Friday, 13 February 2009

An attempt to keep Sri Lanka poor, insignificant and divided in communal conflict.

Situation in Sri Lanka is very serious to-day. There was already a serious problem with the terrorists, but as that problem is coming to an end a greater problem begins to loom over Sri Lanka . The problem may well aggravate even before terrorism ends, as the tense uncertainty reins, it becomes the propitious time for the gathering clouds of danger to reach its climax.

Therefore, now is the time, more than it was ever before, for all political parties in Sri Lanka, to set aside their differences, to join hands with the government, not to save the government but to save Sri Lanka. It is also the time for all civil societies, agencies and institutions to unite to save Sri Lanka from falling into the trap that had been set a long time ago, by external forces getting ready to pounce on us with all the cunning they have in store.

What we are facing is the effort of external forces that gather themselves in unity to stamp the efforts of not only us, but all small developing nations to be independent and challenge the rich and mighty who are seeking to rise into being a group seeking global domination. They seek to dominate the world of nations not only in the field of economy and technology, but also domination through a global religious culture, while dominating the world as a military power with the atomic bomb as its ultimate military superiority.

These external force are the member nations of the International Community consisting of the Western countries including USA. They were seeking to claim their place as the world leaders when Japan, India, and China rose to challenge them seeking a place among them as equal partners.

The countries of the International Community cannot any longer disregard India and China who are economic powers of their own. India with its own nuclear power and a tested Atomic bomb has to be sooner or later taken into the fold of the International Community. They are also the new stake holder of space, with satellites , and with capability of using space for military purposes.

The sudden arrival of Iran into the midst of the rich Nations was unexpected by the International Community. The International Community still has the advantage over Iran in the ownership of the Atomic Bomb. In order to stop a further challenge to their global power the International Community is determined to stop Iran from developing its nuclear capability to produce the atomic bomb. Iran while denying its intention to use its knowhow to produce an atomic bomb, has adventured into the space, therefore whether they like it or not the exclusive nuclear club has to enlarge its membership to include Iran as a member of it or split its world domination sharing with another power group like Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, and India

Where does Sri Lanka come in all these schemings of the International Community to dominate the world. The days are over when the countries are controlled as Colonies dependent on the richer states as Colonial rulers. Therefore, the International Community is preparing a plan different from what the conquering Nations did in the past to claim world leader ship by conquest and setting up Colonies. There “doctrine” of globalisation is to brings all nations under the power of the selected few nations having the nuclear superiority. But the fear of the International Community is having to share their own superiority, with another group such as Russia, Iran, Pakistan and perhaps North Korea coming forward to challenge them.

Pakistan which has not reached the economic status to claim its place in the International Community along side India and China is nevertheless the possessor of the Atomic bomb-the ultimate challenge to the military superiority of the West.

In this polarity a country like Sri Lanka in its geographic situation, and its very forceful diplomatic engagement, with all countries takes a special place. Sri Lanka is not a weak ”banana state”, willing to play the puppet of the International Community. Sri Lanka’s very close ties with Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and China is a challenge to the West and its intention to dominate the world nations.

An Indian political analyst, had recently said that Sri Lanka is a country less developed compared to India- which has better human and material resources with a highly diversified economy. Sri Lanka he said is still a three-item economy state- with tea, rubber and tourism.

Despite that handicap, Sri Lanka has all the potentials to rise above its economic limits to influence other states and challenge the forces that would claim themselves as dominating powers, by perhaps creating a division among them.

The formidable ability of Sri Lanka to give leadership to its immediate neighbour States, was seen in the recent organisation of the SAARC in Sri Lanka. That conference turned out to be a great success. The International Community could not have failed to observe the importance of the event and how since then the Countries of the SAARC have been meeting almost regularly. Therefore, the SAARC has become a dynamic Community of small Nations. The President of Sri Lanka gave a new impetus to SAARC’s rise to importance.

These activities of the President of Sri Lanka and his government are no doubt the reason why the International Community with its humanitarian activists, media Forums, International Agencies, INGOs., are all out to break up Sri Lanka to weaken it politically and bring discredit to the President and the Armed Forces with accusation s of violation of human rights, and committing genocide.

Canada has jumped the gun to come out openly to speak against the Government of Sri Lanka. Parliamentarian Jim Karygiannis even suggests establishing the International Community as the Administrators of the North Part of the Island.

The Canadian Parliamentarians have no idea of what exactly is happening in Sri Lanka. They are informed by their constituencies with a large population of the Tamil diaspora. The Tamil diaspora in Canada are mostly pro-terrorist who contribute large sums of money for the terrorists in Sri Lanka. The Canadian Parliamentarians who had been speaking on the issue were therefore speaking for their vote base taking a pro terrorist attitude.

It was only the Parliamentary Secretary for the Minster of Foreign Affairs Mr.Deepak Obhrai who spoke knowingly of the situation giving a sense to the debate. John McKay seems to think of Tamil tigers as a group of Boy Scouts, and laughs out at the government saying that it is under an illusion that eliminating Tamil tigers or driving them to the sea will end the conflict.

They are all of the view that the government should come to a peace settlement with the terrorists-the LTTE tigers, which is an unthinkable proposition when the terrorists will soon be an extinct species in Sri Lanka

In the mean time UK with its Colonial mind set sends Des Browne to meet both parties to the conflict in Sri Lanka to decide on a cease fire. The International Media is doing its best giving credence to a “fairy story “of Genocide being committed against poor Tamil population by the Sri Lank Armed Forces. The International Community is doing its best to give a lease of life to terrorism in Sri Lanka.

They turn a blind eye to the terrorists shooting at the civilians coming into the safe zones setup by the government, and suicide human bombs that exploded in the army camps and areas where the Civilians running away from the terrorists had gathered.

The Government is protecting the camps where the IDPs have been temporarily housed against the terrorists entering into them in the guise of civilians. The Times Online website has already started depicting IDP Camps as Concentration camps.

The Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that is on the verge of ending terrorism from its territory. The International Community is attempting to halt this elimination of the notorious group of terrorists, in order not to upset their agenda of dividing Sri Lanka and keeping it poor. So that it will not influence the other developing nations to rise above their poverty stricken status to form a block of developing nations against the manoeuvres of the International Community.

The intention of the International Community is to stop the further development of Sri Lanka into a powerful small Nation State with its great potential even to intervene in International Conflict Zones as a mediator. Sri Lanka has contacts with all Nations and established diplomatic ties with them. Even in Palestine Sri Lanka is an accepted friend. The President Mahinda Rajapakse has a personal “magnetism” that had won him friends in different international power blocks.

In the meantime the International Community seems to be unleashing the religious fanatics the Evangelists, and other religious conversion movements-another arm of the International Community, to intervene to spiritually divide and destabilise Sri Lanka.

Therefore it is time that the Sri Lanka media, the politicians, the intellectuals, religious communities, anti-war lobbyists, and local peace mongers take into account the present situation that is being hatched by the International Community to keep Sri Lanka a poor insignificant country divided and in communal conflict.

Let us all bury our differences to rise to the occasion to defend our country against all forms of foreign interventions. Down with Terrorism, Down with Foreign interferers.

Long Live Sri Lanka.

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