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Robert O’Blake lets the cat out of the bag. India is also in the West’s whatever sinister Plan against Sri Lanka.

(Blake promotes separatist politics which is contrary to the President Barrack Obama’s political vision)

This man Robert O Blake, who had always been very sympathetic to the Sri Lanka terrorists, during his posting in Sri Lanka as USA Ambassador , acted like a self appointed patron Saint of Sri Lanka, and continues to do so even now in his new capacity of the Assistant Secretary of State of USA for South and Central Asian Affairs.

He as the USA Ambassador to Sri Lanka did not stop parroting “there is no military solution to terrorism in Sri Lanka , and therefore both parties should come to a negotiated settlement”. Since then he has changed the tune. Rober O’Blake is the most dangerous man for Sri Lanka that wiped out terrorism.

He abused his position as the assistant Secretary of States, to come to Sri Lanka, to say that , “ Sri Lanka needs to take more steps to encourage greater reconciliation and greater democracy and needs improvements in media freedom “.
These Western Countries exigent on diplomatic etiquette expect those etiquettes to be followed by the developing countries, they themselves paying little respect to etiquettes, shamelessly interfere into internal affaires of Sovereign States

The added danger of Blake is his close connection to India, whose bona fides of intentions vis-à-vis Sri Lanka is much to be desired. The fact that O’Blake is working in concert with India was divulged in an interview Blake gave to India’s Redcliff website on the 14 June,2010.

In this interview Blake had said , “ the US and India are in agreement with their foreign policy toward Sri Lanka, especially on the resettlement of the remaining 40,000 plus internally displaced persons (IDPs). He has further added, referring to India, “"We have worked very closely throughout the last several years on the situation in Sri Lanka, and again we have a real convergence of view on how that situation has evolved". Convergence of views indeed !

Blake , the West, and India as well , expected the military solution to end terrorism taken with determination by the President Mahinda Rajapakse to fail, and they hoped the terrorists would win, and break away North and East to establish a separate Eelam State. For India it would have been the end of the problem it has with the TamilNadu politicians, and for the West a means to checkmate the growing influence of China and Russia in the region.

The West led by UK, France, USA, Germany, Norway, Supported by Japan and India apparently worked together with that eventuality in mind, but the success of the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s military solution, with the complete devastation of terrorism at Nandikadal , not only surprised the West, but also angered them as their objective failed, and their manoeuvres to save the leadership of the terrorists for a future revitalization of terrorism in Sri Lanka too resulted in failure.

From then onwards, instead of applauding the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for the fantastic achievement of the elimination of terrorism, as an example to be followed by countries of the rest of the World embroiled with the ruthlessness of terrorism, the West made it an occasion to teach a lesson to the Government of Sri Lanka for not following their advice to use the political solution to end terrorism, rather than the military solution.

Hence the most undemocratic, despicable governments of the West are bent on taking revenge from Sri Lanka (for its disobedience) by seeking to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for war crimes, and if possible with the help of the pro terrorist expatriate Tamils to aid the development of the North and East and create if possible a revolt of the Tamil people in the areas demanding a separate Tamil Eelam State.

The West determined to go ahead with their plans to take revenge from Sri Lanka, are seemingly planning with all their guile to plunge Sri Lanka in to a new communal confrontation , before the President Mahinda Rajapaksa succeeds in his attempt to bring the Communities together by engaging in a massive development programme to bring the North and East to the same standard of development of the South.

If the President Mahinda Rajapakse succeeds, the Tamil population who suffered under terrorism, despite their sentimental attachment to a sense of being Tamils, will eventually understanding the bona fides of the intention of the President Mahinda Rajpakse to Unite Sri Lankans as a One Nation without the distinction of a Majority, and Minorities, will cooperate with him giving up all intentions of separation. It is that the West do not want to happen before they put their plan into action.

The Plan apparently in motion taking India along with the West, is to work on the national sentiments of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, by giving them the hope of a separately developed North and East which could eventually break away to form a separate nationhood as the West successfully manipulated in the formation of the landlocked Republic of Slovakia.

Therefore, it is in the interest of Sri Lanka to closely monitor the Western intervention in the North and East with a pseudo “humanitarian” aid programme to develop the North and east and help in the settlement of IDPs. As things are they seem to be playing their game of hypocrisy well with all the charm that they could muster.

It is in this context that one wonders why India sends its Naval Ship Nirupak engaged in hydrographical survey of the Kankasenturai harbour, to meet its counter part Pearl Harbour of the USA Navy anchored in the Trincomalee Harbour since 13 of July, 2010. It was apparently for a special programme arranged by the Sri Lanka Navy.

The Indian Naval Ship 'Nirupak' had been engaged in hydrographical survey of KKS harbour since June 30, 2010. On the 23 of July,2010, the Korean Naval Ship Wang Geong was on a Goodwill visit to Colombo. South Korea is an American Satellite State.

Is this gathering for some sort of exercise to prepare themselves to intervene in case of a break away of North East, to prevent any attempt by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces from intervening to stop such an attempt to breakaway ?

Ominously, O’Blake has said in his interview to India’s Redcliff website on the 14 June,2010, that “The US would coordinate closely with India to resettle the remaining IDPs and to ensure devolution of power in the north and greater respect for the rights of all Sri Lankans.” Is this a warning by the pompous Robert O’Blake for the Government of Sri Lanka to be on its guard ?

