Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The European Union calls for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka.

I thought that the Members of the EU are intelligent people who could correctly evaluate a situation where a group of terrorists, who have been causing untold damage to the country and practiced a ritual of killing and massacring innocent people of Sri Lanka, all their opponents, Presidents , Government Ministers, and so on, are being successfully driven away from the country, to end their thirty years of terrorism.

But no, the EU Parliamentarians seem to be utterly incapable of understanding the reality of the situation. They do not seem to understand that the government is fighting against the terrorists, who have no respect for life. A group of ruthless terrorists who cannot be trusted to honour a ceasefire. The Government is determined to end this war now at what ever human and material cost so that the terrorists will not come back again to kill our people and damage our country for another thirty years.

The government of Sri Lanka which had carried out a successful military operation under most difficult circumstances, having sacrifices many of its youth should be allowed to see and end to the terrorism with out being interfered into by the European Parliamentarians and human right activists who understand nothing at all of the situation . What they know of the situation of Sri Lanka is what they have heard from the Tamil diaspora, who are also outsiders to the real problem in Sri Lanka.

The terrorism should be ended now or never, and the EU Parliamentarians cannot understand that reality, and calls for a cease fire when the terrorists are on the verge of being eliminated.

The Government of Sri Lanka is more deeply concerned than the EU, and is quite capable of safeguarding the civil population of the country. The EU should not attempt to give a lease of life to terrorists as it was a few days ago that the terrorist went into a Village and killed and wounded hundreds of villagers by shooting at the people, the children, the young and old men and women.

While EU is trying to intervene in Sri Lanka calling for a cease fire when the government is about to end terrorism for ever in Sri Lanka, encouraged by the sympathy of the EU, terrorism seems to be overflowing into France. It was yesterday that a French policeman was killed by a group of Tamil men who are members of the Sri Lanka terrorists Group. The French Police has arrested 19 of them in France.

Therefore, the EU should re-examine their wisdom in intervening in Sri Lanka to call for a cease fire in the military operations against terrorist.

Terrorists are terrorists, in what ever country they carry out their terrorist activities. In making a wrong calculation by the EU to intervene in Sri Lanka to call for a cease fire, the EU is indirectly helping proliferation of terrorism in neighbouring India, and in to the Western Capitals.

Therefore , EU is really playing with fire and putting their own countries in danger in showing sympathetic consideration to the terrorists of Sri Lanka, by calling for a cease fire instead of calling the terrorists themselves to lay down their arms..

The EU does not seem to know the extent to which the humanitarian workers the INGOs had supported the terrorists in Sri Lanka providing them with technical assistance, helping construction of bunkers and air strips, neglecting the civil Tamil population, who they were supposed to have taken care of.

The Government of Sri Lanka will in future restrict access of Western humanitarian workers to the people and territories in the North and East of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka has its own people who could help the Tamil population in the North, East, as well as in the south.

Without the EU having to say it, the Government of Sri Lanka is quite aware that defeat of terrorism requires giving attention to other factors to unite all Communities of Sri Lanka.

The necessary action in this respect has already been taken and our President is very wise and capable of finding the appropriate action to be taken to ameliorate the political, social and economic situation of the country, after terrorism.

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