Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Frederica Jansz has missed the point.

Any one reading intelligently ( perhaps no intelligent person would like to read the Sunday Leader , except those who fall into Fredirica Janz’s concept of qualified people), the Editorials of the Sunday Leader, Daily Mirror and the Sri Lanka Guardian of the 11 the July,2010, would have observed that all accusations levelled at the Government of the President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse for denial of media freedom is cooked up to discredit the government, as these Editorials will not stand up to qualify as respectable journalism in a civilised society.

No decent news paper anywhere in the world will resort to such low , base , ignoble language as that used by Frederica Jansz of the Sunday Leader, against a Minister or the government of its country. Criticisms against the Government Ministers and even the President are most welcome provided the language used to criticise the Ministers of the government or even the President are phrased in acceptably decent form.

In her attempt to please the West, Frederica Jansz is turning the Sunday Leader to a cheap gutter press. The one time JVP stalwarts Tilvin Silva , Vijitha Herath and Anura Dissanayake, now the shameless lackeys of a former army Commander lamentably suffering from dementia praecox , still licking the wounds from the kicks on their backs by a disappointed angry voting public, are in good company with Frederica Jansz.

Frederica Jansz shamelessly trying to “curry favour” with Ban ki Moon, writes about Mr.Wimal Weerawansa’s protest “fast” as, “unimportant and inconsequential for the likes of United Nations and its Chief, and without resting at that she continues to drag the honest patriotic Minister Wimal Weerawansa into mud using her invective, vituperations, that is more in line with a Maria Kade fish mongering woman’s vulgar abuse .

What more can you say of a woman who comes down to the lowest of lower degree of vulgarity in calling some one, let alone a Minister “ poorly educated , and plain stupid idiotic and bull headed to core” ? Jansz stupid as she seems to be, little realises, that she herself, not Mr.Wimal Weerawansa, fits in to the description she ascribes to him.

What does she means by “poorly educated” ? Is it not being educated in the English language able to speak like her who has apparently no language or culture of her own other than what she had acquired perhaps from foreigners in foreign schools ?

It is not knowing English, that makes one well educated. In France only a few Ministers could speak English, and the French Ministers do their work in French. Even in Germany the working language of the Ministers is German, so are the Spanish using Spanish language, Italians using Italian language and the Portuguese using Portuguese language, taking examples from Europe. The Chinese President and Minters do not speak English, but no one will call them “poorly educated”. So are the Russians, Koreans, and Vietnamiens.

Iranians too do not speak English, or use English as a working language, and so are the Lybians,Syrians or Moroccan to name a few. Are they all poorly educated and plain stupid and idiotic from Fredirica Jansz’s standard ?

Federica’s stupid reference to a Minister of Sri Lanka well versed in his mother tongue-Sinhala, as poorly educated shows how unintelligent, and ignorant she is in evaluating a person’s intellectual capacity, in what ever language he had been educated.

Frederica Jansz in addition to being an ignoramus is an anti- Sri Lankan. She seems to have a great ill will towards Sri Lanka, and seems to harbour a secret joyful desire, that the President and the Government be taken before a Tribunal, and vehemently hopes that Ban Ki Moon succeeds in his attempt with his disastrous Panel, in her saying that” .. Ban Ki Moon will certainly not deter from his objective.”

She shows that she has no blood in her system but “venum”, in the ways she attacks the Minister Mr. Wimal Weerawansa. She writes about his “opulent” life style, the cost of his hair cut, his camera phone, his families visit to California, his wife’s political interests, and even sex scandals. If such is the Editor of Sunday Leader, to what class could one put her journal other than to a gutter rag of no consequence.

Late Lasantha Wickramatunga who collected political garbage to distort and transform them in to scandal spewing articles in his Sunday Leader, to reach the international organisations, such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Free Media Federation, set up to destabilise and discredit governments and potential leaders of developing countries, was posthumously awarded UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize 2009.

It is not correct to speak ill of a dead man, but it is the heir of the dead man Lasantha Wickramathunga, the Editor of the Sunday Leader- that hoists his memory to attract the attention of the International anti Sri Lanka,( and anti developing countries) media and Organisations to continue the campaign against the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government.

Fredirica Jansz the shameless editor of the Sunday Leader, lays down all her invectives on Wimal Weerawansa calling him the biggest con artist of our time. It has to be pointed out to her and her likes that Wimal Weerawansa is an elected member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka, and a Minister of its Government. Therefore he represents the people of Sri Lanka.

It is the people of Sri Lanka that has elected a President and through him a Government of the elected representative of the people. Therefore the people of Sri Lanka has a right to rise against any external force that acts against the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Therefore, Wimal Weerawansa a Parliamentarian and a Minister, as the representative of the people of Sri Lanka courageously took the cause of the people on himself to act on behalf of them, if the worst comes to give his life, to counter Ban Ki Moon’s irrational investigation into the military activities of the Government Armed Forces, despite the assurance of the government, that it has appointed a Commission of Investigation.

It was evident from the beginning of Ban Ki Moons threat to appoint a Panel to advise him on the activities of the Sri Lanka Government Forces, that Ban Ki Moon was only a pawn in the hands of UK,US, Germany and France on the checker board of anti Sri Lanka political movement, formed by Milliband, Kouchner, and Robert O. Blake.

The people of Sri Lanka should be grateful to Wimal Weerawansa for his timely action to oppose Ban Ki Moon on their behalf. Wimal Weerawansa also showed to the people of Sri Lanka the imminent danger that is coming from no other place than UNO, which stands to defend member states. UNO is a forum for member states to discuss and settle differences, and not to appoint panels to investigate a member state’s rightful activities in protecting and defending the people and its territory, to find out whether its actions deserve it to be taken before a Court, accused of crimes for fighting against a ruthless group of terrorists.

In this respect it was heartening to see that Sajith Premadasa of UNP had made an encouraging statement against the appointment of a Panel by Ban Ki Moon which the Leader of the Opposition , the UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe, had failed to do.

Nevertheless, Sajith Premadasa’s contention that Ban Ki Moon’s appointment of the panel of investigation is due to Mahinda Rajapaksa's government allowing foreign governments and agencies to interfere in internal affairs through its bungling of key issues facing the public is wrong and unfounded, because it is for the first time in the history of independent Sri Lanka that a President said No, to the West when it tried to interfere into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

Ravi Karunanayake the UNP Parliamentarian of “the Sri Lanka Army going to Madavachiya, telling it is going to Killinochcia” fame too had blundered by comparing the heroic attempt of Mr.Wimal Weerawansa, as trying to be a cardboard hero before foreigners trying to tarnishes the country’s image. That is again another foolish gaffe on his part.

And the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian Website who once reverentially called Prabhakaran a hero of the Tamil people, had also said abruptly that Wimal Weerawansa’s action on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka is a a shotgun terrorist’s farcical show. These are all people who expect Sri Lanka to fail in its development and progress, to become a satellite state of the great Western powers.

Well done Mr. Wimal Weerawansa. We admire your courage, and we know you were sincere because you are patriotic son of mother Lanka.

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