Sunday, 1 February 2009

We have confidence in our Armed Forces. They will take Tamil Civilians away from terrorists, and we pray for their success and safety.

The Government Forces have fought a winning battle against the terrorists, but the same cannot be said of the governments battle against judicial decisions.

However, UNP has at last realised that not to give credit to the President and the Government for the successful military operations against the terrorists, would be like the ostrich trying to hide its head in the sand.

BBC too writes of the success of the Government forces against the terrorists, pointing out that the Government may have difficulty in holding on to territories it had captured from the “rebels” . That of course is the problem of the Government and its Armed Forces. A government which carried out a successful military operation against the terrorists, should know better how to deal with the residual terrorist elements attempting a guerrilla war.

The Government Forces have come a long way since its pre-CFA status of a out dated armed force. It has now acquired experience. It is able to plan new strategies and carry them out effectively. The Armed Forces also know the territory as much as the terrorists, and learnt in the hardest way possible the conditions under which they have to carry out their operations.

Taking into consideration these facts the terrorists who may have shown resilience in the past when the their fortunes were better, even with most of their heavy weapons and cadres intact, may find it difficult this time to spring a surprise. The terrorists who have lost control of smaller towns and villages in the areas which were under their control, if they are of sound mind will not revert back to guerrilla warfare. If they do it will be to face utter disaster.

Therefore, the BBC, the Tamil diaspora in UK, and B.Nadesan the terrorist spokesman are living in a fools paradise hoping for a bounce back of the terrorists to achieve any victory.

BBC has to satisfy the Tamil diaspora based in London, therefore as an aside BBC says , “….Many Tamils here warned that the capture of territory from the rebels alone will not end the ethnic conflict and that they need a political solution for a lasting peace “.

But neither the BBC nor its benefactors the UK based Tamil diaspora seems to understand nothing about the ordinary Tamil people of Sri Lanka. These people do not want a political solution. The political solution is what the Tamil diaspora, the Tamil politicians , and the richer Tamils who do not know what to do with their money and would like to play a part in politics want.

The ordinary Tamil people as much as their counter parts among the Sinhala and the Muslims want, better living conditions, health services, employment, education for their children, and above all peace.

That cannot come automatically by dispersing political rights. Therefore, instead of devolution of power, the Sinhala, the Tamils and the Muslims who had been suffering for a long time under terror, fear and uncertainty of what the tomorrow will bring, should find ways and means to unite the people setting aside their differences, and put every hand to the wheel for development of the country and bring the prosperity that had escaped us.

During the past thirty years of suffering under terrorism, Sri Lanka had no time to out grow from its differences, and forget the scarce of the wounds of past events. The end of terrorism should be turned into a period of reconciliation to bind all Communities together as companions of the suffering that had been inflicted upon them by an unwanted terrorism.

Unless that past is forgotten and forgiven we cannot build a better future. It is with unity built on love and trust that we could forge the people and the country towards development and progress.

When the terrorists were herding the unfortunate Tamil civil population in to their dens in Mulativu to serve as human shields, they hoped that the International Community may move into help the Tamil Civilians thus giving a respite for the terrorists to prepare for an assault against the Government Forces.

The Tamil diaspora are not short of ideas to throw a life line to the terrorists. Making this an opportunity to blame the Sinhala Buddhists, as Chauvinists, the Tamil diaspora asks the President to call for UN intervention.

It is not the Tamil diaspore to give directions to the President. The President Mahinda Rajapakse did not ask any one for their advice and knows exactly what he is doing. The last thing to do is to call for UN intervention. Our army is quite capable of rising to the occation to do what is necessary without causing damage to the Tamil Civilians taken as hostage by the ruthless vermin of terrorists.

From what the Government Forces have achieved so far we can trust them to continue their humanitarian operations while eliminating the terrorist forever. We pray for the strength and safety of the Government Forces and wish them all success in their endeavour.

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