It is a shame that the President Barack Obama, who is supposed to be progressive, who does not advocate separatist politics, who is different from the previous Presidents, who has a people friendly American Administration policy, had appointed a man like O’Blake as the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs.

No doubt the recommendation for his appointment had come from Hillary Clinton who is also known for her indifference towards the developing countries. She seemed to have accepted that terrorism in developing countries is not to be taken seriously. She hob knobs with the white Western powers , treating the rest with mere nodding acquaintance.

Therefore it is likely that she had appointed persons like O’Blake to bring disrepute to the President Barack Obama, and make him unpopular, so that it would pave the way for whatever are her future plans.

Referring to the Commission of inquiry appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka Blake had said “….the Commission must “ produce concrete, serious results" to be credible and to ward off the criticism by groups like International Crisis Group and Human Rights Watch “. He speaks like a Monarch over seeing the affairs of Sri Lanka.

He seems to be ignorant of the President Barrack Obama’s political vision. President Barrack Obama belongs to the Black ethnic group in America. But he never antagonised the Majority White Americans, nor did he set up a separate Political Party for the minority Black Americans.

That was because he did not believe in separatist politics. He spoke in terms of all Americans belonging to all ethnic groups. Therefore, the President Barack Obama cannot turn to Sri Lanka and say” negotiate for devolution of political power to the Tamils”.

He cannot say that because the President Mahinda Rajapakse is like him. President Mahinda Rajapakse does not want separation of communities. He does not want the people of Sri Lanka recognised as the majority and the minorities, but as Sri Lankans. Mahinda Rajapakse wants all communities to be Sri Lankans, as much as Barrack Obama did not speak in terms of Blacks and whites, but as Americans- all ethnic groups as one nation of Americans.

Robert Blake should wake up, he is not under the Bush Administration, he must follow the progressive policies of the President Barrack Obama.
Robert Blake if he is so intensively supportive of the separate Tamil ethnicity in Sri Lanka to the extent of backing Tamil terrorism to set up a separate Tamil Eelam State, he should then support the cause of the ethnic American Indians, who are the legitimate natives of America .

Blake instead of showing an insatiable interest regarding the ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka should instead, work for the American Indians, who should be given their rightful place in America, returning them to their original territories of habitation. Promote their emancipation as a separate ethnic group providing them with an appropriate education to take them out of their present non-existence and re-establish them as an important ethnic Community.

Part of this Western Plan for Sri Lanka sponsored by Robert Blake following the dictates of the strong Tamil expatriate front organisation of the former terrorists, seems to allow the Tamils in the North and East to organise as a separate Community to stand on its own. With that motive they are preparing to win over on to their side the IDPs that are being settled in their original homes, and the “grass root” Tamil population.

India, not NGOs , appears to have been given the responsibility to work directly with the people, as it would not raise suspicion. In this respect the recent statement made by Indian Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram seems relevant.

The Indian Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram had said, India is considering directly disbursing the financial aid it has proposed to give to the war-displaced people in Wanni for their housing project. The Home Minister made this statement on the 15 June,2010, speaking to the press in Chennai.

The report is as follows, “India has already announced an aid package of Indian Rs 1,000 crores (About US $215 million ) to build about 50,000 homes for the people who have lost their homes in the final stages of the war in Northern province.

Talking to the media in Chennai on Sunday, the Home Minister said both Indian and Sri Lankan governments were now considering “ ways and means” of directly disbursing the money to the heads of families through banks, instead of routing the money through the Government of Sri Lanka.

He said the Sri Lankan government had agreed to this idea. This will be done with the “cooperation” of Sri Lanka government, he said.
An amount of Indian Rs 200,000 each would be given to about 50,000 heads of families under the Indian project, he said.

Mr.Chidambaram said the Sri Lankan government had promised that these families would be resettled in the next three to six months.
Earlier, the Home Minister briefed the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on the meetings the Indian leaders had with the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakshe in Delhi a few days ago.”

There was no response from the government of Sri Lanka on the statement of the Indian Home Minister.

We cannot also treat lightly the 20th visit to Sri Lanka of Yasushi Akashi the representative of the government of Japan- the peace envoy, on the 14 June,2010.

The SL Time, Colombo Page News Desk reported that Yasushi was urging the Government of Sri Lanka the early resettlement of the IDPs and to initiate a political process for national reconciliation targeting sustainable peace. The report further states that, Akashi is to meet IDPs in Vavuniya and to visit resettlement villages in Vanni. He is also to attend a few ceremonies associated with projects for IDPs in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka assisted by Japan.

We should keep in mind that Yasushi was also one of those regular visitors to Kilinochchi during the days of terrorism to meet Tamil Chelvam. There was then a talk that he gave Tamil Chelvam a large sum of “cash”. He too was definitely sympathetic towards the terrorists.

All these developments are rather troublesome. What are they all up to coming forward to develop North and East of Sri Lanka without any concern to the South. They complain that there is a greater presence of China in the South. And Blake has complained to the President Mahinda Rajapakse that America is not pleased about his diplomatic relations with Iran.

O’Blake was shamelessly, and most undemocratically interfering into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka with his uncalled for statements to the press, in which he had demanded the government to implement the 17 Amendment to the Constitution.

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