but by rejecting the demands  of the Tamils, and  the Sinhala people uniting burying their political differences to protect and secure their religious and cultural heritage.

The protection of the  religious and cultural heritage of the majority Sinhala  would naturally be the protection of the rights , religions and the cultures of the minorities. 

The Tamils have no specials rights over and above the Sinhala and Muslim people.  The Tamils of yesterday and today are responsible for suffering of the people of Sri Lanka through a ruthless terrorism. Therefore today the Sri Lanka Tamils have to learn to live with the Sinhala and Muslims sharing their rights and priviledges., without making absurd demands for reconciliation and a separate identity.

France paid homage to the Police officer who was assassinated by the Islamist terrorists  on the 22 of April, 2017 wounding two others . The whole of France wept this horrific terrorist attack, which reminded me of  not one, such murder , but massacres  of police officers military officers soldiers and innocent civilians  in thousands  every now and then for thirty years by ruthless Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka, which these French people and the French Government did not morn.

The French Government then instead of condemning that terrorism in Sri Lanka sought to defend and even save the terrorists when the government was carrying out a successful military operation to eliminate terrorists.

Bernard Kushner the Foreign Minister of France  went along with  David Miliband the Foreign Minister of UK to Sri Lanka to demand the Government of Sri Lanka to stop military operation against terrorists. 

The Sri Lanka terrorists  were not terrorists for France then, as they were not a threat to France, UK , USA or other European countries.

Therefore I wondered whether Sri Lanka should sympathise with France as those terrorists  of France are still not a threat to Sri Lanka

But Sri Lanka, unlike France USA and the other Europeans feel sad for the  French Families which  lost their near and dear ones through this detestable inhuman terrorism,  as the people of Sri Lanka knows well, having suffered themselves through terrorism ,  the suffering of the French people in the face of Islamist terrorism.

But neither France, USA and other Europeans who now go through the Same terrorism that Sri Lanka went through for years,  still defend the terrorists in Sri Lanka passing resolutions in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva accusing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for war crimes in eliminating terrorism,  and forcing Sri Lanka to give political concessions to Tamils in Sri Lanka who still sympathises with the terrorists who came from their community and accuse the Sinhala Armed Forces  that saved them _the Tamils and Muslims from that long and ruthless terrorism in Sri Lanka.

French people and the French Government  which morn the deaths of their police officers and innocent civilians   through Islamist  terrorism,  and live with the fear of further terrorist attacks, have still not learnt their lessons to understand that terrorists anywhere out side France  are also terrorists,  even if those terrorists elsewhere are no threat to them. The French Government  gives priority to  political interest,  than sharing  humanism and sympathy with those people elsewhere in other countries suffering from same type of terrorism with a difference.

France, USA and the rest of the Europeans in their political ambitions try their utmost to keep at bay the development of non-Western countries , and change regimes taking the side of the terrorists in those countries,  against the elected  political leaders who seek to develop their countries to give their people a decent and a respectable standard of living and take them out of poverty in to prosperity.

This is what is happening in Syria today, and what happened in Libya , and Iraq yesterday. In Syria as it was in Libya, the terrorists  have taken up arms against the government  of the elected President Bashar Al-Assad, but the French Government as well as the rest of the West prefer to call them rebels  to serve their political purpose to change the regime in Syria.

French Foreign Minister  Jean-Marc Ayrault said yesterday the 25th  April, 2017, that he has proof that the Chemicals with which the Syrian  people were attacked recently was produced by  the Syrian Government of Bashir Al-Assad. This is history repeating itself. The West and USA would do anything to change the regimes in  the middle East and this was the same assurance that Jean –Marc Ayrault gives to-day, that  the former Prime Minister of UK Tony Blair  gave as an excuse to attack Iraq.

Bashar Al-Assad had not attacked his own people with Chemicals,  as much as Sadam Hussain had not stock piled Weapons of Mass Destruction as Tony Blair  then assured.  It is a ruse using the Syrian terrorists to attack Al-Assad.

French Government and its allies do not still realise that it is themselves who have created the terrorists who attack them now. It is the terrorists of Iraq and Libya who France and its allies called rebels,  who are now the Islamist terrorists attacking France, and the rest of the European Countries.

It is only Russia that is realistic and calls the terrorists , terrorists. Russia defends Syria against terrorism,  while France and its allies attack Syria in defence of terrorism.

France and its allies do not accept the leadership China and Russia. The governments and the people of developing countries accept the leadership of China and Russia. This is the reason for the regime change policy of the West.

In Sri Lanka the French and its allies helped to change the regime of President Mahinda Rajapakse, and installed a government obedient to the West.  But that change has brought untold suffering to the people of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka which was a fast developing country two and a half years ago is today falling into the abyss of underdevelopment and poverty. And further reconciliation with Tamils will be the end of a united Sri Lanka, and the end of a prestigious religion Buddhism a unique philosophy that would  be the saving grace of the World.

But unfortunately France,  that I love next to my motherland Sri Lanka, is about to elect a President who has the same mentality of the Previous President- anti Russian and anti Bashir Al-Assad Government in Syria, or an ultra nationalist  which would be Chaos.

The West is doomed, as there is terrorism on  one side, antagonism towards  China and Russia, on the other , and a desire to change regimes of developing countries to maintain a pseudo leadership in the world. The only way to rise above this is to promote dialogue  amoung  nations and build trust and friendship.

The Institution which is able to ensure this desired change is the UNO, which unfortunately does not exist today  as it was meant to be.

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