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In defence of Sri Lanka Prime Minister’s Statement to Parliament on terrorist training Camps in India – a follow up with photos taken in the camps.

It is unfortunate that Sri Lanka is saddled with political parties such as the UNP and the JVP leaving aside the TNA and the TULF which are not of great importance for a developing Nation. The UNP and JVP are both interested, like Prabhakatran, to fulfill their own dream of having their own government one day rather than in the development of the country and make the people the beneficiary of such development.

The UNP as the main opposition should be interested in the welfare of the country not allowing it to be again pushed into another period of terror and suffering. But UNP has made the statement of warning of the Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne from what ever channel he had his information, to pass a vote of no confidence on him rather than making it an occasion to make investigations. Because if UNP were to come in to political power one day it would be of interest to them to have first hand information of dangerous manipulations by the Tamilnadu State to destabilise Sri Lanka.

UNP’s proposal of a no confidence motion on the Government, which is a favour to India reeks with abject shame. It was Ranil Wickramasinghe the leader of the UNP who was responsible for exposing the names of the elite Sri Lankan army Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol who were specialized in carrying out reconnaissance and sabotage operations in deep battle space.

It is said to have resulted in Prabhakaran’s pistol gangs assassinating every one of these valiant officers of the LRRP. Therefore Ranil Wickramasinghe now proposing a vote of no confidence on the Prime Minister for his statement to the Parliament, because it had apparently embarrassed the Indian Defence Minister is inacceptable. Is UNP defending the interest of Sri Lanka and its people or India and its Central Government ?

The statement of the Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne to the Parliament at the debate on the extension of the emergency, whatever its diplomatic repercussion, is a timely adequate warning for the politicians ( of the UNP and JVP as well) and the country to be aware of a danger which is still not over and which would, if not vigilant result in Tamil Nadu with the expatriate Tamils and the Western promoters of “political dissention” in developing countries, provoking a terrorist uprising or foreign intervention in Sri Lanka to break up the country.

Our “big” neighbour has two different faces, one of which it masks with the one it shows in public. Indian Defence Ministry is more concerned about the damage the fears spoken out by our Prime Minister may cause to its image of leadership in Asia, rather than any danger befalling to Sri Lanka. It tries to be like the ostrich hiding its head in the sand, pretending not aware of any dangerous plots being hatched in secret by the politicians in Tamilnadu who have not completely given up promoting terrorism back into Sri Lanka.

When the Indian government accused that Sri Lanka Navy had killed two fishermen and put them in the sea, the President of Sri Lanka made a categorical statement that the Sri Lanka Navy had not killed any fishermen. But still the Government of India did not accept the President’s Statement and sent the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Nirupama Rao to meet the Government of Sri Lanka as part of India’s investigation of the incident, express India’s concern over the matter, and warn Sri Lanka to “ desist from reacting to speculative and uncorroborated reports."

In addition the Consulate General of India in Jaffna took a very high handed decision to interfere with the Justice of Sri Lanka meeting the Judge personally to demand the release of Indian fishermen who had been taken into custody. One questions whether the Consulate General has double employment – one in the Consulate and other in the RAW ?

But yet when the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka made a statement to its Parliament to emphasize the need of the extension of the emergency regulations as he had reason to believe that terrorism is not altogether over and done with as it has been reported that there are at least three terrorist training Camps in India, India was highly offended by the statement.

The Indian Defence Ministry promptly reacted to the statement , demanding the Government of Sri Lanka to desist from making such statements on unsubstantiated information. The Prime Minister had merely said of the probable existence of the terrorist training camps in India but did not say they were run by the Indian Government or by its Secret Agency the RAW.

But Indian External Affairs Ministry « jumped to the conclusion » that the Prime Minister had said that the Indian Government is running three terrorist training camps in India: Indian Defence Ministry’s anger appears strange !

However, no Government whether India with its RAW, USA with its CIA or Israel with its Mossad, would accept that its Secret Service takes part in subversive activities in other Countries.

Take for instance the Central Intelligence Agency of USA. It had been responsible for “ Covert United States foreign regime change actions” . The Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in the Internet has the following to say about it:

The United States government has been involved in and assisted in the overthrow of foreign governments (more recently termed regime change) without the overt use of U.S. military force. Often such operations are tasked to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Many of the governments targeted by the US have been democratically elected, rather than authoritarian governments or military dictatorships. In many cases the governments toppled were replaced by dictatorships, sometimes installed with assistance by the U.S.

