Sunday, 18 July 2010

It is time the Sri Lanka Guardian Editor gives up his Nostalgia for terrorism.

The Sri Lanka Guardian website , which is a mirror website of the TamilNet, on the 11 July,2010 carried an Editorial- which is distinctly the view of pro- terrorist Tamil Expatriates blinded with hatred

The Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s patriotic stance was against the interference into the Sovereignty of his motherland by none other than the Secretary of the United Nations, elected by the member states not to meddle into their internal affairs but to find ways and means to settle disputes between member States.

The Editor or the man who writes the Editorial of the Sri Lanka Guardian, a shameless, “ poet laureate of the terrorists”, once wrote in another Editorial of the 28 November,2008, referring to Prabhakaran’s infamous heroes’ day speech, while shedding tears of nostalgia for the period of terrorism before the withdrawal of the CFA, “.. loss in the misty horizon of war, the only ray of hope that dear Prabha gives once a year, for the Tamils living among the chauvinistic anti Tamil "ruthless" Sinhala, whose mindset remains unchanged, through out the non violent and the armed struggle of the Tamils since the Selva-Banda era ”.

This man who seemingly has no country which he can say his motherland, does not understand the patriotism in others, and cannot therefore evaluate the feelings of a patriot for his country in which he was born. One can impart love to the country of ones birth only if one is prepared to accept the country-the motherland as it is , with its several inhabitants and its governing bodies, and its defects, but not if one has any selfish motive to break away that country to accommodate a part of the inhabitants in a separated part of its territory and mutilate the country of ones birth –the motherland.

How could this traitor who speaks only of the Tamils and insults the members of other community-the Sinhala, ever be a patriot, and have patriotic sentiments himself or understand a patriot and his patriotic actions to defend his motherland ?
Writing his poison pen editorial of the 11 July,2010, he calls the heroic attempt of a Patriot-Wimal Weerawansa ,“ the biggest farcical show in Colombo within the past few days”.

The heroic attempt of the patriot- Wimal Weerawansa , was to get the world to focus its attention on an irresponsible act of a man elected by the Member States as the head of the UN- an organisation which was set up to stop conflict between Member States, and to deter him from appointing a panel to investigate into a justifiable military operations of a member state-Sri Lanka, against terrorism.
The poor idiot of an Editor who is bent on pleasing his Western masters, cannot understand this effort of a man who loves his country and its people.

In his most mean Editorial, he shows as justifiable two persons whose fasts unto death ended in their death. One was Robert Gerard Sands an Irish Volunteer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army and a MP of UK, and the other he quotes with reverence is, none other than a Sri Lanka terrorists who went on hunger strike during IPKF operation in Jaffna, according to the Editorial to “ bring awareness and action to a list of public demands made by him and the Tamil Tigers “ . ( and that for the Editor of Sri Lanka Guardian was not a “ biggest farcical show……..)
He has shamelessly put Bobby Sands, and the terrorist- a ruthless murderer of men, women and children , seeking separation of the communities that hitherto lived in amity, for the sake of a dream of his leader a murderous maniac to set up a separate homeland for the Tamils, in the same bracket.

This pro- terrorist Editor, calls the ruthless terrorist Prabhakaran, “ the Tamil National Leader, who the chauvinistic Sinhala calls a terrorist ! “ one can from this understand the mentality of this man . He writes that, “… As a public razzmatazz of the government the former shot-gun terrorist of JVP…..under took his fast unto death campaign…..By the 10 July, the maverick and the idiotic minister gave up his fast.”

This poison bloated man, shows his hatred for the Government and its Ministers, writing in his most wretched style , “..: Let him lead the fast, let him not drink a drop of water and let him attain Nibbane through his self destructive ignoramus crusade. The right thinking citizens of Sri Lanka can give their homage to his idiocy and thank the God for letting Sri Lanka to progress thereafter with the loss of an unwanted patron saint of the President.”

Casting any sense of civility to the air , he writes, “The gutless and unprincipled maverick’s tummy was conflicting with his substandard brain that he has to end his fast with a king coconut drink poured through his mouth by our hilarious president.”

This is the type of stuff he retched out in his most offensive editorial, infested with hatred. If he reads over what he has written he may perhaps understand that what he had emitted had not come even from his sick mind, but from his infected diarrheic bowels.

It is not worth trying to counter this crap of a mentally retarded Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian, but this is only to show that these are the representatives of the pro- terrorist expatriate Tamils who try to show to the International Community that they are the spokesmen for the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka.

And writing in this awful manner they also accuse the government of Sri Lanka for denying the journalists freedom to write !

Their “blood money”, inherited from the Sri Lanka terrorists allow them to find access to the Ministers, and Secretaries of States of Western Governments, who are always ready to destabilise and discredit developing countries seeking to release themselves from bondage to the West, to find new paths of development.

These expatriates who had always lived abroad through out the 30 years of terrorism in Sri Lanka, have no right to speak on behalf of the Sri Lankan Tamil community, as they have not gone through the suffering that the Tamil people in the North and East of Sri Lanka underwent.

Perhaps the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian who sheds tears of nostalgia for his terrorist heroes does not know that those terrorists had buried over one million mines in 640 Tamil villages, and it is estimated that it will take 10 more years to completely clear the infested areas from these mines ? How can this Editor who expresses affection to Tamil people still acclaim those terrorist murderers as his heroes ?

On the other hand Mr. Wimal Weerawans’s acceptance to undertake his fast unto death was to focus the attention of the World to injustice to Sri Lanka, inflicted by the UN and Western governments for the simple reason that Sri Lanka successfully defeated a ruthless group of terrorists.

Further more Mr.Wimal Weerawansa was manifesting in a most effective way , not just for the sake of the Sinhala Community but for whole of Sri Lanka consisting of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and others.

The Sinhala Buddhist youth that was the Sri Lanka Armed Forces fought, some giving their lives, others their limbs, to release the Tamil population in the North and East from the grip of the ruthless terrorists.

What risk did the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian take to release the Sri Lanka Tamil civilians kept prisoners of the ruthless terrorists , who from time and again knocked on their doors to take away their children to train them as “suicide bombs “ ?

And they –the Armed Forces have the right to be left in peace now, without interference to investigate how they had conducted their military operations , without commending their sacrifice and dedication to the cause of their undertaking, going through immense hardship and risks to their lives.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces have ended terrorism in Sri Lanka, while the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian is still carrying on terrorism without awakening to realise that peace has at last come to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Tamils have Joined hands with the Sinhala, Muslim and other Communities to rejoice in that peace that has at last dawned.

The Sri Lanka Guardian editor is not a man who is going to live for ever, therefore, in his life time he should instead of continuing to sow seeds of hatred, turn his poison pen in to a pen of kindness and generosity and work for the unity between communities in Sri Lanka to allow them to live their lives in peace, friendship, and brotherhood, as a Nation.

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