Regime change has been attempted through direct involvement of US operatives, the funding and training of insurgency groups within these countries, anti-regime propaganda campaigns, coup d'états, and other, often illegal, activities usually conducted as operations by the CIA. The US has also accomplished regime change by direct military action, such as following the US invasion of Panama in 1989 and the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. »

In Iran in 1953: the CIA worked with the United Kingdom to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran led by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeqh who had attempted to nationalize Iran's petroleum industry, threatening the profits of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

In GuatamalaMain in 1954; The CIA participated in the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Guatemala led by Jacobo Arbenz. Arbenz was elected without a secret ballot. He considered himself a communist and joined the Communist Party in 1957.

In Brazil in 1964: A democratically-elected government headed by President João Goulart was successfully overthrown by a CIA-supported coup in March 1964

In Ghana in 1966: On 24 February 1966, Kwame Nkrumah, the President of Ghana, was overthrown in a military coup backed by the CIA while on a state visit to North Vietnam and China.

Please see:

The list is long. But these were only to show that it is the current practice of big countries against its small neighbouring states to keep them safe and harmless within their orbits of influence.

The fact that India had been maneuvering to sabotage Sri Lanka is evident from the information we now get through Indian Journalists themselves (Wikileaks by The Hindu). When Sri Lanka had asked India to provide it with a 3D radar system it had provided only a 2 dimensional system which stops every seven hours and the LTTE terrorists managed to fly into Katunayake and bomb the airport and fly back undetected. Was the LTTE terrorist « in the know » of the time when the radar system stops for seven hours ?

Indian Defence Ministry of course has the right to defend itself, but there is lot of material in the internet that speaks of Indian covert action by its Secret Service. And they refer to the terrorist training camps in Kalathur , Salem District in India. One of them is the Federation of American Scientists Website ( )

The following two photographs come from.( )

The LTTE training camp in Kulathur, Salem district, India, where the 16th batch was trained in 1985/6. The photographs were taken by Wasanthan, an Indian national employed by the press section of the LTTE

LTTE leaders (RÐL), Sirumalai camp, 1984 - Chief of Intelligence Pottu Amman (M 16), Mannar commander Victor (M203), Trincomalee commander Pulendran (AK47), chairman Prabhakaran (pistol). Batticaloa commander Aruna (Berreta SMG), and Prabhakaran's bodyguard Lingam (Hungarian AK)

These camps may be still functioning unknown to even the Tamilnadu Officials.

It is in the interest of India to investigate without denying their existence off hand. It has been said the RAW acts like the CIA without officially informing their respective governments. That is how subversive covert action takes place.

Following will also interest those who would like to understand a little more about the terrorists of Sri Lanka.

“Canada is not doing enough to protect Sri Lankans from the Tamil Tigers


1 year ago


Canada is home to thousands of Tamil Tiger combatants who posed as refugees. If you think that this is some airy fairy statement, worry not. I have evidence to back my claim.

Globe and Mail interviewed members of the Tamil diaspora living in Canada to get a pro Tiger view of Prabhakaran's death. The persons interviewed were not hesitant to inform the reporter of their affiliation with the Tigers. One was a close associate of the Tamil Tiger leader and the other admits to being a combatant who received military training in Tiger training camps in India.

According to Canadian law I wonder if it is illegal to have lied on your immigration application?

The refugee program was not created to harbour terrorist and people who have committed crimes against humanity.

Globe and Mail

“There is an admiration, but there is also a sense of responsibility and protection towards him [Prabhakaran] that they feel,” said another Toronto man, who served two years with the Tigers, describing his unit's first meeting with the leader in 1984.

It happened one morning at a jungle training camp in India's Tamil Nadu province, where the man had put in six months of gruelling drills after helping to build the camp. He was milling about with other soldiers when “suddenly somebody came and told us that Prabhakaran was almost there.”

The young recruits gathered at the camp entrance to watch a jeep pull up and their leader climb down from it, rifle in hand. “He was walking and he had a .22 rifle with him,” the man said. “He was shooting at the birds. He has good aim, actually; very good.”

The Globe and Mail reporter must cooperate with Immigration Canada to reveal the identity of such individuals. It is undoubtedly such people who also inspire young Canadians to carry out hate crimes against the Sinhalese.

This morning a Sri Lankan (Sinhalese owned) restaurant - the only one in the Brampton/Mississauga area - was set on fire by Tamil Tiger sympathisers. Sri Lankans living in Canada claim there are many Tamil restaurants and businesses in Brampton which have not faced any issues it's just the Sinhalese temples and restaurants.

All non Candians of Sri Lankan origin who do not support the Tigers, live in perpetual fear.”

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